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Best Animal Kingdom Breakfast for Families

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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, especially if you have a long day of Disney magic ahead of you! Do they serve breakfast at Animal Kingdom? Yes, they do! Luckily, there are a few different breakfast options dotted around the Animal Kingdom park. Whether you’re looking for a quick bite or a sit-down meal, you’ll be able to find the best Animal Kingdom breakfast for families in one of the seven themed sections of the park; Discovery Island, Pandora, Africa, Asia, Oasis, Dinoland USA and Rafiki’s Watch.

Animal Kingdoms’ opening time of 9 am stays fairly stable throughout the year and if you don’t fancy eating breakfast at your hotel, grabbing breakfast at the park is definitely an option.  (Alternatively, you can always grab breakfast at Disney Springs if you are spending time there first.)

Best Animal Kingdom Breakfast for Families

With all Disney parks, Animal Kingdom only offers adult-size cutlery, so it may be useful for you to pack additional cutlery should your children need it. Highchairs can be found in all restaurants and some quick service restaurants even let you bring your strollers to your table. 

Strollers can be rented at the Garden Gate gifts at the park entrance and most toilets have baby changing stations. The baby care center is located in Discovery Island, right behind the Creature Comforts restaurant, if your children get lost during your visit to the park, they will be escorted here by a cast member.

Before we get started on the details of this Disney World breakfast, it’s important to note that restaurants in Disney are split into two categories. Quick Service (QS) and Table Service (TS).

Quick service restaurants are where you can order food at a kiosk, collect it within minutes and then either find a table suitable for your party or stroll around the park with your food in hand. They are perfect options for a quick fix meal to satisfy hungry bellies. 

Table service restaurants are traditional restaurants where you’re seated, and a server comes to your table to take your order. Table service restaurants do need to be booked in advance and Disney now allows you to book reservations up to 60 days before your Disney trip. 

Allergy menus can be found in table service restaurants and a trained allergy cast members can assist you in quick service restaurants to help you adapt any meal. 

Dining plans are temporarily unavailable for breakfast in Animal Kingdom and it’s best to check the Walt Disney World website regularly for any updates. 

So, let’s get started… I’ve broken down the best Disney Animal Kingdom breakfast options that you and your little ones will love! 

The Best Family Breakfast Options at Animal Kingdom 

Main Entrance

Rainforest Cafe at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Rainforest Cafe at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

The Rainforest Cafe is found on the left side of the main entrance at the park and not in one of the seven themed sections. 

This table service restaurant has incredible theming throughout, making you feel like you’re actually eating breakfast in the rainforest. 

rainforest cafe at Disney Springs

The Rainforest Cafe breakfast starts at 8:30 am and has a great selection of foods that all children will enjoy. 

Cinnamon French toast, waffles, breakfast sliders, and cereals are on the menu for kids, accompanied by a choice of milk, orange juice, or apple juice. 

Themed toilets are accessible in the cafe and there is also a Rainforest Cafe shop where you can stock up on apparel before entering the main park. 

As it is a table service restaurant, booking in advance is highly recommended and the full Rainforest Cafe Animal Kingdom breakfast menu can be found here.

Discovery Island

Creature Comforts

Creature Comforts in Discovery Island is an African-themed Starbucks venue serving some familiar favorites and more!

Open from 7:30 am, you can order regular Starbucks coffees along with breakfast sandwiches and croissants. 

Creature Comforts offers limited outdoor seating, but it is a great Animal Kingdom breakfast option if you want to grab something on the go. 

The first aid and baby care center is found just behind Creature Comforts, opposite the Cotton-top Tamarins enclosure. 

The full Creature Comforts menu can be found here

Isle of Java

Another Animal Kingdom breakfast quick service option is Isle of Java, found in Discovery Island just by the bridge to Dinoland, USA. 

Open from 7:30 am, Isle of Java serves a selection of coffees, beverages, and snacks. 

All breakfast foods are under $7 with things like sausage, egg and cheese biscuits, pretzels, and danishes on the menu. 

Seating isn’t available at Isle of Java, but toilets can be found directly opposite the kiosk. 

The full Isle of Java menu can be found here. 


Pongu Pongu 

Pongu Pongu is a strange-looking kiosk in Pandora. It opens at 8 am and has a very small breakfast menu consisting of 3 options. Sausage, egg and cheese biscuits, French toast sticks, and a pineapple cream cheese spring roll. 

Although it has limited food choices, it is the closest kiosk to Avatar Flight of Passage and is the only breakfast food option in Pandora. 

The full Pongu Pongu menu can be found here


Tusker House

A character breakfast at Animal Kingdom is found at Tusker House. The kids will get to eat breakfast alongside their favourite Disney characters, that are all dressed up in safari gear!  

Tusker House is one of the best restaurants serving breakfast in Animal Kingdom, and some may even say it’s one of the best Disney World breakfasts there is. 

This buffet-style breakfast includes waffles, sausages, bacon, eggs, potatoes, pastries, fruit, and curries. The Tusker House breakfast price is slightly more expensive than most food options in the park due to the unique character dining experience.

The Tusker House character breakfast experience, however, is one of a kind and you’re guaranteed smiles from your little ones. It’s not every day you get to eat breakfast with Mickey and Donald, is it? 

Toilets are conveniently placed inside the restaurant and the restaurant itself is just across the bridge from Discovery Island, where you can find the first aid and baby care center.  

If you have any dietary issues, including travelling as a celiac, do let your server know. The full menu for the Tusker House breakfast can be found here

Harambe Fruit Market

An Animal Kingdom quick service breakfast could be as easy as purchasing fresh fruit from the Harambe Fruit Market. This little kiosk in Africa stocks a large selection of fruit, as well as pretzels, cheese snacks corn on the cob and more of the best Animal Kingdom snacks!

It’s open from 8 am and sadly has no seating. Its proximity, however, to the Killamanjaro Safari makes it a great pick me up snack destination for little ones about to wait in the safari queue. 

The full Harambe Fruit Market menu can be found here

Kusafari Coffee Shop and Bakery

Kusafari Coffee Shop is another small quick service kiosk that can be found in Africa, serving some of the best coffee at Disney World.  Limited seating is available near Kusafari itself, but you can most likely find a table at Dawa Bar, it’s just a short walk away and sheltered from the sun. 

Kusafari has a small menu consisting of muffins, croissants, and cinnamon rolls. These breakfast snacks are available from 8 am and are easily carried whilst strolling through the park.

The full Kusafari Coffee Shop and Bakery menu can be found here. 

Tamu Tamu Refreshments

The last breakfast option Africa has to offer is at Tamu Tamu Refreshments. Similar to Kusafari, Tamu Tamu’s menu is small and mainly stocks pastries like croissants and cinnamon rolls. 

Toilets are conveniently placed in the Mombasa Marketplace right next to Tamu Tamu, and quiet seating can be found behind the kiosk. 

The full Tamu Tamu Refreshments menu can be found here. 


Yak & Yeti Local Cafe

A popular breakfast spot and the only one in Asia is the Yak & Yeti Local Cafe. (Not to be confused with its sister restaurant next door, Yak & Yeti Restaurant.)

The Yak & Yeti Cafe is a quick service restaurant and the only restaurant serving kid-sized meals for breakfast. Kids can choose between pancake and sausage sticks or French toast. 

Alternatively, orders can be made from the adults’ menu where breakfast bowls and different English muffins take center stage.

Toilets can be found at the entrance to the Kali River Rapids and souvenirs can be bought in the gift shop close by. 

The full Yak & Yeti Local Cafe menu can be found here. 

Oasis, Dinoland, USA, and Rafiki’s Planet Watch

Breakfast options aren’t available in these 3 sections of Animal Kingdom. Most table service restaurants and quick service kiosks open at 10:30 am and serve lunch-type foods throughout the day. If you’re more of a brunch type of family, you’ll have a larger selection of food options to choose from, albeit they won’t be typical ‘breakfast’ foods. 

Where is the Best Land for Breakfast in Animal Kingdom? 

Personally, I would head straight to Africa. It has 4 great breakfast restaurants/kiosks to choose from, the toilets and the baby center are easily accessible, seating with shade can be effortlessly found and the Killamanjaro Safari (a personal favourite in our family) entrance is located at the back of the land. 

Which of the Animal Kingdom Breakfast Restaurants is Best?

Table Service

In my opinion, Tusker House is the best breakfast in Animal Kingdom. Although prices start at $42 per adult and $27 per child, you really do get what you pay for. 

The dining experience is a fantastic way for the kids to meet and greet their favourite Disney characters, their buffet-style breakfast appeals to even the fussiest eaters and Tusker House is considered one of the cheaper character dining experiences in the Disney Parks. 

Quick Service

Yak & Yeti Local Food Cafe is up there with one of the best quick service breakfast options in Animal Kingdom. Their menu consists of standard American breakfast favourites and kid-sized options that can’t be found anywhere else in the park.

Kids’ meals are roughly $9 and the highest priced adults’ meal is $11.49, making it a good option if you’re on a budget.

The best thing about this quick service restaurant, however, is its location. If you have morning reservations for the Kali River Rapids or Expedition Everest, then grabbing a bite at Yak & Yeti would be convenient and time saving. 

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