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Disney Christmas Quiz: 100+ Questions and Answers

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There are two great ways to celebrate Christmas, the first is by snuggling down with your favourite Disney Christmas movie, and the second is by battling it out to see who can answer the most questions correctly in a Disney Christmas Quiz. 

We’ve put together over 100 Disney Christmas quiz questions from some of the most well-known Christmas movies produced by Walt Disney Productions. So, get your score sheets at the ready and see who in your family can be crowned the ultimate Disney Christmas quiz winner. 

Disney Christmas Quiz Section 1: Mickey’s Christmas Carol Quiz

Q: Who is the main character in Mickey’s Christmas Carol? 

A: Scrooge McDuck

Q: Who plays the Ghost of Christmas Past?

A: Jiminy Cricket

Q: When Goofy is haunting Scrooge, what does he trip over?

A: A cane

Q: Who plays Marley’s Ghost? 

A: Goofy

Q: How much is Cratchit (Mickey) paid per day?

A: Two shillings and a ha’penny

Q: What does Tiny Tim find in Scrooge’s pocket?

A: A teddy bear

Q: Donald Duck plays Scrooge’s nephew in Mickey’s Christmas Carol, but what is his first name in the movie?

A: Fred

Q: What did Scrooge love most in the world? 

A: Money

Q: What day did Mr.Scrooge wake up on? 

A: Christmas Day

Q: Scrooge’s worst and most painful memory is of the girl he was going to marry but abandoned. What was her name? 

A: Isabelle

Q: Who plays the Ghost of Christmas Present?

A: Willie the Giant

Q: Who plays the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come?

A: Pete

Q: What does Scrooge initially give to the poor?

A: A wreath

Q: Which character plays the role of Fezziwig?

A: Mr. Toad

Q: What food can’t Willie the Giant pronounce?

A: Pistachio

Disney Christmas Quiz Section 2: Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmas

Q: What is the name of Minnie’s cat in Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmas?

A: Figaro

Q: What was the name of Pete’s tree shop?

A: Crazy Pete’s

Q: Does Goofy mistake Santa Claus for a robber? 

A: Yes

Q: Minnie traded something so she could get Mickey a gift, what was it?

A: Her watch

Q: What did Mickey trade in order to get Minnie a gift?

A: His harmonica

Q: What did Hewey, Dewey, and Lewey wish for?

A: For it to be Christmas every day

Q: What did Minnie get as her Christmas bonus?

A: A fruit cake

Q: In “Stuck on Christmas,” who did the Christmas tree fall on?

A: Donald

Q: Who fell on the roof?

A: Goofy

Q: What did Hewey, Dewey, and Lewey get for Christmas?

A: Toys and sleds

Q: What did Max want for Christmas? 

A: A snowboard

Q: Who narrates Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmas? 

A: Kelsey Grammar

Q: Who voiced Uncle Scrooge? 

A: Alan Young

Q: When was Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmas release date?

A: November 9, 1999

Q: The Sleigh represents what story?

A: Mickey and Minnie’s the Gift of the Magi

Disney Christmas Quiz Section 3: The Muppet’s Christmas Carol Quiz

Q: What does the face in the doorknob yell?

A: Scrooge!

Q: What was the name of Scrooge’s girlfriend when he was younger?

A: Belle

Q: What Muppet character played Bob Cratchit?

A: Kermit the Frog

Q: What one thing does Scrooge think is sillier than Christmas?

A: Love

Q: What character did Gonzo play?

A: Charles Dickens

Q: How did Gonzo (Charles Dickens) get a scar on his wrist?

A: He fell off a bike

Q: What kind of factory does Fozziwig own?

A: A rubber chicken factory

Q: What is the colour of the scarf Scrooge is given as a present?

A: Red

Q: What Christmas present did Scrooge give to his apprentices? 

A: Coal

Q: What wise lesson did Rizzo learn from his mother?

A: Never eat singing food

Q: What does Scrooge ask Bean Bunny to buy to take to Bob Cratchit?

A: A turkey

Q: What city is a Muppet’s Christmas Carol set in?

A: London

Q: Michael Caine plays what character in The Muppet’s Christmas Carol?

A: Ebenezer Scrooge

Q: What Christmas tune are the singing grapes singing during Fozziwig’s annual Christmas party?

A: Deck the Halls

Q: Which of the three spirits who visited Scrooge was a giant with a long beard?

A: The Ghost of Christmas Present

Disney Christmas Quiz Section 4: A Christmas Carol Quiz

Q: What does Scrooge learn about the past?

A: It cannot change

Q: Which ghost is weighed down by greed?

A: Jacob Marley

Q: Who was Marley?

A: Scrooge’s business partner

Q: What is Scrooge’s first name?

A: Ebenezer

Q: Scrooge is Fred’s what?

A: Uncle

Q: What did seeing the future teach Scrooge?

A: That being generous is more important than being wealthy

Q: Why did Belle leave Scrooge?

A: Because he is too greedy

Q: What does the Ghost of Christmas Past look like?

A: A candle

Q: What does the Ghost of Christmas Present look like? 

A: A green giant

Q: What does the Ghost of Christmas Future look like?

A: The Grim Reaper

Q: What is A Christmas Carol based on? 

A: A novel by Charles Dickens

Q: Who voiced Scrooge in A Christmas Carol?

A: Jim Carrey

Q: When was A Christmas Carol released? 

A: 2009

Q: What question did Scrooge ask the third spirit?

A: Was he beyond all hope? 

Q: Who is the first major character that we see in the movie? 

A: Jacob Marley

Disney Christmas Quiz Section 5: Home Alone Quiz

Q: Where does Kevin’s whole family plan to travel to?

A: Paris

Q: How many children are in the McCallister family?

A: 11

Q: What do the thieves call themselves?

A: The Wet Bandits

Q: What are the Wet Bandits’ real names?

A: Harry and Marv

Q: How old is Kevin in the movie?

A: 8

Q: What type of pizza does Kevin like?

A: Plain cheese

Q: How many pizzas did the McCallister family order?

A: 10

Q: What does Kevin accidentally steal from the store?

A: A toothbrush

Q: What does Bruce call the old man who shovels snow?

A: The South Bend Shovel Slayer

Q: What hits the Wet Bandits in the face when they run up the stairs?

A: A paint can

Q: What is the name of Kevin’s next-door neighbour?

A: Old Man Murray

Q: What is Kevin scared of in his basement?

A: The furnace

Q: What does Buzz have for a pet?

A: A tarantula

Q: Kevin wasn’t allowed to watch a movie, but he watched it anyway, what was it called?

A: Angels with Filthy Souls

Q: What type of band does Kate catch a ride with to get back to Kevin?

A: Polka

Disney Christmas Quiz Section 6: The Santa Clause Quiz

Q: Why does Scott in The Santa Clause movie end up becoming Santa?

A: Because of a secret rule

Q: What is the Elf’s name in The Santa Clause?

A: Elf Bernard

Q: In the Santa Clause 2 movie, what must Santa do in order to keep his Santa Claus title?

A: Get married

Q: What restaurant do Scott and Charlie go to eat it when Scott burns their turkey dinner?

A: Denny’s

Q: Scott objects to a toy version of Santa riding in what vehicle?

A: A tank

Q: Which of Santa’s reindeer does Scott frequently bicker with?

A: Comet

Q: What gift does Bernard give Scott’s son, Charlie?

A: A snowglobe

Q: What gift does Scott receive from his reindeer?

A: A rope

Q: What famous Christmas story does Scott read to Charlie before putting him to bed?

A: Twas the Night Before Christmas

Q: Scott encounters a problem at the first home he leaves presents for, what was it?

A: An angry dog

Q: How does Scott explain his extreme weight gain to his coworkers?

A: He says he got stung by a bee

Q: What sport does Charlie play?

A: Soccer

Q: When was the first The Santa Clause film released starring Tim Allen?

A: 1994

Q: How many The Santa Clause movies are there?

A: 3

Q: Who plays Bernard the head elf?

A: David Krumholtz

Disney Christmas Quiz Section 7: Noelle Quiz

Q: According to the movie, Christmas is like what?

A: Sushi

Q: Where did Santa Nick go?

A: Phoenix, Arizona

Q: What present did Santa give Nick?

A: A Christmas hat

Q: What is Noelle’s and Nick’s surname?

A: Kringle

Q: What is the name of the private investigator that Noelle hired?

A: Jake Hapman

Q: What does Elf Polly call Noelle?

A: Princess

Q: What’s the name of Noelle’s pet reindeer?

A: Snowcone

Q: Where do Noelle and Nick live?

A: In the North Pole

Q: When Santa Nick disappeared, how many days was it before Christmas?

A: 6 days before Christmas

Q: In the movie, what did most children want for Christmas?

A: An Ipad

Q: Why was the last Christmas a sad one?

A: Because Santa died

Q: Noelle doesn’t say, “Oh my gosh,” she says…?

A: Oh my garland

Q: What did Noella used to dream about when she was young?

A: Presents

Q: What Emmy-winning actor stars as Nick Kringle (the son of Santa Claus) in the 2019 movie Noelle?

A: Bill Hader

Q: Who played Noelle?

A: Anna Kendrick

Disney Christmas Quiz Section 8: Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas 

Q: What does the Beast think about Christmas in Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas? 

A: He hates it

Q: What do Belle and Beast make in the snow?

A: Snow angels

Q: What is the name of the piccolo?

A: Fife

Q: What is the name of the angel?

A: Angelique

Q: What present does Belle give the Beast?

A: A book

Q: In the movie, who saves Christmas?

A: Belle

Q: What Christmas present does Chip get?

A: Socks

Q: Where does Belle find the lost Christmas decorations?

A: In the attic

Q: What does Forte tell the Beast to do after Belle’s betrayal?

A: Destroy the rose

Q: How does the Beast stop Forte?

A: He destroys him

Q: Why does Belle take the Beast ice skating?

A: Because she wants him to have fun

Q: Who tells the main story of the movie?

A: Mrs. Potts

Q: Why does the Beast get mad after making a snow angel?

A: Because he believes he is a monster

Q: At the end of the movie, what does the Prince give Belle for Christmas?

A: A rose

Q: What year was Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas released? 

A: 1997

Disney Christmas Quiz Section 9: Snow Buddies Quiz

Q: What year was Snow Buddies released?

A: 2008

Q: Who directed Snow Buddies?

A: Robert Vince

Q: There is also a film series of Snow Buddies, what is it called?

A: Air Buddies

Q: What breed of dog is Talon?

A: Alaskan Malamute

Q: What country was the Snow Buddies filmed in? 

A: Canada

Q: Why does Santa feel close to the Snow Buddies?

A: Because they fell from the sky to make a dog sled team as Adam wanted

Q: Who do the Buddies mistake for a wolf?

A: Shasta

Q: Who is the smartest of the Buddies?

A: Buddha

Q: What colour is Shasta?

A: Black and white

Q: Where do the Buddies go in the movie?

A: Alaska

Q: What Buddy wants to go back home to have a mud bath?

A: MudBud

Q: Including Shasta, how many puppies are there in Snow Buddies?

A: 6

Q: Can you name the 5 Snow Buddies?

A: B-Dawg, Budderball, Mudbud, Rosebud and Buddha

Q: What breed of dogs are the Buddies in Snow Buddies?

A: Golden retrievers

Q: Who is the oldest of the Buddies?

A: Budderball

Disney Christmas Quiz Section 10: LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special (2020) Quiz

Q: At the beginning of the movie, which Star Wars character is Rey training?

A: Finn

Q: What holiday are the Rebels celebrating?

A: Life Day

Q: When did the Lego Star Wars Holiday Special debut?

A: November 17th 2020

Disney Christmas Quiz Section 11: The Nightmare Before Christmas Quiz

Q: What is the name of Jack’s dog?

A: Zero

Q: What are the names of the Oogie Boogie kids?

A: Lock, Barrel, and Shock

Q: Oogie Boogie ate a lot of what?

A: Animals

Q: Who pretended to be Santa?

A: Jack

Q: Jack asked someone for chemicals, who was it?

A: The doctor

Q: Who kidnapped Santa?

A: The Oogie Boogie kids

Q: What is Jack’s last name?

A: Skeleton

Q: Where does Jack Skeleton live?

A: Halloween Town

Q: What does Santa do to Halloween town?

A: He makes it snow

Q: Why does Jack kidnap Santa?

A: Because he wants Santa’s job

Q: What Academy Award did The Nightmare Before Christmas get nominated for?

A: Best visual effects

Q: What is Sally?

A: A ragdoll

Q: In The Nightmare Before Christmas, what is Jack Skeleton also known as?

A: Pumpkin King

Q: What’s the villain’s name in The Nightmare Before Christmas?

A: Oogie Boogie

Q: When was The Nightmare Before Christmas Released? 

A: 1995

Disney Christmas Quiz Section 12: The Search for Santa Paws Quiz

Q: What is the name of the girl who finds Paws?

A: Quinn

Q: What could Paws do that normal dogs cant? 

A: Talk

Q: What type of dog was Paws in the Search for Santa Paws?

A: Great Pyrenees

Q: When was The Search for Santa Paws released?

A: 2010

Q: What did Santa lose in the movie?

A: His memory

Q: What breed of dog is Santa Paws in the 2010 Christmas movie Santa Paws?

A: Great Pyrenees

Disney Christmas Quiz Section 13: Babes in Toyland Quiz

Q: When was Babes in Toyland released?

A: 1961

Q: What is the name of the talking goose who says his friends sometimes call him silly?

A: Sylvester

Q: What is the name of the song that Mary sings about not having enough money to survive? 

A: I can’t do the sum

Q: Who was Floretta?

A: A fortune teller

Q: What is the first toy that the automated machine makes? Hint: it’s a toy that’s full of sugar, and spice, and everything nice.

A: A doll

Q: The Toymaker needs all the toys for what gift-giving holiday?

A: Christmas

Q: What happens to Barnaby at the end of the fight?

A: He is knocked into a toy box

Disney Christmas Quiz Section 14: Winnie the Pooh: A Very Merry Pooh Year Quiz

Q: What does Roo get from Tigger? 

A: A sled

Q: Where does Pooh hide Piglet’s present?

A: In a honey pot

Q: Where does the movie take place?

A: Hundred Acre Wood

Q: What present did Pooh get Piglet? 

A: A music box

Q: What usual Winnie the Pooh character didn’t appear in A Very Merry Pooh Year?

A: Owl

Disney Christmas Quiz Section 15: Nutcracker and the Four Realms Quiz

Q: What year was the Nutcracker and the Four Realms released?

A: 2018

Q: Who played the Sugar Plum Fairy in The Nutcracker and the Four Realms? Hint: She was in Love Actually.

A: Kiera Knightly

Q: Who are the antagonists in the Nutcracker and the Four Realms?

A: The Sugar Plum Fairy and the Tin Nutcracker Soldiers

Q: Who created the Four Realms?

A: Marie

Q: What is the shape of the handcrafted box that Clara receives?

A: Egg

Disney Christmas Quiz Section 16: Olaf’s Frozen Adventure Quiz

Q: What is the name of the reindeer who teams up with Olaf in Olaf’s Frozen Adventure?

A: Sven

Q: Who helped Olaf find traditions for Christmas?

A: Sven

Q: What is Olaf?

A: A snowman

Q: Who is the Queen of Arendelle?

A: Elsa

Q: What is Anna’s boyfriend’s name?

A: Kristoff

Q: Who attacked Olaf in the woods?

A: Wolves

Q: What does Kristoff do for a job?

A: He sells ice

Q: Who is older, Elsa or Anna?

A: Elsa is older

Q: Who created Olaf?

A: Elsa

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