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Best Magic Kingdom Restaurants For Families

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It’s without a doubt that there is a LOT of planning that goes into a Disney trip and finding which restaurants would suit you and your family can be quite tricky. I’ve compiled a list of the best Magic Kingdom restaurants for families to help you plan your meals in advance so you aren’t scrambling to make a decision with hungry bellies after enjoying all the Magic Kingdom rides!

Best magic kingdom restaurants for families

Quick Service Restaurants

In Magic Kingdom, you will find many quick service and table service restaurants. The quick service options essentially allow you to get great food, fast. They are cafeteria-style or counter service venues – a great option if you have somewhere you need to be or if your children are having a hunger meltdown. 

Some Magic Kingdom quick service restaurants also offer mobile ordering that you can find on the Walt Disney World app meaning you don’t need to wait in line to order. Disney considers anything from a cafe serving cinnamon rolls to a restaurant with a large menu to be quick service, so I will mainly only be talking about the restaurants with actual meals rather than kiosks serving snacks. 

Quick service Magic Kingdom restaurants are reasonably priced and can range from $9 to $20 per meal. Table services are slightly more expensive and vary between each restaurant. 

Table Service Restaurants

The table service restaurants in Magic Kingdom are like normal restaurants, where you’re seated and have a server wait on your table. Unlike quick service restaurants, these restaurants need to be booked in advance. 

Family Style & Signature dining.

A family-style service can be found in one of the Disney Magic Kingdom restaurants and that’s at the Liberty Tree Tavern. Family-style service options can be found throughout Walt Disney World where a waiter brings a platter or large bowl of food to your table and your party serves themselves. 

You will also find a signature dining experience at Cinderella’s Royal Table where the best Disney chefs prepare unparalleled cuisine right in the castle itself! 

Disney Dining Provisions for Kids.

All Walt Disney World Resort dining options provide high chairs and coloring packs for children. Disney does not however have child-sized cutlery available, so it’s best to pack your own should you need it.

Most of Disney’s quick service venues do allow strollers inside and those with outdoor seating allow your baby to stay in the stroller during your meal. Table Service Restaurants don’t normally allow strollers, but if your baby is asleep there is no harm in asking! 

Dietary Requirements

Walt Disney World is extremely accommodating with dietary requirements. If you’re visiting one of the Magic Kingdom table services restaurants you will have access to items that meet all your dietary needs. Quick service restaurants however are slightly different and you may need to substitute parts of the meal. Many restaurants also have separate fryers designated for gluten sensitivities. Before visiting the parks, you can check on the Walt Disney World app what allergy-friendly options each restaurant has. Healthier choices for kids at Disney will have a ‘Mickey Check’ symbol next to them on menus.

It’s important to note that all dining plans are currently unavailable. Opening and closing times of all restaurants do vary so be sure to check out the website when planning your dining options.

So if you’re stuck on which restaurant to choose to give you the best Disney dining experience for kids, then keep on reading!

Quick Service Magic Kingdom Restaurants For Families

Mickey donut from Main Street Bakery
Mickey donut from Main Street Bakery

Main Street Bakery (Serving Starbucks and more)

On the corner of Main Street on the right hand side as you walk towards the castle is,Main Street Bakery. Home to Starbucks along with Disney baked goods, its a great quick service place to grab a snack or breakfast. It is busy and a popular stop!

Casey’s Corner

Casey’s Corner is located on Main Street, U.S.A. This baseball-themed quick service restaurant provides guests with all the foods you would find at a baseball game. From hot dogs and nuggets to chili-cheese fries. Casey’s Corner also offers plant-based hot dogs and a wide range of beverages. 

The restaurant does have air-conditioned seating available inside, however many guests prefer eating outside. This is one of the best places to eat in Magic Kingdom because of the upright piano is found just outside Casey’s Corner where a pianist plays a large selection of old-time songs. You also get an incredible view of Cinderella’s Castle! There are umbrellas above most tables giving you the perfect shaded spot to enjoy your hot dog and take in your incredible surroundings. It’s a great place to get a quick bite in before exploring the rest of the park. 

Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe

Found in Tomorrowland Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe is a cosmic-themed space diner offering a selection of all-American foods. Cosmic Ray’s gets incredibly busy during the lunchtime rush so it’s best to plan your meal times accordingly. They also have a toppings bar where you can customize your meals and make them how you like. They cater to a large range of allergies which can be discussed with a chef or special diets trained cast member.

There is a ton of indoor and outdoor seating available and the reason the restaurant gets so busy is thanks to the singing alien Sonny Eclipse. Sonny provides unique entertainment to diners at Cosmic Ray’s which is a crowd pleaser amongst children, lasting 25 minutes his show is filled with songs and corny jokes. What better lunch or dinnertime entertainment than a singing alien? 

There are PB&J, chicken strips, or mac and cheese kids meal options which include a mandarin, GoGo squeeZ, and a choice of milk or water. 

The Frair’s Nook

Serving American-style food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, Friar’s Nook can be found in Fantasyland. This quick service option has no indoor seating and the outdoor seating is very limited so it’s perfect if you want to grab something on the go but not so great if you’re looking for a proper meal to sit down with. 

Many food items here come with a souvenir Mickey Hat Bowl which makes the prices slightly more expensive than other quick-service restaurants but you do get to keep the souvenir after. You’ll find things such as mac and cheese, hot dogs, and buffalo chicken tots on the menu. Kid-sized portions are also available and they even serve a plant-based Bratwurst!

Pinocchio Village Haus

Pinocchio Village Haus is another quick service restaurant found in Fantasyland serving Italian favorites. This cottage-style restaurant that looks out over It’s a Small World is a great place to take a break from the heat. Jiminy Cricket and Pinocchio can sometimes be spotted hanging out on the balcony. 

You can choose from a selection of flatbreads with gluten-free options available and sides such as breadsticks, soup, and salads. Flatbreads for children are also on the menu with kids meals priced at roughly $7 and adults at roughly $12. 

Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe

If you’re looking for a restaurant in Frontierland then Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn could be the one for you. This restaurant is in an amazing location overlooking Splash Mountain and the Magic Kingdom parade. It’s also a short walk from Big Thunder Mountain and Pirates of the Caribbean. As you could imagine with a location like this, Peco’s gets extremely busy. 

Peco’s has a large menu of tex-mex food. From reasonably priced salads to nachos, burgers, and rice bowls this is a great place to stop in between rides or whilst waiting for the parade to begin. 

There is a great selection of kids’ meals with allergies catered for. Like Cosmic Ray’s there is a toppings bar so you can personalize your meals with bottomless salads and dips. 

You will find air-conditioned seating in the charming restaurant and you can even indulge in some churros before your next adventure. 

Columbia Harbour House

Found in Liberty Square Columbia Harbour House offers up a choice of seafood dishes. The decor inside this restaurant with adequate air-conditioned seating will make you feel like you’re dining on an actual boat. 

Although chicken is on the menu, most people flock to this restaurant for their seafood. Lobster rolls, shrimp skewers, and salmon can be ordered and enjoyed whilst kids have the choice of chicken strips or fried shrimp. 

This is also another great place to dine if allergies are an issue within your party. Most items can be adapted to meet your dietary needs and as with all restaurants in the Disney Parks, it’s best to ask a crew member or chef for help. 

Tomorrowland Terrace Restaurant

This restaurant is temporarily closed. 

Tomorrowland Terrace is a futuristic restaurant open for both lunch and dinner. It has incredible views of the castle and many seats for outdoor eating. (It’s also the location for the special event, the Fireworks Dessert Party).

Seafood dishes such as lobster rolls and fried fish platters are available for adults aswell as salads and chicken options. 

Kids can choose from a PB&J sandwich, chicken nuggets, and salads. They also have a great list of frozen deserts which are perfect when the sun is at its highest. 

Tortuga Tavern

An option in Adventureland for quick service dining is Tortuga Tavern which serves Caribbean-inspired dishes. 

Although there are no kid’s meals available, the Tavern sells turkey legs which are big enough to share with a small family. Trust me! 

Pulled pork sandwiches or hot dogs can also be found here with indoor seating available. If you’re looking for something to cool down with then try their lemonade pirate slushy! 

Snack Kiosks and Food Trucks

As mentioned before there are also many snacks kiosks and food trucks available throughout the parks, where you can find the best Magic Kingdom snacks and beverages. These places offer light bites such as funnel cakes or cookies which are great little pick-me-ups whilst waiting for rides. Most snacks come in Mickey shapes and my personal opinion are some of the best snacks in the world. 

Table Service Magic Kingdom Restaurants For Families

Be Our Guest dessert with Chip the cup! Disney with kids, Best Magic Kingdom Restaurants For Families
Be Our Guest dessert with Chip the cup!

Be Our Guest Restaurant

One of the first sit down restaurants in Magic Kingdom I want to talk about is the Be Our Guest Restaurant allows you to enter the Beast’s castle and enjoy an unforgettable dining experience. If Beauty and the Beast is a favorite in your house, then this one can’t be missed. The castle is themed to perfection and the Beast even makes an appearance as host.

As with all table service restaurants you need to book in advance and Disney allows you to do this 60 days before your trip. 

The Be Our Guest menu is French-themed with adults having the choice of pork belly, filet mignon, chicken, vegetables, or sea scallops. Whereas kids can basically build their own dinner with a selection of meats, vegetables, and deserts. The Trio desert is one of my favorite parts of the dining experience, a lemon jam macaron, dark chocolate truffle, and a white chocolate “Chip” cup which actually resembles Chip himself. 

Some of the best food in Magic Kingdom can be found here and the Chip dessert went down a treat with my children! 

The Crystal Palace

The Crystal Palace has had some changes due to the pandemic and now offers family-style dining until 9/12/21, it will then return to buffet-style. Character dining is also currently not available at the location.

This Victorian-style greenhouse-inspired Crystal Palace is set on Main Street U.S.A and is truly a unique experience! 

During normal times you can find Winnie the Pooh and friends greeting guests in one of the Magic Kingdom character dining experiences. The buffet-style dining is the perfect choice for families with young picky eaters. Its large windows create a clean and bright atmosphere for you to enjoy your meal and take photos of your little ones with the characters. 

Currently, there is a set menu where adults can choose from a range of meats and children can put together their own dinner with different category options. An allergy menu can also be found in the Crystal Palace. 

Liberty Tree Tavern 

Found in Liberty Square this family-style dining experience is open for lunch and dinner. 

The restaurant is a colonial-style inn and has 6 dining rooms in total which are named after a figure in American History. You can expect to feast on a Thanksgiving-style dinner with gravy, stuffing, and seasonal veg which will be served to you at your table on serving trays or in large bowls. 

They also have an ooey gooey toffee cake which is a BIG hit with the little ones. 

The Plaza Restaurant

Sitting at the end of Main Street this restaurant is perfect for families as you can enjoy delicious sundaes whilst people watching with a view of the castle. 

Disney boasts that the Plaza Restaurant provides casual eats in an elegant setting. Burgers, sandwiches, and meatloaf. Cakes, shakes, and sundaes. Fruit, sandwiches, and chicken strips. There truly is something for everyone making it a perfect stop if you have young children. 

Tony’s Town Square Restaurant

This is no ordinary Italian restaurant, it’s where Lady and the Tramp had their first kiss! Found on Main Street, guests can enjoy amazing Italian food whilst the 1955 classic plays in the background. 

The menu at Tony’s is large with many options available. Kids get to choose from meatballs, pizza, or chicken and can add on their own selections. They can even reenact the famous spaghetti scene! 

Meeting Ariel at Cinderella's Royal Table, Best Magic Kingdom Restaurants For Families
Meeting Ariel at Cinderella’s Royal Table

Cinderella’s Royal Table

One of the most unique dining experiences in the park is the Royal Table. Guests can dine inside the castle and meet Disney princesses (however character dining is currently not available due to the pandemic). 

If you have little ones they’re encouraged to dress up for the occasion and live out their princess fantasies. A souvenir photo is included which will be taken with Cinderella as she greets you before you’re seated. 

As the fireworks do take place over the castle, if you’re wanting to watch the show you’ll need to vacate the restaurant at least 20 minutes before showtime. 

As with many restaurants in Disney, the menu has a variety of different options like duck, beef, and chicken for adults and fish, chicken nuggets, and mac and cheese for kids. They even have a build-your-own cupcake dessert option where children can decorate their royal dessert. Have an early start at the park? No probelm – breakfast is served here too.

Best Magic Kingdom Restaurants For Families, Mickey Waffles at Cinderella's Royal Table breakfast.
Mickey Waffles at Cinderella’s Royal Table breakfast.

Whether this is your very first Disney trip or your 100th visit it’s best to plan meals in advance so you’re getting the best Magic Kingdom dining experience. Take into account the shows you’re wanting to watch, fast passes you have booked, or parade times, this way you can plan where you’ll be in the park and what eateries are near you. 

As mentioned before, Magic Kingdom dining reservations get booked up fast and Disney has now changed for bookings to be placed 60 days before your trip.

No matter where you dine in Magic Kingdom you’ll be able to find food suited to everyone in your party, no matter your budget or preferences. Everyone has their favorites and I would love to know what you think is the best restaurant at Magic Kingdom. 

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