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Everything you need to know about visiting Disney World in July

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As schools break up for summer, it probably comes as no surprise that Disney World gets extremely busy throughout July. 

Obviously, no one wants to wait in line for more time than they have to. And large crowds aren’t ideal—especially with young kids in tow.

Everything you need to know about visiting Disney World in July

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But for most families, school holidays/ school breaks are the only time when they can take their kids on a trip. And don’t worry, even if you can expect larger crowds and longer wait times, you’ll still have a memorable and amazing holiday/vacation in the most magical place on Earth. 

Over the years, I’ve been lucky enough to visit the parks in various months throughout the year. But with two young kids myself, school breaks are usually the time we pack our Minnie Mouse ears and jet off to Orlando. 

With our Walt Disney World experience—and experience with the parks in general—I’ve put together some tips, tricks, and important information that will help you prepare for your time in the parks throughout the month of July. 

The Average temperature in Orlando in July

The average temperature in Orlando in July ranges from highs of 33°C (91°F) to lows of 24°C (75°F).

July is one of the hottest—and most uncomfortable—months of the year in Orlando. So you can expect high humidity and blazing sun from the moment you step into the parks. 

Despite the scorching weather (don’t forget to pack extra suncream and a mist fan, July is also one of the wettest months, with high chances of afternoon showers that can last anywhere from 20 minutes to the entire afternoon. 

In terms of hurricanes—which is something Brits normally don’t have to think about—there are chances of hurricanes and tropical storms in the state during July.

Since 1985, however, the Disney World parks have never had to close due to a hurricane in July. So if a hurricane does occur, it’s likely that it will only bring with it bad weather.

How busy is Disney World in July?

Disney World in July is busy, but it isn’t the busiest month of the year—December takes that title.

Although July is part of summer break for American schools and many international schools, the heat and unpredictable weather put a lot of people off visiting the parks in July. 

The busiest weekend of the month, however, is around the 4th of July, when America celebrates their Independence Day (for non USA readers of the site). With special fireworks that take place in the park, combined with the public holiday, crowds are particularly large for the first weekend, but they lessen as the month goes on. 

For the most part, you can expect moderate to heavy crowds throughout July. But not to worry, with expanded capacity at attractions and longer park days, you should still be able to tick all attractions off of your Disney World bucket list. 

Special events at Disney World in July

No month is the same in Walt Disney World. With special events that take place in all four seasons, you can have an entirely different experience from one month to the next. July, in particular, has some incredible events throughout the entirety of the month.

From the International Flower and Garden Festival in EPCOT to after-hour events in Typhoon Lagoon, there is a lot to look forward to if you’re holidaying in Disney World in July. 

Fourth of July Fireworks

One of the biggest events to come to Disney World in July is firework displays in EPCOT and Magic Kingdom to celebrate America’s independence. 

Of course, Magic Kingdom and EPCOT have fireworks every evening. But Disney’s Celebrate America! A Fourth of July Concert in the Sky is one not to be missed. 

As the Fourth of July fireworks take place in Magic Kingdom on the 3rd and 4th of July, and EPCOT on the 4th of July only, I highly recommend heading to Magic Kingdom on the 3rd and EPCOT on the 4th so you can watch both displays during your trip. 

In addition to the fireworks displays, the Fourth of July also brings with it limited edition treats and snacks to all of the Disney parks. So keep your eye out and celebrate America in the best way—with food. 

EPCOT Flower festival Mickey and Minnie

EPCOT International Flower and Garden Festival

Although the International Flower and Garden Festival comes to an end on July 5th, that still gives you five days at the start of the month to enjoy all of the topiaries, displays, exhibits, snacks, and performances. 

There really is no prettier time to be in EPCOT as The International Flower and Garden Festival completely transforms the park into a flower-lovers paradise. And even if you don’t have a green thumb, you can still appreciate the beautiful displays—and limited edition snacks—while strolling through the park between attractions.

EPCOT International Food and Wine Festival

When one festival comes to an end in EPCOT, another begins. And this time, it’s probably the park’s biggest and most popular festival, the International Food and Wine Festival. 

EPCOT on a regular day is a foodie’s dream. But when the International Food and Wine Festival takes place, the park really steps it up a notch.

As the name suggests, the festival brings with it limited-edition food and beverages to all of the World Showcase pavilions. As well as performances and activities for all ages to get involved with. 

And when I say you can put yourself into a serious food coma during the Food and Wine Festival, I mean it. Because I’ve done it. With dishes from all around the world, it’s hard not to get carried away.

Because really, aside from at EPCOT, where can you eat African, Mexican, Asian, French, German, Italian, and Greek food all in one place? 

Early Entry for Disney Resort Guests

Disney World guests who are also staying in a Disney World hotel get the added benefit of an additional 30 minutes in the parks every morning. And although 30 minutes doesn’t seem like much, it can really make a huge difference. 

Of course, one of the biggest benefits of this time in the parks is that you can get on some of the attractions with little to no queue. Most will head for the most popular rides in each park where queues will be longer.

But if rides aren’t your thing, you can also spend this time taking photos without crowds of people in the background or just enjoying the theming and atmosphere of the parks in the early morning. 

I’ve stayed both on-site and off-site when visiting Disney World. And I can honestly say the extra 30 minutes in the morning are extremely valuable and a major perk of staying in a Disney resort where you have the added advantage of chance to purchase Individual Lightning Lanes.

Extra Park Hours for Deluxe Resort Guests

For guests who are staying in a Deluxe Resort, then once a week, you also get the benefit of an extra two hours in either Magic Kingdom or EPCOT (depending on the week) after the park closes. 

To find out which park qualifies for your date, you can check the Walt Disney World website. Or ask reception when you check in to your hotel. 

As EPCOT or Magic Kingdom is only open for Deluxe Resort guests, wait times will be the lowest you’ll ever see them. So make use of this time and use it wisely! 

If you have to, give the kids an afternoon nap and head to the park in the early evening. So that way you smash out all of your must-do rides in one go. If kids can’t stay up late in Disney, then when can they?

Disney H2O Glow After Hours at Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon

One of two extra ticketed events that take place in July is Disney H2O Glow After Hours at Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon. On select nights from May through to September, guests can purchase limited-capacity tickets to enter Typhoon Lagoon after hours.

From 8:00 PM to 10:00 PM—with the option to enter the parks from 6:00 PM onwards—guests can enjoy the wave pool, water slides, and raft rides, as well as free snacks and a DJ who brings the party to life. 

Disney After Hours at EPCOT

The second after-hours event is held at EPCOT from June through to August. The limited-capacity tickets for this event get you in the park with very few people from 10:00 PM to 1:00 AM—however, doors open from 7:00 PM onwards. 

The EPCOT’s after-hours event—which still has tickets available for 2023—will mean that you can ride EPCOT’s busiest rides like Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind, Frozen Ever After, and Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure in 20 minutes or less. And in addition to the extremely short wait times, your ticket also includes free, tasty snacks and meet and greets with some of your favourite Disney characters

What to wear to Disney World in July

As temperatures reach 33°C, you’ll want to dress in warm-weather clothing, with lightweight T-shirts, shorts, and dresses being your safest bet.

Even as the sun sets, the temperature in Orlando in July is comfortable, meaning you won’t even need a jumper or a jacket if you’re staying in the parks to watch the fireworks. 

Something I do suggest taking along with you, however, is a poncho or a rain mac. As rain is likely in July—and when it rains in Orlando, it pours—you don’t want to be stuck without protection from the rain. Unless you like being soaked from head to toe, that is. 

To complete your outfit, wear your most comfortable shoes—ones you don’t mind getting wet. You’ll be walking thousands of steps while visiting Disney. So trust me when I say always choose comfort over style when it comes to Walt Disney World footwear. 

What should I pack for Disney in July?

On top of your warm-weather clothing, there are a few other essentials that you should pack that’ll come in handy during your time at Walt Disney World.  Don’t forget these Disney Packing Essentials either!

Add the following to your Disney packing list

  • Warm weather clothing – loose, moisture wicking, cotton, linen etc.
  • Comfortable shoes
  • A sunhat
  • Sunglasses
  • Flip flops for days in the water parks or around the pool
  • Swimwear
  • A poncho, raincoat, or umbrella
  • Cooling towels
  • Mist fan,
  • Suncream and regular toiletries
  • Blanket for tucking little ones into their strollers
  • Backpack

Tips for visiting Disney World in July

I’ve learnt the hard way how to make Disney World trips more enjoyable, manageable, and efficient. But luckily for you, I’m not going to keep my Disney World Tips and Tricks a secret. 

Visit the Water Parks Early in the Morning or Late in the Afternoon

One of my first tips is to visit Typhoon Lagoon or Blizzard Beach early in the morning or late in the afternoon. As July is one of the hottest months of the year, both Disney water parks are extremely busy during the hottest part of the day as everyone wants to cool off.

What better place to do that than Typhoon Lagoon or Blizzard Beach, right? By heading to the parks as soon as they open or after 4:00 PM, you can expect much shorter wait times, smaller crowds, and more pleasant temperatures. 

Pack a Poncho or an Umbrella

You can expect it to rain at least one day during your July Walt Disney World holiday. So be sure to pack a poncho or an umbrella so you don’t have to pay extortionate Disney World prices. 

Even if the skies are blue and the sun is shining when you head to the parks, storms can roll in quickly. And trust me, you don’t want to be outside without some form of rain protection. 

Rent or Take a Stroller

Taking a stroller to Disney World with you may seem like a faff. But they actually come in incredibly handy—even if your kids are well above the stroller-needing age. 

After a few hours of walking around the parks, your kid’s legs are going to get tired. And if you don’t want to hear complaints and tantrums, then having a stroller on hand can really save the day.

On top of tantrum prevention, strollers are great for carrying belongings and merchandise while also doubling up as a shaded area for kids when you’re walking around the parks. 

If you do plan on taking your own stroller to Disney World, ensure that it is smaller than 31” (79 cm) in width and 52” (132cm) in length; otherwise, you won’t be allowed to take it in. You should also pack your stroller’s rain cover in case a storm does roll in. 

Alternatively, you can rent a stroller from Disney for $18 for a single and $36 for a double—plus tax. Or you can head to Kingdom Strollers. And rent a stroller which gets dropped off at your Disney hotel, off-site hotel, or vacation home.

If you are thinking about taking your own stroller to Disney, check out What is the Best Stroller for Disney?

Pack Your Own Snacks

Similar to how people think you can’t take your own snacks into the cinema, many people believe that Disney doesn’t allow outside food and drink into the parks.

However, that is completely wrong. And you can take your own water, sodas, and snacks into the parks if you’d prefer.

Although Disney snacks and drinks are amazing, the prices of them quickly add up. And if you don’t want to be paying $3.50 for a single bottle of water, I suggest you take your own bottle to refill throughout the day.

I now always pack a refillable water bottle which we can fill up at refill stations or drink kiosks all around the parks. Not only are we saving money by doing so. But we’re also lessening our effect on the environment, so it really is a win-win.

If you’re stuck on what snacks to take into the parks, go over to Best Snacks to Bring to Disney World for some ideas. 

Schedule Naps for the Middle of the Day

With the summer temperatures and the possibility of rain, like to take my family back to the hotel during the hottest part of the day. Standing and walking around in 33°C heat is not ideal with little ones.

So, when the sun does reach its highest point, make your way back to your hotel to swim, nap, and recharge before an evening back in the parks. 

Ride Attractions with Indoor Queues in the Middle of the Day

For families with slightly older children who’d prefer to stay in the parks, then schedule rides and attractions with indoor queues for the middle of the day, so that way, you’re out of the sun and in air conditioning. 

There are so many rides throughout Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Animal Kingdom, and Hollywood Studios with indoor queues. And by saving these for the hottest part of the day, you’re maximising your time in the parks while protecting yourself from the sun.  

Disney Genie+ and Lightning Lanes

Crowds are fairly large in July, so investing in Disney Genie+ and Lightning Lanes could be highly beneficial to your family. Disney Genie+ can help you ride the majority of the biggest rides at Disney by cutting down ride wait times significantly.

However, with that being said, Disney Genie+ isn’t the be-all and end-all of Disney. And you can still get a lot done without it. 

For more information on the service, head over to An Easy Guide to Using Disney Genie +.

Genie+ and Individual Lightning Lane Queue Cheat Sheet
Genie+ and Individual Lightning Lane Queue Cheat Sheet

Download the Disney World App

The Disney World app is a handy tool. And if you haven’t already downloaded it to your phone, then you definitely should. With so many features, including an interactive map, dining reservations, virtual queues, and ride wait times, you have all the information you need all in one place. 

Book Dining Reservations 60 Days in Advance

If you didn’t already know, you can book your Disney dining reservations 60 days before your trip. Many of the most popular restaurants, like Cinderella’s Royal Table, Be Our Guest, and Space 220, book out incredibly fast, so you really need to be on the ball if you want to secure yourself a table.

Typically, Disney dining reservations become available at 6:00 AM (EDT) 60 days before your chosen date. So have your laptop and phone ready with a list of your chosen restaurants. 

If you don’t happen to get a table 60 days before, keep checking the Walt Disney World app under check dining availability. Often people cancel tables, so you could still get a reservation even when you’re already in the parks. 


How busy is Orlando in July? 

The first weekend of July is extremely busy in Orlando due to the Fourth of July holiday. After the crowds of that weekend die down. However, Orlando sees moderate to heavy crowds thanks to schools breaking up for summer holidays. 

What to wear to Disney in July? 

As temperatures reach 33°C (91°F) in July, you’ll want to wear shorts, T-shirts, and dresses to Disney World. You will also want to take a rain jacket or poncho, as rain showers are likely throughout the entirety of the month. 

Are Disney parks busy in July? 

Disney parks are busy in July—especially during the first weekend as the parks celebrate the fourth of July. After the Fourth of July weekend, however, you can expect moderate to heavy crowds as schools are closed for summer. 

Is Disney World worth it in July?

Despite the hot temperatures, chances of rain, and large crowds, Disney World is worth it in July—and every other month of the year.

With so many events like the International Flower and Garden Festival, the International Food and Wine Festival, after-hours events, and Fourth of July fireworks, July is a great time for families to visit the parks—especially as the summer holidays may be the only time they can head off on holiday. 

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