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Best Things to Do in Orlando With Toddlers

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The best things to do in Orlando with your kids are activities that the entire family will enjoy, not just for the youngest ones in the group. From spending the day getting splashed to visiting Orlando’s top attractions or spending time with animals, there are tons of attractions available to help keep your children entertained. Continue reading our complete list to discover the best things to do in Orlando with Toddlers.

After a year of lockdown, which was a time when most families spent so much time indoors with their families, finding fun things to do with your toddlers in Orlando is a priority for anyone visiting Central Florida on vacation. Finding the perfect activity to entertain your toddlers in Orlando is simple, especially since it’s home to a plethora of kid friendly attractions, entertainment, arts, and museums.

things to do in Orlando with toddlers

12 of the Best Things to Do in Orlando With Toddlers


Orlando is known to have some unique theme parks to choose from, and LEGOLAND FLORIDA  is one of the best family-friendly parks available. At this theme park, toddlers can enjoy water entertainment and rides inspired by their favorite Lego characters.

This park is filled with fun and adventure, kid-friendly rides and keeps kids excited to learn with the various science-related activities they have throughout the park. There are tons of Lego-inspired attractions throughout the park, such as the double-decker carousel with Lego stallions, the DUPLO splash safari, the AQUA ZONE water racers, or the Build-a-raft River.

The park is very accessible and offers completely inclusive packages that include a hotel stay, theme park admission tickets, and dining. With so much fun to have, this toddler-friendly amusement park is a great place to visit.

2. Walt Disney World

One of the most magical places on earth to take your toddlers is Walt Disney World. It’s a fun experience for kids to meet all their favorite Disney characters, experience themed rides, and wear a pair of mouse ears. With endless options of things to do, your toddler is sure to have a great time visiting Walt Disney World.

Regardless of the park you pick, there are tons of entertainment options such as fireworks and dance parties along with seasonal events to make your visit entertaining for your toddler. While there will always be a crowd at the parks, new capacity limits make it easier to enjoy all the rides without the ridiculously long waits. If you’re looking for the best Disney park for toddlers, consider booking your tickets for Magic Kingdom.

3. Central Florida Zoo & Botanical Gardens

If theme parks aren’t your cup of tea, consider heading over to the Central Florida Zoo and Botanical Gardens. This attraction is approximately 30 minutes north of downtown Orlando, in Sanford, Florida, and is one of the most fun things to do in Orlando with toddlers. There are over 23 acres of native gardens and more than 500 animals on the property both domesticated and wildlife animals, including a Reptile House and Insect Zoo.

Toddles will love a particular program run by the Zoo called Barnyard Buddies Children’s Zoo, where toddlers can meet and feed domesticated animals, such as llamas and goats and alpacas. When your toddler is ready to cool off, the Wharton-Smith Tropical Splash Ground offers tons of water-themed fun.

4. Orlando Science Center

The Orlando Science Center has been open for more than 65 years, and it’s easy to understand why. The museum focuses on teaching young children about its stem program by teaching important concepts through interactive, easy-to-understand exhibit components. The exhibits are perfect for any interest your toddler may have, from the solar system to dinosaurs and nature.

If you’re feeling exhausted from walking around the museum, there are three different movie theaters, including a special IMAX movie theater, to relax in. These theaters provide the perfect combination of entertainment and learning, making it one of the best things to do in Orlando with toddlers which isn’t a theme park.

The Crayola Experience
The Crayola Experience

5. The Crayola Experience

Toddlers love to draw, color and get their hands dirty. This Orlando toddler attraction is perfect because of the sheer amount of activities and creativity this museum provides. With more than 26 interactive attractions and a dedicated Toddler Town designed to stimulate your toddler’s senses, the Crayola Experience is the perfect educational place to spend the afternoon and a great alternative to the parks.

Plus, what’s even more remarkable is that you’re allowed to star in a personalized coloring page using a special photo booth, or you can bring home a unique crayon color created by your toddler. Plus, the location is convenient, with only a 20-minute drive from Universal, located inside The Florida Mall.

6. Aquatica Orlando

This year-round toddler-friendly activities in Orlando have tons of play areas and rides for toddlers. Inside this water park, you can find water playgrounds, lazy rivers, wave pools, raft rides, zippy slides, and other fun water activities for toddlers. If you’re looking for an easy way to spend a day out in Orlando enjoying the beautiful weather, Aquatica Orlando is the best activity. Plus, you almost feel like you have the place to yourself with the required reservation and lower park capacity set in place.

Gatorland preschool,Best Things to Do in Orlando With Toddlers
Gatorland kindergarten

7. Gatorland

If you want to have some alligator-inspired fun for the entire family, consider heading over to Gatorland instead of Orlando’s mainstream parks. There are thousands of crocodiles and alligators to see, along with a petting zoo, aviary, one-of-a-kind shows with alligators, and a breeding marsh.

Take a relaxing train ride through Gatorland to experience the best of the park without having to walk around. If you’re ready to cool off, the Gator Gully Splash Park is the perfect place to do so. Your toddler is sure to have a blast in this unique Orlando attraction for toddlers and it’s something different to do in Orlando which isn’t a theme park.

the wheel at ICON park, Orlando

8.The Wheel at ICON Park.

The  Wheel at ICON (formerly Orlando Eye) is one of the most accessible attractions in Orlando for toddlers. It’s a giant wheel that functions the same as a Ferris Wheel. The difference is that it’s a smoother ride and set in an air-conditioned, enclosed capsule. There is no age restriction regarding this attraction, and you’re guaranteed to get some incredible views of the Orlando area day or night!

Lake Eola Swan boats
Swan Boats at Lake Eola

9. Lake Eola Park

If you’re looking for some fun with your toddler that won’t break the budget, you need to visit Lake Eola Park. This park is located in the heart of downtown Orlando and features more than 43 acres of recreational area. Your toddler will enjoy strolling around the lake, feeding the swans who live in the park, or having a picnic along the shore.

Plus, at Lake Eola Park, you’re able to rent out their swan boats for $15 every half hour, which will allow you to stroll around the lake. This park is a laid-back area that only locals really know about.

10. Leu Gardens

Sometimes it’s nice to get away from the hustle and bustle of busy Orlando and find a relaxing activity with your toddlers and family. Leu Gardens are a botanical garden located in Orlando that provides a ton of natural beauty to enjoy at a low price point.

Once you arrive at Leu Gardens, there are tons of things to see, such as an overlook at lake Rowena, scenic trails, and a vegetable, butterfly, and rose garden. Plus, checking the website will let you know what flowers are currently in bloom so that you can prepare for your visit.

11. The Great Magic Hall

This Florida attraction isn’t just a regular magic show. Instead, it combines the art of illusions and unbelievable fun tricks to provide a multi-room interactive performance that your toddlers are guaranteed to love. Visiting the Great Magic Hall allows all visitors to learn about how the magic is performed and even lets guests perform tricks themselves.

Located in an air-conditioned, comfortable venue, this show is the perfect way to spend a day away from the hot sun or as an alternative to Disney Springs. While It’s a different sort of entertainment, it’s just as entertaining for toddlers in Orlando.

12. SeaWorld

SeaWorld is an incredible option for those families that have toddlers because you can spend an entire day browsing through the park and visiting the aquarium without going on any type of thrill rides.

There is a specially dedicated part of SeaWorld where toddlers can stroll down Sesame Street, see their favorite Sesame Street characters, and play with the interactive equipment. Plus, unlike other parks, SeaWorld is less pricey, offering a fantastic value for less price.

The Best Orlando Attractions for Toddlers

It’s no surprise that Orlando can deliver tons of magic when it comes to finding the perfect things to do with your toddler. From hanging out at the amusement parks to finding interactive museums, you’re sure to find an activity that suits your toddler’s tastes. If you’re looking for the best things to do in Orlando with your toddlers, try one of our recommendations listed above.

13. Universal Studios

A wild card bonus. Although it is targeted to older kids and teens, besides Disney World there are plenty of things for toddler to do at Universal Studios. From splash pads, to outdoor playgrounds, to even a water ride just for them!

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