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Disney Packing List For Toddlers

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Once you have your holiday plans ready, your Disney packing list for toddlers is the next thing you need to think about. It’s not easy to pack for Disney, so the sooner you start, the better!

Carry too little, and you’ll be rushing around trying to buy what you need from overpriced stores. Carry too much, and you’ll end up lugging around way more than just your tired kid at the end of the day!

Here’s a Disney vacation checklist that’ll make putting together all the things you need a lot easier. We’ve included what to pack in your Disney Park bag for toddlers and further below other useful items to pack in your luggage for the trip!

Disney Packing List For Toddlers

Disney Park Bag Packing List For Toddlers


When holidaying in the sunny state of Florida, adding sunscreen to your Disney trip checklist is a no-brainer. Frequent reapplication of sunscreen to protect your kiddo’s sensitive skin when outdoors is a must. Opt for waterproof-sunscreen lotions or sticks if you’re planning to hit the water rides. 

Pro tip: Remember to pack some chapstick with your sunscreen in your purse. 


Come rain or shine, the humble umbrella saves the day. Shield your face when it’s sunny or rainy with a nifty and portable umbrella to attach to the stroller. 


A small medical kit containing some aspirin, motion-sickness pills, allergy medication, and Disney bandaids can save you a trip to the medical center. Your Disney packing list for toddlers also has to include insect repellent to prevent annoying and painful boo-boos from bugs. And, of course, hand sanitizer is the need of the hour with kids that love touching everything they can get their chubby little fingers on.


Collapsible coolers on your Walt Disney World checklist are an ingenious addition to beat the heat. They keep milk, snacks, and drinks cool and fresh. Plus, if you get there early enough, you can just stash your mini cooler in a locker. Just make sure you know the rules for bringing food, drink and coolers into the parks.


It might seem strange at first to have food on the essential Walt Disney World packing list, but it’s an economical option. Especially when sweet snacks are certain to leave your kids on a sugar rush. Packing your own food or snacks can also be helpful if your children have special dietary requirements – although Disney is brilliant with food intolerances and dietary requirements! 

Balancing junk with healthy snack alternatives like chopped fruit, granola bars, and trail mix in your Disney packing list for toddlers is a fantastic way to prevent tantrums while waiting in long queues. 

If your child is still on formula, toss in a travel bottle warmer or thermos flask too. Or to keep your bag lighter, head to the Baby Care Center – there is one in each of the parks. For children who are still transitioning from baby food, dissolvable snacks and squeeze pouches can be a real lifesaver. 

Baby Cutlery

Toddlers who insist they are “all grown up” will love having their own set of utensils! And while they get busy exercising their independence, you will have the time to eat your own lunch. There are even Disney sets on Amazon to keep in theme!

BOB stroller from Kingdom Strollers
BOB stroller from Kingdom Strollers

Strollers and Carriers

Exhaustion can make even the best of us cranky, and this is especially true for weary toddlers. While Disney does offer strollers for rent, they are only available inside the parks themselves and are made of plastic. If your little one prefers to have their bottom well-cushioned, invest in a compact and lightweight stroller instead.  It’s a good idea to look into off-site stroller rentals because traveling with a stroller isn’t always possible.

Older toddlers might like a sit-and-stand stroller that lets them hitch a ride while their younger sibling enjoys a nap in peace. It’s perfect for giving those tiny feet a break and providing a safe space for your little one’s afternoon nap. 

Please note that strollers are not allowed in queues, and are instead required to be left at designated stroller parking areas found at various locations near attractions in the park with attendants watching. To avoid having to carry a restless toddler when waiting in long lines, add a sling or baby carrier to your Disney World packing list too. 

Stroller Accessories

Snack cups and sippy cups do more than just keep your tiny humans fed. They help keep them occupied while you make your way through the park. Bonus points for feeding accessories that can be attached to the stroller with straps, carabiners, or clips so that they don’t mysteriously disappear. 

Stroller tags, labels, ribbons, stickers, or other brightly-colored identifiers can help you quickly find and grab your stroller from the huge hoard of strollers at stroller parking. Stroller organizers are another great accessory to consider for their ability to help you quickly fish out toys, snacks, and wipes while on to go.

Clip on Stroller fan
Clip on Stroller fan

Hot and humid weather is no fun for adults or toddlers. Clip-on stroller fans will help both your kids and you maintain your cool while you explore the magic of Disney. 

Pro tip: Bendable fans are a far more effective option than non-bendable fans.

Afternoon rainstorms are a frequent occurrence in Florida, so bring a rain guard or rain cover for your stroller while packing for Disney World. Stroller covers can even help dampen loud noises when your child gets overstimulated and needs a quick break. 

Pro tip: A clear shower curtain liner clipped to the stroller is a cheap way to keep your little one safe from a rain storm without hampering their view.

Pro tip: Buy an Apple Tag to keep an eye on your stroller. Cast member will move them around to fit more in a set space, but sadly, occasionally strollers have been stolen. Always remove any valuables and keep any souvenirs with you. Cheeky squirrels have been known to eat any food left in strollers too – even opening containers to get to sandwiches!

Two girls wearing ponchos on a Dumbo ride at Disney as ponchos are essential packing for toddlers for Disney
Ponchos are must-have items for your packing list


A poncho is another thing you can include on your Disney World packing list to protect you and your kid from the sun. You might also want to add a lightweight blanket and a few soft toys to help your toddler catch a couple of z’s.

Water Bottles

When it comes to making the best of a Disney vacation, hydration is key. The golden rule is to pack at least one bottle per family member. A cute way to do this is to strap a small Disney-themed water bottle onto your older toddler or child and let them refill it themselves at the park.

Free cups of ice water are provided at hotels, water fountains, and restaurants, so as long as you carry your own water bottle, you’re good to refill it as many times as you need.

Frozen water bottles, CamelBak water backpacks, and collapsible bottles are just some of the hacks that have been tried and tested. Some even like to use a grocery delivery service to have water delivered to their hotel instead. You can then reuse the bottles at the park.


There’s hardly anything toddlers love more than throwing things on the ground! Save yourself some time, money, and energy by bringing along extra pacifiers. This way, you don’t need to hunt for lost pacifiers or resort to buying pricey ones in a pinch. 

Electronic Devices

Your Disney park bag essentials should include gadgets and gizmos to make your vacation easy. Cell phones and external chargers are two things that should definitely go on your Disney Park bag packing list. 

Make sure you download the My Disney Experience app, Disney Genie app, and My PhotoPass app before you arrive at the park. This will help streamline your ticket and restaurant reservation bookings and allow you to check your pictures while waiting in line.

If you’re a tech geek, you probably already know how useful AirTags can be when on the go. Go ahead and AirTag everything from your belongings and rental to even your kids! This will allow you to keep track of them on your map and put your mind at ease. 

Pro tip: A waterproof phone case will keep your family’s special moments safe and sound from water damage.

Park Maps

Grab a Disney World Map at the Park entrance or look at the map in the My Disney Experience App well before your trip to familiarize yourself with the layout. You can even watch YouTube videos to prepare your toddler on what to expect. Then, print out a map or pick one up at the park to use as a quick reference in case your phone ever runs out of juice.

Child with purple magic band on her arm a Disney packing list essential for toddlers
Don’t forget to pack your magic band for a day at Disney

MagicBands and Lanyards

A MagicBand is a bracelet-like wearable e-device that links your entry ticket and credit card to make your Disney experience as seamless as possible. While not compulsory, they are great to purchase and make getting around and using FastPass+ a lot easier, so make sure you buy one before gathering all the things to pack for Disney World. Tickets and room keys can be placed on a lanyard for easy access.

Sun-protection Gear

It’s pretty obvious why stylish sunglasses with straps and wide-brimmed sun hats need to be on the Disney Park bag packing list; two words: sun protection. Add to the cuteness factor by having your toddler pop on a pair of Mouse Ears while at it.


One thing’s for sure, nobody makes a mess like a toddler! Add to that the excitement of Disney, and you are sure to have a messy little minion on your hands. Pack a few bibs in your backpack to make sure post-meal clean-ups go smoothly.

Hair Brush and Hair Ties

Pop a small hairbrush in your purse and some hair ties to keep your baby Insta-ready at all times. You could even go a step further and pack a travel-friendly hair spray to keep those flyaways in check.

Diapers and Pull-ups

Diapers/Nappies and pull-ups go at the top of every toddler trip, especially on the Disney trip essentials list. While it is an option to purchase them at the park, this will probably end up costing you a bit more than usual. 

Mini-trash bags, wet wipes, and a changing mat are other diapering additions to make to your arsenal. And if Disney water parks are on the agenda, remember to bring swim diapers. 

Disney costumes dress up outifits
We packed a few options!


What better place than Disney to dress your toddler up in an adorable character costume? A gorgeous dress for your pretty princess, or a knight costume for your little dashing hero, the choices are numerous. 

Cooling aids

Spray misters might seem a little excessive at first, but trust me when I say they are a fun and useful way to keep cool in the sweltering Florida heat. Spritz your kids often while waiting in lines. 

One of the things to pack for Disney is a cooling towel. Wrap it around your neck to keep cool. 

Pro tip: Make frequent pit stops at stores with air conditioning to lower your baby’s body temperature.


Disinfectant wipes like Clorox to wipe off surfaces, baby wipes to change diapers, hand wipes to wipe down hands, makeup wipes to clean up faces, disposable wipes to scrub messes, and Kleenex for runny noses – wipes are absolute must-haves for Disney trips. 


Prepare for all the mysterious disappearances of your baby’s things by carrying extras of the things you absolutely need. Otherwise, you’re going to spend a lot more money replacing them at Disney!

Comfortable Shoes

Disney comes with a ton of walking and even more waiting in line, so make sure your family comes prepared with cushioned, lightweight shoes to avoid blisters and swollen feet. 

Does your kid love to give you mini panic attacks by constantly sprinting away at top speed? A neat trick is to put them in squeaky shoes so even if you can’t see them yet, you will still be able to hear them! 

Pro tip:  Carry a pair of quick dry flip-flops or sandals for the waterparks or rain storms.

Autograph Book

Character Meet and Greets are an intrinsic part of the Disney experience. Immortalize the moment your kid meets their favorite character with a candid photo and a quick autograph. Autograph books at the park gift shops are quite pricey, so make sure to add them to your ultimate packing list for Disney. 

Pro tip: Attach a sharpie to the autograph book to avoid having to dig through your purse or backpack in a rush.

Kids’ Entertainment

Games, bubbles, coloring books and crayons, toys, and glow sticks will keep toddlers busy at dining tables, giving you some time to chow down in peace. 

And if your kiddo loves Peppa Pig, carry an iPad or tablet for them to catch up on their favorite show. Don’t forget to throw in some kid-friendly headphones and a portable charger too.

Winter Wear

While summers are blistering, winters can get pretty nippy. So check the weather forecast on the dates you’re visiting and pack accordingly. A warm sweater in the cooler Air Conditioning will keep your little one happy and comfortable too.

Ear Plugs and Eye Masks

There’s no getting around it, Disney is a loud place! So if your toddler is sensitive to stimuli, bring a pair of noise-dampening earplugs or headphones. And when it’s time to catch a quick nap, an eye mask can help them relax.


Wipe off sweat or dry off after a water ride with a mini towel. You might even consider sneaking a couple of small hotel towels out with you for the day and then switching them out for fresh ones when you get back. 

Matching T-shirts

Nothing says Ohana like matching tees for the whole gang. Identical or part of a theme, this idea is sure to be a winner on your next Disney vacation. Apart from looking fabulous for your Instagram posts, this is also a smart way to keep track of each other in crowds.

ID Cards

A Disney packing list for toddlers is incomplete without ID cards because every parent dreads the heart-stopping fear of losing a child in a crowd. Attach a lanyard with your kid’s and your information onto your child’s bag or pant loop to put your mind at ease.

If it all feels a bit too much, don’t worry! Download and print this Disney World packing list for a quick check before you leave.


The ultimate Disney packing list would be incomplete without some trusty old Ziploc bags. Store food, unfinished snacks, extra outfits, phones, wet clothes, and whatever else you can think of in Ziploc bags.

Consider pre-planning your kid’s outfits for each day and packing them in separate Ziploc bags for easy mornings. This not only makes getting ready so much quicker but also makes it easy to pack extras for the day.

Pro tip: Packing multiple items in Ziploc bags saves a lot of time at security checks as the clear packaging makes them easier to inspect.

Packing List For Disney World With Toddlers – Luggage

Car Seats

Florida law requires that kids younger than 5 years use a car seat, so if your car rental company doesn’t provide one, your Disney vacation packing list will have to include a USA federally approved travel-safe car seat, even if just on short trip.

Uber and Lyft services in Orlando are super child-friendly and let you rent car seats on request if you don’t have one. 

us dept of transport
florida car seat law


Swimsuits, goggles, floaties, and swim vests are must-needs while hitting the kiddie pools. After all, there’s no better way to beat the Florida heat than a quick dip in a cool pool.

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