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Everything You Need to Know About Disney Mini Golf

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You may be aware of Disney golf courses since the PGA tour used to swing by the House of Mouse, but did you know Disney has the best mini golf in Orlando? Walt Disney World mini golf, short for miniature golf or, as some call it, putt putt, includes both whimsical and crazy golf options, with 4 total courses at two locations.

Effectively, putt putt golf is a shrunken down version of regular golf where you only use a putter and must navigate various obstacles to putt your ball into the hole.

Disney mini golf is a great way to spend time on a more relaxed day during your Disney World vacation and is even included in your ticket if you purchased the “Water parks and more” option (though you may be limited to earlier in the day). For UK visitors on the 14 days for 7 tickets, mini golf is also included after 4pm.

If you have time to spare during your vacation, taking a day off from the parks to visit some Disney resorts, Disney Springs, and a Disney miniature golf is a perfect way to relax and slow down. The following contains information on both Disney putt putt locations so you’re prepared for your visit!

Everything You Need to Know About Disney Mini Golf

Fantasia Gardens Mini Golf

Fantasia Mini golf in Orlando is located between Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Epcot parks. It is within walking distance of Epcot’s boardwalk area next to the new Swann Reserve resort. If you want to visit from Epcot, you can walk down the boardwalk, past the Swann and Dolphin resorts, and cross the street to arrive at the area.

The whole trip will take about 20 minutes. You can also hop on a Friendship Boat to the resorts and then have a shorter walk!

If you’re looking to visit from Hollywood Studios, there is a path that connects the park to the Boardwalk area – but know that it is quite a long walk that can take about 30 minutes!

You can also take a bus to the Swan or Dolphin resorts and take a short walk from there. If you’re driving, just follow signs to the Swan and Dolphin resorts, and you’ll see the course!

Fantasia Gardens features two distinct 18-hole options to choose from – the Gardens course and the Fairways Course.

The Gardens course features whimsical holes themed to Disney’s animated classic Fantasia and includes many holes with interesting effects and music.

On the last hole of your Fantasia mini golf experience, you’ll send your ball swirling down the same whirlpool Mickey does in the movie!

The Fairways course, on the other hand, is one of the craziest and most challenging mini-golf experiences in the country. The whole course is themed after an entirely real golf course, complete with sand traps, water hazards, and all sorts of elevation differences which make the course very difficult.

It includes holes from par 3 to par 5! I highly recommend the Fairways course, but keep in mind that children may be frustrated by the difficulty of the course, and competitive adults may get carried away too!

If you visit in the evening, I highly recommend walking back to the boardwalk for dinner, entertainment, and to watch some of the Epcot HarmoniUS fireworks show. There are plenty of great restaurants, bars, and gift shops to visit around the boardwalk, so be sure to make use of this beautiful area!

Fantasia Gardens features a building with restrooms and a small gift shop, so you don’t need to worry about what to pack. You can purchase snacks, drinks, sunscreen, diapers, or apparel on site! A round on the course costs $14 per adult or $12 for kids 9 or younger.

Winter Summerland Mini Golf

Disney’s Winter Summerland mini golf is located right next to Blizzard beach water park and is fairly close to Animal Kingdom Park. To get there, simply follow the signs or take a bus to the water park. Even if Blizzard Beach is closed, the mini golf is still open and accessible!

Winter Summerland also has 2 courses to choose from, one themed after summer and one themed after the winter. In both cases, Santa Claus can be found along the course!

Both are extremely similar in style and difficulty, with fun obstacles to overcome while you putt your ball into the hole. Both experiences lead up to a couple of final holes with lots of moving parts that are very magical! Most of the holes on each course are par 3, so it is generally a bit easier and more similar to other non-Disney putt putt courses. Again, the cost is $14 per adult and $12 for kids 9 and under.

Additional Information About the Disney Golf

  • Do you have to pay to park for Disney mini-golf? No! Parking is free at both courses. At Fantasia Gardens, you’ll drive past the Swann Reserve resort and have a ticket printed which you can feed back into the machine when you’re leaving so you don’t get charged for the parking.
  • How long does mini-golf take at Disney World? Depending on how fast you play, it usually takes about an hour to go through the course. Courses are often busier at nighttime and sometimes get backed up, which could take more time.
  • Can you get food and drink at the mini golf? Yes! Both courses have snacks, drinks, and toilets.
  • Can you rent strollers? Unfortunately, there are no stroller rentals at the mini golf courses.
  • Are there other Orlando mini-golf options? Yes, Universal has a course at Citywalk and there are plenty around US 192 and 535 if you’re staying off Disney property. Pirates Cove Mini Golf is a great option and there are other themed mini golf options in Orlando too.

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