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All You Need To Know About Jurassic Park Universal Orlando

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Roar with excitement as we journey back 65 million years to a land where dinosaurs once roamed freely – the incredible Jurassic Park at Universal Orlando! This adventure-packed theme park in Islands of Adventure is a dream come true for both kids and adults, especially if you’re a fan of the iconic movie.

All You Need To Know About Jurassic Park Universal Orlando

Get ready for an adrenaline rush as you ride the VelociCoaster, learn about dinosaurs at the Discovery Center, play in Camp Jurassic and and the Caves and meet the Raptors up close at the Raptor Encounter.

With endless entertainment, shopping, and delicious food options, Jurassic Park has something for everyone in the family. So, if you’re planning to visit this prehistoric paradise, here’s all you need to know for an epic time-traveling experience!

Jurassic Park sign at Islands of Adventure, Universal Orlando

Getting to Jurassic Park Universal Orlando

Getting to Jurassic Park at Universal Orlando Resort is simple, and you have a few options to consider. From the main entrance, (once inside past the Universal security,) take a short 10-minute walk through City Walk to reach Islands of Adventure, where Jurassic Park awaits.

(Tip: Harry Potter fan? Ensure you have a park-to-park ticket, allowing you to move between both parks on the same day via the Hogwarts Express)

Once you’re at the Port of Entry in Islands of Adventure, head inside until you reach a lagoon, and there it is, right across from you! To get there, you can go west through Skull Island, east through the lost continent, or simply take the bridge directly from Hogsmeade station.

The choice is yours, and it’s all part of the adventure!

Timings and Tickets

Typically, Islands of Adventure opens at 9 a.m. and closes only at 9 p.m. But, double-check the timings online before you reach, as the closing times can change depending on the season that you are visiting with a 7pm finish.

The park is the busiest for the first three hours after opening, so make sure to get there super early if you want to beat the morning crowd. You can also opt to buy Early Park Admission tickets as it allows you to access the park at least one hour before the official opening time.

Visitors with a Universal Vacation Package or guests staying at one of Universal’s hotels get this for free. Sometimes, you can avail of Early Park Admission if you have a Premier Annual Pass as well. 

Another option is to get your hands on Universal’s Express Pass. It allows you access to some of Jurassic Park’s must-see attractions like River Adventure without having to wait in long lines.

But to make full use of this, try to get to the separate Express Queue at least 15 minutes before the ride starts. Note that these passes have to be purchased separately from your actual tickets to the theme parks.

You can also go the old-fashioned way and purchase one-day tickets to the Islands of Adventure, or opt for a park-to-park pass if you want to visit Universal Studios as well.

Parking at Jurassic Park Universal Orlando

For guests staying within Universal with their own car, a parking fee is charged. In this instance, it is best to use the Universal transport to the parks, otherwise you will be charged again.

If you’re staying off-site, you have the option to park at Universal’s parking garages, which open at 6 a.m. and offer two types of parking charges – general and prime. General parking is more budget-friendly, while prime parking allows you to park closer to the entrance, perfect for beating the crowd.

The garages typically close around 2 a.m., an hour after City Walk closes. For speedy in-and-out service, valet parking is also available.

After 6 p.m., parking inside the garages is free for everyone. Holders of preferred or premier annual passes also get free parking.

Here’s a pro tip: purchasing two Universal Cinemark matinee movie tickets grants you free parking from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Rides and Thrills To Try At Jurassic Park

Pteranodon Flyers

Pteranodon Flyer

The Pteranodon Flyer, located inside Camp Jurassic, is the ultimate kid-friendly suspended coaster. Perfect for little adventurers under 12 years old, it offers a unique experience of soaring through the sky with a panoramic view of Jurassic Park Universal Orlando.

To hop on this ride, kids need to be between 36 to 56 inches (92 cm to 143 cm) tall. Younger kids under 48 inches (122 cm) can have a supervising companion.

Just remember, due to space constraints, only one child is allowed per adult. Since it’s a favorite among the kiddos, expect some wait time.

Aim to catch it early in the morning or later in the day to make the most of your visit! Adults needs to borrow a child to ride this one!

Jurassic Park- River Adventure water ride at Islands of Adventure splashing into the water at the bottom of the slope
Jurassic Park- River Adventure

Jurassic Park River Adventure

Welcome to the Jurassic Park River Adventure, an iconic dinosaur experience in Orlando that has been thrilling visitors since 1999. Get ready for a dinosaur-filled journey with encounters, a heart-pounding water descent, and a scenic boat ride through troubled waters.

As you wait in line, enjoy the tropical foliage surroundings that lead you to your tour boat. Onboard, you’ll meet incredible herbivore dinosaurs like Ultrasaurus and Psittacosaurus as you cruise through Stegosaur Springs.

But, this adventure takes an unexpected turn as you enter the terrifying Environment Systems building, now overrun by deadly predators. Brace yourself for a face-to-face encounter with the dangerous T-Rex that will make you question if there are real dinosaurs at Universal Orlando!

Hang on tight as the ride plunges 85 feet into the river below, creating an exhilarating experience for you and your kids.

Since it’s a water ride, be sure to secure your belongings in a locker before hopping on, and consider wearing ponchos or protective clothing to avoid getting soaked. No worries if you forget, there are huge dryers at the exit for a quick dry-off.

For little adventurers, the minimum height requirement for this classic Jurassic river adventure is 42 inches (107 centimeters), and kids under 48 inches need a supervising companion. For those needing child swap, an outdoor covered area with fans and seats is provided and a TV cartoon show about dinosaurs – you can also watch the returning boats dock.

Before you leave, grab your family plunge photo from Jurassic Outfitters for a cherished keepsake of this thrilling Jurassic river adventure!

Velocicoaster rollercoaster
VelociCoaster rollercoaster


Hold on tight, adventurers, and embrace the excitement of the VelociCoaster at Universal Orlando – a Florida gem known for its lightning speed and towering heights!

Situated near Hogsmeade, this raptor roller coaster at Universal is inspired by the events leading up to Jurassic World. As you journey through the ride, familiar faces like Blue will join you on this wild adventure.

Brace yourself as you’re launched at a thrilling speed of up to 50 mph, encountering mind-bending twists, a colossal 150-foot top hat, a 140-foot plunge, and an epic 360-degree loop-de-loop. It’s a wild ride that’ll leave you breathless!

velociraptor dinosaur

While the VelociCoaster at Universal is perfect for adventurous teens, little ones and those prone to motion sickness should sit this one out. But fear not! If your kiddo is over 130 cm (51 inches) tall, they can join in on the fun with the Single Rider or Child Swap program.

Due to it being one of the most sought-after Jurassic Park rides at Universal, it’s wise to plan your visit either early in the morning to beat the queues or later in the day when the crowd thins out. And remember, Universal Express and Early Park Admission can save you time, allowing you to enjoy your dino adventure to the max!

Entertainment and Fun: Things To Do At Jurassic Park Universal Orlando

Camp Jurassic

Camp Jurassic

Venture into the untamed world of Camp Jurassic, where your kids can unleash their wild side! This multi-level playground boasts a vast area filled with lush greenery, prehistoric caves, and hidden pathways waiting to be explored.

amber mine at camp jurassic

Let your little adventurers roam freely and enjoy rope bridges, swaying suspension bridges, splash pads, water cannons, and more for a fun-filled experience. Don’t forget to check out the Pteranodon Flyer while you’re here!

As your little ones burn off some energy, parents can take a moment to unwind, bask in the serene ambiance, and plan out the next thrilling adventure of the day at Universal Orlando!

Meeting Blue the velociraptor dinosaur at islands of adventurem Universal

Raptor Encounter

Step into the thrilling world of the Raptor Encounter for the ultimate meet-and-greet experience! Accompanied by a raptor expert, you and your family will come face to face with dinosaurs, including the famous Blue from Jurassic World or the baby raptor Sierra..

Pose for some epic family photos alongside these apex predators, take aim at some target shooting, and strike a pose with the original classic jeeps from the movie.

This popular attraction is a must for older kids and teens, but it can get pretty intense when those hungry monsters lunge and snap. But don’t worry! You can still bring your little ones along, as there are friendly dinos like Sierra, the adorable baby raptor, to keep things fun and safe.

Keep in mind that this corner tends to get quite busy, so it’s a good idea to arrive early to avoid long waits. Get ready for an unforgettable encounter with prehistoric creatures that will leave you in awe!

jurassic park discovery center

Jurassic Park Discovery Center

Venture into the “ancient” lands of Jurassic Park Discovery Center, an educational and captivating experience suitable for kids of all ages. Explore unique exhibits, including the colossal T-rex skeleton, where they’ll unravel the mysteries of Dino DNA.

hatching dinosaur eggs at Universal

Capture unforgettable moments as you pose with life-size dinosaurs, immersing yourselves in this prehistoric world. And if you’re lucky, witness the awe-inspiring miracle of a tiny dino hatching from its egg and you can even name the dino if you are lucky. If you are chosen for this you are given a certificate, and can ask for check up report on your dinosaur on subsequent visits!

We got to name Baby Tiger when we witnessed her hatch!, dinosaur at Universal
We got to name Baby Tiger when we witnessed her hatch!
Dinosaur report Universal Islands of adventure
Checking up on Tiger the baby velociraptor – She loves hide and seek and steak tacos!

It’s an adventure that will leave you and your family with treasured moments and a newfound appreciation for the wonders of nature.

Escape Room

If your family is obsessed with classic movies, they’ll be stoked to try this thrilling experience. You can choose from two different storylines!

Will you stay in a super-secret lab on Isla Nublar and outsmart terrifying dinosaurs closing in from all sides? Or will you save the day by preventing Biff Tannen from sabotaging Doc Brown’s time travel device from Back To The Future? The choice is yours!

Keep in mind, the tickets to the Escape Room are sold separately from the theme park admission. It’s a must-try activity that adds an extra layer of fun to your Universal Orlando adventure!

Let’s Eat: Food At Jurassic Park Universal Orlando

When hunger strikes, follow your rumbling tummy to some delightful dining options within the park. Ready to satisfy your monster hunger? Let’s dig in!

First up, we have Thunder Falls Terrace Quick Service Restaurant, located next to the River Adventure. Enjoy mouthwatering barbecue platters while taking in the view of the plunging riverboat—a perfect refuel spot for more fun ahead.

Craving pizza? Pizza Predattoria has got you covered with tempting pizzas, subs, and salads.

Don’t miss the meat lovers’ pizza—it’s a fan-favorite! And for the little ones, the brookie, a brownie with a chocolate chip cookie inside, is a treat they’ll adore. 

If you’re in the mood for a classic burger with crispy fries, head over to Burger Digs. They’ve got the perfect combo to keep you fueled and ready for more excitement.

If you’re feeling a bit rushed, don’t stress, Watering Hole, a quick-service kiosk, offers snacks and drinks for a quick bite on the go. And for even more convenience, order on your mobile whenever possible to save time and make the most of your adventure.

What to Shop at Jurassic Park:

Time to shop like a true Jurassic Park enthusiast! Here’s where you’ll find the coolest souvenirs to bring home:

Make your way to the Dino Store, a treasure trove of Jurassic Park merch. From Universal Studios’ Jurassic Park toys and clothing to captivating books and lifelike fossil replicas, you’ll find everything to immerse yourself in the prehistoric world.

For some extra swag, don’t miss Jurassic Outfitters. This spot is packed with super cool T-shirts that both you and your little ones will love.

And guess what? It’s the perfect go-to for any last-minute needs, whether it’s towels, mobile chargers, or any other emergency essentials.

Jurassic Park Universal Orlando FAQs

Are there any Jurassic Park rides at Universal Studios?

No, you won’t find any Jurassic Park rides at Universal Studios. They’re all located at the Islands of Adventure, which is another theme park within Universal Orlando. So, if you’re eager for some dino-action, head over to Jurassic Park in Islands of Adventure! But, if you happen to be in California, you’re in luck! You can experience Jurassic World at Universal Studios Hollywood instead!

Should I carry extra clothes when visiting Jurassic Park?

For sure! When you visit Jurassic Park, it’s a good idea to bring extra clothes with you. The River Adventure and some other Jurassic Park rides are water-based, so there’s a high chance you’ll get drenched. Even at Camp Jurassic, where the little ones can go wild, there are splash pads that might leave them soaked. Having spare clothes on hand will keep you and your family comfortable throughout the day.

Where are restrooms located inside Jurassic Park?

Restrooms are located at the Port of Entry, at the Discovery Center, and at Pizza Predattoria, all within Jurassic Park. There are also restrooms throughout the Islands of Adventure.

What are some essential tips to know before visiting Jurassic Park?

When exploring Jurassic Park, it’s crucial to stay hydrated, especially during the warmer months. Consider bringing your own water bottles, and you can also ask for water cups at the quick-service restaurants.
Don’t worry about carrying loose items on the thrill rides; paid lockers are available at all the main attractions to keep your belongings safe and secure. If you need some cash, you’ll find ATMs conveniently located outside Jurassic Outfitters. Additionally, for any unexpected incidents, there are first aid stations located at the Lost Continent section to assist when needed.

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