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Epcot Itinerary for Disney Princess Fans

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It may not initially seem like the park to head to if you’re after a glimpse of a Disney Princess. However, as well as showcasing 11 countries from around the world and of course the fabulous Soarin’ and Guardians of The Galaxy plus other rides, there are more princess-themed attractions than you’d think! In this article, I break down the ultimate Epcot itinerary for Disney princess fans so you can make the most of your day in the park.

Epcot Itinerary for Disney Princess Fans
Epcot Itinerary for Disney Princess Fans

Help Your Epcot Itinerary for Disney Princess Fans To Go Smoothly With Disney Genie+

Disney Genie + is worth mentioning before we get into our epic princess Epcot day, as it can really transform your days in the parks.

Previously Disney had FastPass, but now they have transformed the FastPass service into what’s now known as Disney Genie +.

Now, Disney Genie+ is an add on to your park ticket from $15 per day. Although the Disney Genie App is free to use for access to maps, build an itinerary, view updated ride wait times, and the ability to book a restaurant reservation, pre order food, plus more, the Genie Plus feature enables you to skip the lines and book a timed slot to use the Lightning Lane on selected rides and attractions, including some character meet and greets, subject to availability. 

Genie+ and Individual Lightning Lane Queue Cheat Sheet
Genie+ and Individual Lightning Lane Queue Cheat Sheet

Speaking of Lightning Lanes, you can also purchase a further additional paid service called INDIVIDUAL Lightning Lanes, which allows you to pay for two line skips a day where you use the Lightning Lane queue for the most popular ride(s) in the park. This option is great for people who only have one or two major rides on their bucket lists and don’t want to spend the additional money on Disney Genie +.

At Epcot, the only Princess themed ride available on Genie+ is Frozen Ever After – a must for Elsa, Anna and Olaf fans!

With all that being said, although Disney Genie + is a sure-fire way to accomplish everything you want to do at Epcot, you can still have an incredible day without it! So, without any more rambling, let’s get into the Epcot itinerary for Disney princess fans!

Epcot Itinerary for Disney Princess Fans

If you’ve never been to Epcot before, then you’ll be completely unaware of the park’s layout. Epcot is extremely different from the other three Disney theme parks because it is split into two very different sections. 

The first section as you enter in through the main gates is called World Celebration, and here you’ll find some of Epcot’s bigger rides surrounding the iconic Epcot Spaceship Earth. A short walk away is the Guardians of the Galaxy ride.

As you make your way around the back of Spaceship Earth, you’ll then reach the second area of the park called World Showcase. The World Showcase is a collection of 11 pavilions that all represent a different country. These pavilions surround the World Showcase Lagoon, which, come the end of the night, is where you’ll be watching the Epcot firework display – Harmonious.

As Epcot has a unique layout, it’s best to start in the World Celebration area and then do a full lap of the World Showcase pavilions. It’s slightly confusing, I know, but I’m going to break it down for you. 

World Celebration

Do Yourself a Favor and Get a Stroller

Upon entering the gates into Epcot, the first thing you should do, and I swear by this, is to get yourself a stroller. That’s if you haven’t brought your own, of course. You may think that you don’t need a stroller because your kids haven’t sat in one for over a year, but trust me, after a few hours, you’ll be kicking yourself. 

Single strollers are around $15 for the day, and a double is $31. You’re going to be doing a lot of walking throughout your time at Disney, and eventually, your kids will end up perched inside the stroller. The strollers also make a great place to store your bags and Disney shopping. 

Toilet Break

You have children, so you know full well you’ll be making numerous toilet breaks throughout the day. I personally like to take my kids to the toilet as soon as we get to the parks as there are some conveniently placed by the front entrance, and it means you won’t have to stop and go for a while. The first set of Epcot toilets are to the left as soon as you walk in. Baby change is available in all.


Take Photos In Front of the Epcot Spaceship Earth

No trip to Epcot is complete without having a family photo in front of Spaceship Earth. One of those iconic shots you ‘have’ to do in every park: Cinderella’s Castle, The Tree of Life, Spaceship Earth, and the Tower of Terror.

Attractions in the World Celebration Area

The World Celebration Area doesn’t have any princess themed attractions as such, but there are a few good rides you might want to check out.

Attractions to the right side of the Spaceship Earth ball: 

  • The Seas with Nemo and Friends
  • Living with the Land
  • Soarin’
  • Journey into Imagination with Figment

Attractions to the left side of the Spaceship Earth ball:

  • Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind
  • Mission: SPACE
  • Test Track

Some of these rides will have high wait times as they’re some of the most popular in the park. This is where your Disney Genie + will come in handy. But, if you chose not to pay for the upgrade, then all of them are worth waiting in line for!

Epcot Itinerary for Disney Princess Fans: Breakfast at Epcot

Although Epcot is a foodies paradise, one thing they lack is breakfast options. There are a couple of restaurants and kiosks, however, where you can grab a quick bite before making your way around the World Showcase. 

The first is the Land Cart on the right-hand side of Spaceship Earth. This quick-service kiosk is relatively small and serves up fresh fruit and vegetables, which might just be the perfect amount for your little ones.

Connections cafe Epcot

There is also Epcot’s dedicated Starbucks inside Connections Cafe, just behind Spaceship Earth on the left-hand side. Here you can purchase all your favourite Starbucks drinks, as well as sandwiches, and pastries. 

And finally, if you’re after more of a sit-down meal, then you can head over to the Sunshine Seasons food court to the right of the ball. I will warn you, though, you won’t be eating “breakfast” foods here as they serve their lunch menu from 8:30 am.

With that being said, they do have a few snacks which are suitable for a light morning bite. Alternatively, if you can wait a little to eat, head to Akershus Royal Banquet in Norway as they also serve breakfast. For this one – book in advance. Akerhaus is due to reopen soon, in late 2022!

Toilet Break

Yep, it’s probably time for another toilet break before you set off around the World Celebration section of the park. You can find toilets in the building to the right of the Test Track ride. Here you will also find the baby care centre, which features rooms for mothers to nurse, change, and care for their babies. 

World Celebration

It doesn’t really matter which way you go when you reach the World Celebration area, but I always like to start anti-clockwise, with the first Pavillion being Mexico. Most people tend to naturally turn right towards Canada, but by turning left you will find it a little less crowded first thing.

Mexico Pavilion

The Mexico Pavilion doesn’t have any princess themed rides or any meet and greets, but you can hop on the Gran Fiesta Tour, Starring The Three Caballeros and cruise down the Rio Grande, taking in the wonderful sights of Mexico. It’s a great little indoor boat ride with some dolls reminiscent of ‘It’s a Small World’ and perfect for escaping the heat for a break.

Average wait time: 10 minutes

The Frozen Ever After boat ride is a firm favorite!
The Frozen Ever After boat ride is a firm favorite!

Ride the Frozen Ever After Ride in the Norwegian Pavilion

First up in the Norwegian pavilion is the Frozen Ever After ride. During the ride, you’ll sit in a boat and head through Arendelle to visit the “Winter in Summer” festival. 

This ride has some extremely small drops that may get you wet, but your little ones will love seeing all their favourite Frozen characters. And of course, their favourite part will be singing their hearts out to “Let It Go”.

Average wait time: 60 minutes

Disney Princess Elsa at Epcot
Meet Elsa at Epcot

Meet Anna and Elsa at the Royal Sommerhus in Norway

To carry on with the Frozen magic, you should head over to the Royal Sommerhaus. The cabin was designed to represent a royal retreat cabin that Norweigan royals would typically stay in during the summer months. 

As Anna and Elsa’s family are royalty, it seems only fitting that their meet and greet would be in a cabin like this.  

Average wait time: 25 minutes

I do just want to point out that the character meet and greets typically finish before 4 pm, so if there are any characters you desperately want to meet, make sure you note down their availabilities and head there accordingly. 

Epcot Itinerary for Disney Princess Fans: Lunchtime

Lunch at Akershus Royal Banquet in Norway

Your kiddos are probably hungry by now, and the best princess dining option in the park can be found at the Akershus Royal Banquet.

The Royal Banquet will be a meal that your princess fans will remember for a lifetime. While dining in a medieval castle, your little princes and princesses will get the chance to meet Snow White, Cinderella, Belle, Princess Aurora, and Ariel. A really great place for princess meet and greets out of all the four Disney parks. 

You could also make the Akershus Royal Banquet your first stop when entering Epcot, as they do also serve breakfast.

Lunch Options in the Chinese Pavilion

If you couldn’t manage to book into the Akershus Royal Banquet, then head on over to the Chinese pavilion for both a table service and quick service option.

You can find the quick service option at the Lotus Blossom Cafe where they serve a range of traditional Chinese food that can be ordered and eaten at the cafe’s shaded dining area. 

And, if you’re after a sit-down meal, then the Nine Dragons Restaurant will truly make you feel like you’re dining in China. 

Epcot Itinerary for Disney Princess Fans: After Lunch

Meet Mulan in the Chinese Pavilion Gardens

The only place Mulan is represented in Disney is here at Epcot, so as I’m sure you can imagine, she is a very popular princess meet and greet. You can find Mulan on the right-hand side of the Chinese Pavilion, and be sure to get there 15 to 20 minutes before her scheduled time to secure a place in line. 

Average wait time: 15 minutes

Meet Snow White at the Wishing Well in Germany

Just before you reach the German pavilion, you can find Snow White at the wishing well. She usually appears every hour or so, with the last meet and greet at 3:50 pm.

Average wait time: 15 minutes

Toilet Break

If it’s time for a toilet break, you can find some toilets at the far side of Germany.

Italian, America, and Japanese Pavilions

Now, these three pavilions don’t have any princess related attractions, but they are interesting to walk around. I highly suggest you spend time in each of the Epcot pavilions, trying different snacks and taking in the unique cultures. 

There are also a few mentionable restaurants throughout these pavilions that you can stop into for an afternoon bite. These include:

  • Regal Eagle Smokehouse – American pavilion – Quick service
  • Kabuki Cafe – Japanese pavilion – Quick service
  • Katsura Grill – Japanese pavilion – Quick service
  • Via Napoli Ristorante e Pizzeria – Italian pavilion – Table service
  • Tutto Italia Ristorante – Italian pavilion – Table service
  • Teppan Edo – Japanese pavilion – Table service
  • Tokyo Dining – Japanese pavilion – Table service

Meet Jasmine Across from the Casablanca Carpets in Morocco 

Next up on the Disney princess Epcot itinerary is meeting Jasmine in Casablanca Carpets in Morocco. In my opinion, meeting the princesses in pavilions that represent the countries they’re from makes the experience even more special. 

Average wait time: 15 minutes

Disney Princess Belle at epcot
Belle in the French Pavilion

Meet with Aurora and Belle in the French Pavilion

The French pavilion is home to two princess attractions, the first being a meet and greet with Aurora and Belle. You’ll find the princesses in a gazebo in the pavilion at numerous points throughout the day. But the last meet and greet for Belle and Aurora is at 3:20 pm, so keep that in mind. 

Average wait time: 15 minutes

Beauty and the Beast Sing-Along

The final Disney princess attraction at Epcot is the Beauty and the Beast Sing-Along. If you’re after a break from the sun, then you’re going to love this air-conditioned theatre. In total, the show lasts for 15 minutes and features some of the most well-known songs from the movies.

Average wait time: 10 minutes

Epcot Itinerary for Disney Princess Fans: Dinner at Epcot

As I mentioned previously, the only Disney princess themed meal at Epcot is at the Akershus Royal Banquet Hall, and if you didn’t manage to get in for breakfast or lunch, then you could always head back to the Norweigan pavilion for dinner!

Some other Epcot dinner restaurant alternatives include:

  • Yorkshire County Fish Shop – United Kingdom pavilion – Quick service
  • La Cantina de San Angel – Mexican pavilion – Quick service
  • La Hacienda de San Angel – Mexican pavilion – Table service
  • San Angel Inn Restaurante – Mexican pavilion – Table service
  • Biergarten Restaurant – German pavilion – Table service
  • Chefs de France – French pavilion – Table service
  • Rose & Crown Dining Room – United Kingdom pavilion – Table service
  • Le Cellier Steakhouse – Canadian pavilion – Table service
  • Space 220 Restaurant – World Celebration – Table service

Kill Some Time

By now, you’ve probably completed all of the pavilions, along with the World Celebration section of Epcot. If you’re staying in a Disney hotel, then you could spend an hour or so back at the hotel before making your way to Epcot again for the fireworks at 9 pm.

If you’re choosing to stay in Epcot, then you could kill some time by browsing in the gift shops, heading back to pavilions you may have rushed over, or eating some popular Epcot snacks. 

I did say Epcot was a foodies paradise, and I mean it. There are snack stations throughout the park that have weird and wonderful options for you to try. My family personally loves eating their way through Epcot, so I suggest you give it a try!

Disney Harmonious Firework Display at Epcot
Disney Harmonious Firework Display at Epcot is a journey through cultures and lands – it’s brilliant!

Epcot Itinerary for Disney Princess Fans: Disney Harmonious Firework Display

The firework display at Epcot is magical, and just like Magic Kingdom, the areas surrounding the World Showcase Lagoon get extremely early, so grab a snack and find a spot as early as you can. If you want a quick exit when the show is over, then opt for a spot at the Mexican or Canadian pavilions, as they’re closest to the Epcot entrance and exit. 

Your Epcot Itinerary for Disney Princess Fans is Over!

Once the fireworks are over, that’s a wrap on your Disney princess day at Epcot, and you can head back to your hotel for some much-needed rest. 

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