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Does Magic Kingdom Sell Alcohol

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Although Walt Disney World is largely aimed at children, it’s no secret that adults enjoy their time in the parks as much—if not more—than the little ones. 

One benefit of growing up is the ability to drink alcohol. If you’re visiting Disney World, you may be wondering if you can enjoy an alcoholic beverage or two.

Does Magic Kingdom Sell Alcohol

At EPCOT, Animal Kingdom, and Disney’s Hollywood Studios, alcohol is available at various different kiosks, quick service, and table service restaurants. But the same can’t be said for Magic Kingdom.

Magic Kingdom has its own set of rules. After visiting the parks more times than I can even remember, I’ve learned a thing or two about where and how to purchase alcohol when holidaying in the happiest place on Earth. 

Where to Buy Alcohol in Magic Kingdom

You can purchase alcohol in Magic Kingdom from any of the park’s table service restaurants. These restaurants include Be Our Guest, Cinderella’s Royal Table, The Crystal Palace, Liberty Tree Tavern, The Diamond Horseshoe, The Plaza Restaurant, Tony’s Town Square Restaurant, and Jungle Navigation Co. LTD Skipper Canteen. 

You won’t be able to find any alcohol in kiosks or quick-service restaurants, however. So, only those with table service reservations will be able to purchase and consume alcohol while visiting Magic Kingdom. 

I also want to mention that if you do purchase alcohol while dining in a table service restaurant, you will have to consume it before leaving your table, as cast members won’t allow you to take alcohol off of the restaurant’s premises. 

Types of Alcohol Available in Magic Kingdom

For the most part, if you’re after an alcoholic drink in Magic Kingdom, you’ll be limited to beer or wine. Some restaurants do also have speciality cocktails on offer. However, the options will be few and far between.

Here are the different alcohol options at each of the eight Magic Kingdom table service restaurants that offer adult beverages.

Be Our Guest

The Be Our Guest Restaurant is one of Magic Kingdom’s themed dining locations. Alongside its delicious food options, adults can enjoy beer, cider, champagne and wine in the Beauty and the Beast-themed setting.

Cinderella’s Royal Table

Magic Kingdom’s signature dining restaurant, Cinderella’s Royal Table, also has alcohol on offer—you can even order alcohol for breakfast – mimosa or buck’s fizz anyone?

During the breakfast sitting, adults can choose from mimosas, bloody marys, and sangrias while the lunch and dinner menu has a wider range of beverages, including wine, champagne, cocktails, and beer. 

My personal favourites are the flights, which consist of a trio of champagne/wine cocktails. After all, three drinks are better than one, right? 

The Crystal Palace

If you’re sitting down for a meal in the beautiful Victorian-inspired greenhouse that is the Crystal Palace, then you’ll have the choice between beer, hard cider, wine, and speciality cocktails from breakfast right through to dinner. 

The speciality cocktails range from simple mimosas and sangria to a brandy-based concoction and a cocktail made from gin. 

Liberty Tree Tavern

The Liberty Tree Tavern is a family-style Magic Kingdom restaurant that opens for lunch and dinner. And if the all-you-can-eat food wasn’t enticing enough, Liberty Tree Tavern also offers wine, beer, hard cider and cocktails with options to suit all alcoholic preferences. 

The Diamond Horseshoe

A second all-you-can-eat dining location in Magic Kingdom that serves alcohol is the Diamond Horseshoe, with speciality cocktails, beer, hard cider, and wine to choose from. The Innkeeper’s Shandy is one of the most popular choices because, after all, you’re dining in an old-west-themed music hall. 

The Plaza Restaurant

The Plaza Restaurant is one of sophistication and elegance, and what better beverage to pair with your meal than a wine, beer, or cocktail? Cocktails at the Plaza include those made with brandy, gin, and sparkling wine, and the wine list includes both white and red variations.

Tony’s Town Square Restaurant

Open for lunch and dinner, Tony’s Town Square Restaurant on Main Street, U.S.A., has a few different wines, cocktails and beers to choose from. The options are fairly limited, however, but you should be able to find something that pairs nicely with your meal. 

Jungle Navigation Co. LTD Skipper Canteen

Jungle Navigation Co. LTD Skipper Canteen, with its African, Asian and Latin-inspired dishes, is the final Magic Kingdom table service restaurant that serves a selection of alcohol for adults to enjoy.

The cocktail list includes a sangria, shandy, margarita and a cocktail made from rum, while the beer and wine list has a decent amount of choices with both American and foreign options on offer. 

Age Restrictions for Alcohol Purchases in Magic Kingdom

Sadly for UK teens who have finally made it to the legal drinking age, you won’t be drinking alcohol anywhere in Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World, or America, for that matter. As the United States legal drinking age is 21, only adults who are 21 or over can purchase alcohol in Magic Kingdom. 

If you’re heading to Magic Kingdom or any of the other Disney World parks, be sure to take along your passport as a form of ID.

Why Does Magic Kingdom Only Serve Alcohol in Table Service Restaurants?

The reason why Magic Kingdom only serves alcohol at table service restaurants is because Walt intended for the park to be free of the rowdiness that alcohol consumption brought. Magic Kingdom, when it first opened in 1971, was completely alcohol-free.

That was until the opening of the Be Our Guest restaurant in 2012, whose menu included wine and beer alongside its French cuisine. 

Walt Disney World’s other three parks, Animal Kingdom, EPCOT, and Disney’s Hollywood Studios, however, have more alcohol options on offer. You can even walk around those parks with an alcoholic beverage in hand. 


Does Magic Kingdom Serve Alcohol? 

Yes, Magic Kingdom does serve alcohol in eight table-service restaurants. 

Does Magic Kingdom Sell Beer?

Yes, Magic Kingdom does sell beer, but only in its eight table-service restaurants. 

Can You Buy Alcohol in Magic Kingdom? 

You can buy alcoholic beverages in Magic Kingdom. But you will need a reservation for a table service restaurant as they’re the only places that serve alcohol. 

Where Can You Buy Alcohol in Magic Kingdom?

You can buy alcohol in the park’s eight table service restaurants alongside a meal. 

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