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Epcot Itinerary for Toddlers and Preschoolers

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If you’re visiting Disney with toddlers, then it helps to have a plan in place. Sure, you could just wing it and see where the wind takes you, but if you want to avoid meltdowns and still see and do everything that interests you, then I highly suggest creating an itinerary. 

Each family is different, and the rides your children will go on will be completely different from the next. But, with that being said, to make your Disney planning that little bit easier, I’ve put together the ultimate Epcot itinerary that focuses only on the attractions suited to toddlers. 

So, if you’re heading to Epcot and you don’t even know where to begin, keep on reading because I’ve done all the hard work for you. 

Epcot for all the family
Epcot for all the family

Disney Genie + 

Disney Genie + is Disney’s new take at their old FastPass service. Essentially you can pay an additional fee of $15 per person, per day, which then allows you to skip the queues of some of Disney’s most popular rides by using the Lightning Lane rather than the Standby Lane. 

Along with this, Disney also released an Individual Lightning Lane service which gives you up to two line skips a day on some of the park’s busiest rides. These rides are NOT Offered through the Disney Genie+ Service.

Genie+ and Individual Lightning Lane Queue Cheat Sheet
Genie+ and Individual Lightning Lane Queue Cheat Sheet

But, the al a carte Individual Lightning Lanes (ILL) service could be feasible as there are a few rides in Epcot with substantial wait times. These rides usually include Frozen Ever After and Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure, but the option of whether you purchase the service is completely up to you. ( Note up til August 8th Frozen Ever After is included in Genie+ and not with ILL)

Kidcot Fun Stop sign at Epcot
Kidcot Fun Stop sign at Epcot

Kidcot Fun Stops

Something my little ones really enjoy doing when visiting Epcot is participating in the Kidcot Fun Stops. 

Each of the 11 pavilions in the World Showcase section of the park has a Kidcot Fun Stop kiosk. As your little ones make their way around each of the pavilions, they can visit the Kidcot Fun Stop kiosk and collect a special travellers card and a sticker from each country. 

Once they have collected all 11 travellers’ cards, they can then receive a special World Showcase postcard from Mickey. 

If your little one wants to participate when you’re visiting Epcot, then they can go up to any of the 11 kiosks and pick up a Ziploc suitcase bag which can then house all of their traveller cards.

Epcot Itinerary for Preschoolers and Toddlers

Arrive at 8:30 AM

Epcot opens at 8:30 AM, most days but sometimes 09:00 and if you want to make the most of your day, then it’s best to head to the park as early as possible. 

Disney Stroller at Epcot
Disney Stroller at Epcot

Rent a Stroller

Once you’ve made your way through the Epcot front gates, I highly suggest you rent a stroller if you hadn’t already brought your own. Strollers in Disney are around $15 for a single and $31 for a double, and trust me, you’ll be so thankful you rented one when you’re halfway around the World Showcase and your little ones are tired.

Take a Photo In Front of the Spaceship Earth Geosphere

Each Disney park has an iconic centre landmark, and of course, Epcot’s is the giant Spaceship Earth Geosphere aka the giant golf ball! 

Ride Spaceship Earth

Once you’ve got the perfect shot, then it’s time to head inside the geosphere. Disney created a very informative educational attraction that’s housed right inside Spaceship Earth.

After jumping in a car, you’ll be taken through time to witness the inventions that gave us the modern technology we know and use today. And then, once you’ve finished looking at the past and how far we’ve come, you will get a chance to interactively design the kind of future you want to live in. 

Average wait time: 10 minutes

Connections Cafe is a Starbucks near the entrance of Epcot
Connections Cafe is a Starbucks near the entrance of Epcot

Grab Breakfast… Or Not

I will say this, Epcot is a foodies paradise… but not when it comes to breakfast. The park majorly lacks breakfast restaurant options, so if you’re staying in a Disney hotel, then I highly suggest grabbing some breakfast before you make your way to Epcot or plan or snacking. 

If you didn’t have time to grab breakfast at the hotel, then you can grab a bit to eat for breakfast at the following restaurants, which are all situated in the World Celebration area: : 

  • The Land – Snacks such as fruit, vegetables, and cheese plates.
  • Sunshine Seasons – Food court with meats, fish, salads, chicken drumsticks and flatbreads. Also meet and greet characters such as Chip and Dale, Mickey, Minnie and Pluto over lunch or dinner.
  • Connections Cafe – Starbucks with sandwiches and pastries is the main option you will pass on entering.
Seabase at Epcot
Seabase at Epcot

Seabase at World Nature

Explore this aquarium and spot turtles, manatees, exotic fish and more and even a Hidden Mickey! It’s home to over 4,000 sea creatures. See the fish feedings at 10:00 and 15.30 daily. It’s also the perfect place to spend some time if it’s a rainy day or you just need a break from the sun.

The Seas with Nemo and Friends

In the World Nature section of the World Celebration area, you can catch a ride on the East Australian Current with Crush and his little dude, Squirt. The slow-moving ride will take you through the waves on a journey to find Nemo. But it isn’t all plain sailing, and you’ll have to dodge jellyfish, anglerfish, mines, and the notorious Bruce the shark. 

Average wait time: 10 minutes

Turtle Talk with Crush

Next to The Seas with Nemo and Friends ride is the Turtle Talk with Crush interactive 3D cinema. You can ask him absolutely anything, from marine biology all the way to his favourite foods and the place he calls home.

Average wait time: 10 minutes


The next building up includes a ride called Soarin. Guests who are over 40 inches tall can hop on an airborne carriage that takes them through some of the world’s wonders – both natural and manmade. You’ll get to see everything from the Swiss Alps and the Sydney Harbour to Mount Kilimanjaro and the Great Wall of China. 

Average wait time: 15 minutes

Journey Into Imagination with Figment

Another educational attraction in Epcot is the Journey Into Imagination with Figment. As you ride along, you’ll learn all about the ways the 5 senses capture the imagination by travelling through a series of whimsical sensory labs. 

Average wait time: 15 minutes

Baby Care Center

Epcot’s baby care centre is located behind the Spaceship Earth Geosphere on the left-hand side. Here you can care for your little ones in quiet rooms that are equipped with microwaves, chairs, and changing facilities. 

Test Track

If your kids are under 40 inches, then you can skip the Test Track ride entirely, but if they like cars and are over 40 inches, then it really is a must. 

Before the actual ride begins, guests get the chance to design their own virtual concept car. Then, once you’re done, you take a 6-seater simulator car for an exhilarating spin on the test track. 

The ride can reach speeds of 65 miles per hour, but there are no drops, spins, or loops, so your little ones are guaranteed to love it. 

Average wait time: 50 minutes

Character Meet and Greets in EPCOTS World Showcase

There are a few meet and greets in the World Showcase section of Epcot, and to make it easier, I’ve listed them all here. This way, you can see which character is going to be where at what time, so you can make your way there accordingly.

  • Meet Anna and Elsa at the Royal Sommerhus in Norway from 9:45 AM to 6:30 PM
  • Meet Mulan in the Chinese Pavilion Gardens at 10 AM, 11:15 AM, and 12:25 PM
  • Meet Jasmine in Morocco at 9:30 AM, 10:45 AM, and 11:55 AM
  • Meet Aurora and Belle in the French Pavilion at 9:30 AM, 10:45 AM, and 11:55 AM
  • Meet Donald Duck in Mexico at 9:30 AM, 9:50 AM, and 10:10 AM
  • Meet Snow White in Germany at 10:00 AM, 11:15 AM, and 12:25 AM
  • Meet Alice in the United Kingdom at 9:00 AM, 10:15 AM, and 11:25 AM


Now that you’ve finished up in the World Celebration section of Epcot, it’s time to hit the World Showcase. The World Showcase features 11 pavilions that each represent a country. The first country on the left-hand side is Mexico, and there is only one ride here that is suitable for young children. 

Gran Fiesta Tour Starring the Three Cabarellos

Hop on a boat and join the Mexican charro rooster and the Brazilian parrot, Jose Carioca, on their mission to find Donald Duck after he disappeared south of the border. Along the way, you’ll also witness some of Mexico’s famous sights and cities, including the Mayan pyramid in Chichen Itza. 

Average wait time: 10 minutes


The next pavilion is Norway which is where you can not only meet Anna and Elsa but also ride the Frozen Ever After ride. 

Elsa frozen ride at EPCOT
Such a fun ride!

Frozen Ever After

I haven’t yet met a child who doesn’t like Frozen, so of course, when you’re visiting the Norweigan pavilion, you have to voyage to Arendelle on an ancient Nordic vessel while listening to some of the movie’s classic hits. 

Average wait time: 30 minutes

China, Germany, Italy, America, Japan, and Morroco

These 6 pavilions don’t have any special attractions for toddlers, but they are all extremely beautiful, so you definitely spend some time taking in the amazing theming before making your way over to France. 


France has two attractions for little ones. The first is Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure, and the second is the Beauty and the Beast Sing-Along.

Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure

Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure is one of the park’s newest rides and is suitable for children of all ages. Upon entering the ride, you join chef Remy on a 4D adventure zipping, dashing, and scurrying your way through the bustling kitchen, dining room, and walls of Gusteau’s Paris restaurant. 

Average wait time: 60 minutes

Beauty and the Beast Sing-Along

The Beauty and the Beast Sing-Along plays continuously until 6 PM and lasts for around 15 minutes. During the show, you’ll sing along with the cast of Beauty and the Beast to some of the movie’s most known songs. 

Average wait time: 15 minutes

The United Kingdom and Canada

The United Kingdom and Canada are two more pavilions with no attractions for kids, but they’re definitely worth checking out as you’re making your way around the World Showcase. 

Harmonious Fireworks at 9 PM

If you’ve been able to make it to 9 PM, then find a spot around the World Showcase lagoon to watch the Harmonious firework display. The show lasts for around 12 minutes, and I suggest pitching a spot in the Canadian or Mexican pavilions if you want to make a dash for the exit after the show is finished. 

Restaurants in World Showcase Epcot

I purposefully left the restaurants in Epcot until last because it really all depends on what types of foods your children will eat. I’ve gone into more detail about all the restaurants in Epcot over on The Best Epcot Restaurants for Families, but I thought I’d summarise them briefly here too. 


  • La Cantina de San Angel – Quick service restaurant serving tacos, nachos, and empanadas.
  • La Hacienda de San Angel – Table service restaurant serving tacos, chilli, and chicken.
  • San Angel Inn Restaurante – Table service restaurant serving enchiladas, tacos, and huarache.


  • Lotus Blossom Café – Quick service restaurant serving Chinese orange chicken, Mongolian beef, and chicken fried rice. 
  • Nine Dragons Restaurant – Table service restaurant serving fried rice, honey sesame chicken, salt and pepper shrimp.


  • Biergarten Restaurant – Table service restaurant serving schnitzel, rotisserie chicken, and traditional sausages. 


  • Via Napoli Ristorante e Pizzeria – Table service restaurant serving pizzas, pastas, and salads.
  • Tutto Italia Ristorante – Table service restaurant serving pasta, fish, or NY strip steak.


  • Regal Eagle Smokehouse – Quick service restaurant serving ribs, burgers, and smoked pork. 


  • Kabuki Cafe – Quick service restaurant serving grab-and-go sushi. 
  • Katsura Grill – Quick service restaurant serving sushi, ramen, and udon. 
  • Teppan Edo – Table service restaurant serving steaks, salmon, shrimp, and vegetables. 
  • Tokyo Dining – Table service restaurant serving sushi. 


  • Crêpes À Emporter by La Crêperie de Paris – Quick service restaurant serving crepes.
  • Les Halles Boulangerie-Patisserie – Quick service restaurant serving sandwiches and croissants. 
  • Chefs de France – Table service restaurant serving braised beef, ratatouille, and salmon.

United Kingdom

  • Yorkshire County Fish Shop –  Quick service restaurant serving fish and chips.
  • Rose & Crown Dining Room – Table service restaurant serving fish and chips, shepherds pie, and bangers and mash. 


  • Refreshment Port –  Quick service restaurant serving chicken nuggets and poutine. 
  • Le Cellier Steakhouse – Signature table service restaurant serving steaks and seafood.


Akerhaus Royal Banquet (currently unavailable)

Meet and Greet Disney Princesses inside a medieval castle for breakfast, lunch or dinner with a Taste Of Norway for lunch and dinner. Expect traditional favourites of pizza and pasta and also a choice of Scandinavian food, cheeses, meats, meatballs and more. Princesses include Snow White, Cinderella, Belle, Princess Aurora, and Ariel.

see characters at the Garden Grill Restaurant in Epcot
See characters at the Garden Grill Restaurant in Epcot

The Land 

  • Sunshine Seasons – Quick service restaurant serving fish, curries, flatbreads, and chicken drumsticks. 
  • Garden Grill Restaurant – Table service restaurant open for lunch and dinner serving salads, turkey breast, and grilled beef and character meet and greets! See Chip and Dale, Mickey, Minnie and Pluto

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