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DISNEY WORLD Lost And Found – All You Need To Know

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Walt Disney World is the place where dreams take flight and enchantment fills the air. It’s a world of wonder and excitement, where families create epic memories in the magic of Disney’s legendary theme parks – Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

DISNEY WORLD Lost And Found - All You Need To Know

Now, even in the middle of all this fun, sometimes things can go a little wonky. Maybe a favorite keepsake vanishes into thin air, or you misplace your sunglasses, or, in super rare cases, your little one decides to go on an adventure of their own.

But don’t you worry! The Disney World Lost and Found system has got your back. In this guide, we’re diving into all the details of this service. Our mission? To make sure your vacation stays as delightful as ever!

Disney’s approach to handling lost items

At the Walt Disney Company, the management of lost items is a top priority, and they have established a robust system to reunite these missing belongings with their rightful owners. This system is overseen by the theme park’s dedicated Lost and Found department, which follows a meticulous process of cataloging and storage.

Accessing this department is made convenient through multiple channels. You can utilize these channels by filling out an online form, visiting Guest Relations within the park, or reaching out to the Disney Lost and Found number at (407) 824-4245.

When an item is discovered and turned in, the diligent Lost and Found team will initiate efforts to identify the owner, meticulously checking for any traces of identification or personal information on the item.

Disney World Lost and Found Network

Before we get into the specifics, let’s take a look at the network of Lost and Found Walt Disney World locations. These strategically placed outposts are your go-to spots when life throws an unexpected curveball.

Within the Parks

At the entrance of every park, you’ll find a Guest Relations office. The Cast Members there are experts at helping guests find lost items.

There’s no need to worry if you lose an item while you’re in an attraction or dining location, either! Ask a Cast Member for help. They’ll direct you to the nearest lost and found office.

Specific locations of the lost and found offices at the major theme parks

Magic Kingdom

The Magic Kingdom Lost and Found is located at City Hall, near the Chamber of Commerce and the Walt Disney World Railroad.


The EPCOT lost and found is located at the front of the park, on the right-hand side of the fountains.

Hollywood Studios

The Hollywood Studios lost and found is located at Guest Relations, near the Crossroads of America statue.

ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex

The lost and found is located at the box office, near the ESPN Clubhouse store.

Animal Kingdom

The Animal Kingdom lost and found is located at Guest Services, near the park’s turnstile entrance.

Disney Springs

The Disney Springs lost and found is located in the Town Center, at the Welcome Center, near the bus stop for on-property guests. It’s close to D-Luxe Burger.

Disney Water Parks

The lost and found for both Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon is located at the front of the parks, near the ticket counters and Guest Services windows.

On Disney transportation:

Disney offers a variety of transportation options, and given the hustle and bustle of visitors trying to get to their destinations or the weariness after a day of Disney adventures, it’s not uncommon for items to be accidentally left behind.

If you happen to misplace something on the Monorail or watercraft, don’t fret. Your lost item will be sent to the destination served by that specific mode of transportation.

For example, if you’re staying at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge and leave something on the Ferry, your lost item will be forwarded to the Wilderness Lodge’s concierge desk.

Now, if you lose an item on one of the Disney buses, it will be sent directly to the Transportation and Ticket Center. It’s important to note that there is no dedicated Lost and Found Minnie cabs number.

So, if you happen to leave something behind in a Disney Minnie Van, you can contact the main Lost and Found number or file a complaint online.

As for Disney’s Magical Express shuttle service, there are two separate contact numbers to keep in mind: If you realize you’ve lost something within 30 minutes, call 866-599-0951.

For items lost for more than 30 minutes, reach out to (407) 423-5566. Disney is here to help you recover your lost items, no matter which mode of transportation you were on!

At Disney World Resort

Every Disney resort and hotel has its very own Lost and Found department that’s here to assist you, even after you’ve checked out.

To let them know about a lost item, you’ve got a few options:

  • You can reach out directly to the hotel’s front desk or chat with the lobby concierge
  • If you prefer the in-person touch, visit the front desk to fill out a lost item report
  • For those who like to keep things digital, there’s also an online reporting system you can use, which we get into below.

The wonderful staff will ask you for a description of your lost item, where and when you last saw it, and your contact info. If they happen to find your item, they’ll shoot you an email and make sure it finds its way back to you safely.

Items that hang out unclaimed for a bit are eventually sent over to the central Lost and Found department at Walt Disney World Resort. 

Online reporting

Disney World offers a convenient online reporting system through a portal called Chargerback- lost & found solutions. You can access this tool right from their official website.

This nifty feature makes it super easy for you to report your lost item and provide all the important details, which, in turn, increases the likelihood of getting your item back.

A step-by-step breakdown of a Lost Item Report

When you let Disney World know about a lost item, they’ll ask you to complete a Lost Item Report, either in person or online. This report helps them gather all the important info about your lost item, making the search and recovery process smooth.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Talk to a Friendly Disney Cast Member

The moment you realize something’s missing, find the nearest Disney Cast Member. They’re there to help! Let them know about your loss, and they’ll give you the right guidance.

Step 2: Visit Guest Relations or Go Online

Depending on where and when the loss happened, you might need to visit the Guest Relations office at the park or resort where it occurred. Alternatively, you can hop online and use Disney’s handy Lost Item portal right from their official website.

Step 3: Share All the Details

Whether you’re doing this in person or online, get ready to spill the beans about your lost item. They’ll want to know:

  • Description: Tell them everything about the item – size, color, brand, and any unique features.
  • Location: Be specific about where you think you lost it, whether it was at a particular ride, restaurant, hotel, or mode of transportation.
  • Date and Time: Give them the date and an approximate time when you last had it.
  • Contact Info: Make sure your contact details are accurate so Disney can reach you if they find your item.
  • A Photo (if you have one): If you’ve got a picture of the lost item, it’s like a bonus clue for them!

Step 4: Get a Lost Item Receipt

After you’ve filed the Lost Item Report, they’ll usually give you a Lost Item Receipt or a reference number. Hang on to it because it’s your key to tracking your lost item’s status. 

Tips for reporting lost items

While reporting a lost item at Disney World is a pretty straightforward process, these essential tips can boost your chances of getting your belongings back:

  • Act Swiftly: The faster you report a lost item, the better your chances of recovery. As soon as you realize something is missing, don’t hesitate. Head straight to Guest Relations or contact the appropriate Lost and Found Disney location.
  • Be Detailed: When describing your lost item, provide as much detail as possible. Share its appearance, any unique features, and where you believe it was lost. The more information you provide, the easier it is for Disney’s team to identify and reunite you with your item.
  • Keep Checking In: Sometimes, it may take a little time for missing items to be located and processed. To stay on top of things, periodically follow up with Disney Lost and Found if your item doesn’t turn up right away.
  • Ensure Updated Contact Information: Double-check that Disney has your correct contact information. This is crucial, as it allows them to get in touch promptly if your lost item is found.

Reporting a Lost Item After Returning Home

Disney has made the Lost and Found process super convenient by offering an online tool. This means you can report a lost item even after you’ve returned home from your Disney adventure.

After you’ve reported your lost item, you’ll receive a follow-up email to confirm your report. This user-friendly feature allows you to start the claims process from the comfort of your home, extending the Disney magic well beyond your visit.

It ensures a hassle-free way to retrieve your lost items, and once they’re found, Disney will ship them back to you at no additional cost.

Fate of Unclaimed Items at Disney World Lost and Found

The WDW Lost and Found team works diligently to reunite guests with their lost items. However, not all items find their way back to their owners.

Unclaimed items are held for a set period, usually around 30 days, before being donated to local charities. Before donating, any items containing personal information are destroyed for security reasons.

Some items, like high-value ones such as cameras or jewelry, are kept for longer periods, up to 90 days. If these items remain unclaimed, they are auctioned off, with the proceeds going to various charitable causes.

Lost Children at Disney World

Losing track of your child is a parent’s worst nightmare, especially in a bustling place like Disney World. While losing a child is a different experience from misplacing an item, the anxiety that comes with it makes it crucial to know how to handle the situation. Trust me, I’ve been there when our 4 year old went missing for 5 minutes but seemed like an eternity by Aladdin’s Flying Carpet ride.

Even if it doesn’t involve the Lost and Found but rather the Baby Care Center, knowing what to do can provide a sense of comfort.

Fortunately, Disney World is renowned for its top-notch safety measures, particularly when it comes to kids. In fact, Disney World has never had to close with a child still missing.

So, while it’s important to stay vigilant, you can rest assured that Disney has your back.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through what to do if your child gets separated from you at Disney World, how you can assist in finding them, and some tips to prevent such situations.

What should Parents/Guardians do if their kid gets separated from them?

  • Stay Calm: While it’s natural to feel anxious, try to stay as composed as possible. Most lost children are quickly reunited with their families.
  • Notify a Cast Member: Immediately inform the nearest Disney Cast Member about the situation. They will swiftly initiate the process of locating your child.
  • Stay in the Area: Do not leave the spot where you last saw your child. Cast Members or security personnel will want to know the location of the separation.
  • Stay Available: Keep your phone on and be reachable in case Disney staff needs to contact you. Also, keep your other children informed about what’s happening and reassure them.

Protocol for Lost Child at Disney World

When Parents Approach Cast Members:

  • The Cast Member informs their supervisor and Disney security, reporting a “lost parent.”
  • Parents are asked to provide a detailed description of the lost child.
  • Security relays this information to a central communication center.
  • A park-wide alert and description of the lost child are broadcast to all Cast Members.
  • Parents are instructed to stay in the area where they last saw their child, as children are often found nearby.

When Children Approach Cast Members:

  • Cast Members are trained to engage with lost children and keep them calm.
  • Cast Members ask the child for their name, their parents’ names, or phone numbers.
  • The child is walked around the nearby area to locate their lost parents.
  • If the child’s parents cannot be found, Cast Members take them to the nearest Baby Care Center, First Aid Center, or a designated lost child area. 

Tips for parents to avoid getting separated from their little ones at Disney World

  1. Designate Meeting Spots: Pick specific places in the park where you can reunite if you get separated. Ensure your kids know these spots too.
  2. Child Identification: Attach a name tag or bracelet with your contact info to your child’s clothing, and make sure they know their name and your phone number. The Cast Member suggested to me that writing a contact number in pen is useful on a child’s arm.
  3. Buddy System: Encourage your children to stick with a buddy, whether a sibling, friend, or you. Always hold hands or stay close in crowded areas.
  4. Use Technology: Consider location-sharing apps or smartwatches with GPS tracking for added peace of mind. Some people recommend an Apple tag.
  5. Frequent Check-Ins: Regularly touch base with your kids throughout the day, even if they’re old enough to explore on their own.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the most lost item at Disney World?

The most commonly lost item at Disney World is sunglasses, followed by Disney Magicbands, smartphones, and wallets. Over 210 pairs of sunglasses are recovered daily at Magic Kingdom’s Lost and Found, and Disney’s Lost and Found department handles over 6,000 cell phones each year.

  1. What happens if I lose my Disney Magicband?

A lost Magicband at Disney World can be replaced if you file a lost claim promptly. You should also deactivate the lost band through the MyDisneyExperience website or app.

  1. How successful is Lost and Found at Disney World?

Disney’s Lost and Found services have a remarkable success rate of almost 70 percent, which is higher than most other theme parks. This is thanks to Disney’s dedicated efforts and efficient procedures.

  1. Does Disney ship lost items for free?

Yes, Disney will ship lost items to the owner free of charge, provided you report the loss on time. There might be exceptions based on the item’s value or safety considerations.

  1. How long does Disney keep lost items?

The duration for which Disney’s Lost and Found retains misplaced items varies depending on their value. Items of lower value, such as sunglasses, toys, clothes, and accessories, are held for 30 days. High-value items like wallets, credit cards, cell phones, and prescription glasses are kept for 90 days.

  1. How does Disney find lost children?

Disney employs a carefully orchestrated process to locate lost children. If a child is separated from their family, they will be taken to one of the designated “Lost Children” areas within the park.

Trained Cast Members provide care and reassurance to the child while simultaneously working to locate the parents or guardians.     

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