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Everything you need to know about visiting Disney World in March

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Every month of the year at Walt Disney World—including March— is magical for its own reason. From the International Flower and Garden Festival in EPCOT to Disney After Hour Events in Disney’s Hollywood Studios, there are so many great events in March that will elevate your Disney holiday to the next level.

Planning a Disney World holiday isn’t as simple as just booking tickets and accommodation. And if this is your first time visiting the parks, then you may feel slightly overwhelmed with deciding which month of the year is best for you—I know I was. 

Everything you need to know about visiting Disney World in March

All months have their perks and their drawbacks. And which month will suit one family will be entirely different from the next. But with that being said, if your family wants to see one of EPCOT’s best festivals, and prefers slightly cooler temperatures, then March could be the month for you.

To help you make an informed decision before booking, I’ve put together everything you need to know about visiting Disney World in March, including tips, weather forecasts, and crowd expectancy. 

The Average temperature in Orlando in March

The average temperature in Orlando in March ranges from highs of 26°C (78°F) to lows of 14°C (57°F).

In my opinion, temperatures in Orlando and Disney World in March are quite possibly some of their best. It’s warm enough that you can probably skip a jacket—especially during the daytime. But cool enough that you aren’t sweating to death whilst waiting in line or walking between attractions. 

How busy is Disney World in March?

Disney World is extremely busy in March as the Spring Break school holiday kicks off—typically in the second week of the month.

Although the last three weeks of March do see large crowds in the park, the first week is actually relatively quiet and an excellent time to visit if you’re after a more relaxing time on Walt Disney World property. 

Easter—if it were to fall in March—can also bring with it more significant crowds. So that’s definitely something to keep in mind when booking. 

Special events at Disney World in March

Disney putting on special events in each month of the year really gives park-goers an entirely different experience from one month to the next. I’ve been lucky enough to attend many of the festivals and holiday seasons at Disney. And I can honestly say they transform the parks to be even more magical than usual—if that’s even possible. 

EPCOT International Flower and Garden Festival

One of the biggest special events that take place in March is the International Flower and Garden Festival in EPCOT.

Usually kicking off on the very first day of the month, all the way through to July, the Flower and Garden Festival brings with it topiary displays, exhibits and gardens, as well as entertainment and limited edition snacks in all of the World Showcase pavilions. 

Disney After Hours at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

An extra ticketed event that Disney puts on in March is what they like to call Disney After Hours at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. On select nights, guests can purchase tickets to the limited-capacity three-hour event to enjoy Disney’s Hollywood Studios from 9:30 PM to 12:30 AM. 

Although the event doesn’t start until 9:30 PM, ticket holders can enter the park from 7:00 PM to get a head start on the nighttime fun. And with low ride wait times, snacks included in the ticket price, and meet and greets with Disney characters, it probably comes as no surprise that these events sell out fast. 

Extra Park Hours for Deluxe Resort Guests

Guests staying in any of the Disney Deluxe Resorts get the added benefit of extra park hours on select nights. You can check the Walt Disney World website to see which parks qualify for extra hours for your specific dates. Or you can ask at your hotel reception upon checking in.

Extra park hours usually give you an additional two hours in EPCOT or Magic Kingdom, meaning you can ride some of Disney’s biggest and most popular rides with little to no wait times. On top of that, Deluxe Resort guests can join virtual queues for Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind and TRON Lightcycle from 6 PM on extended evening hour dates. 

Early Park Entry

In addition to extra park hours in the evenings for Deluxe Resort guests, all guests staying on Disney property—from value to deluxe—can make use of early park entry to all four of the Disney World parks. 

Depending on the time of year, Disney Resort guests can enter the parks 30 to 60 minutes before the park officially opens to ride some of the most popular rides and enjoy the parks at their quietest.

Whenever my family stays on-site at Disney World, I always make sure we utilize these extra minutes in the parks. We have been able to ride some of the most popular rides during early park entry.

We’ve also taken photos in front of the castle without strangers in the background. And leisurely strolled through the parks without feeling like sardines. 

Easter Displays

Occasionally, the Easter holiday will take place in March. And with that comes Easter displays in the parks and in Disney Resorts.

Unlike Halloween and Christmas, Disney doesn’t go overboard with Easter. However, you can enjoy special meet and greets, egg hunts, and limited edition treats and merchandise. 

What to wear to Disney World in March

As the months go on, Orlando begins to warm up. And with highs of 26°C (78°F) you can feel confident packing your favourite shorts, T-shirts, and summer dresses.

In the evening and early mornings, however, you may need an additional jumper or jacket, as well as long pants, if you tend to feel the cold. I always like to pack a variety of cool and warm clothing when I travel to Disney World. It’s better to be prepared and not need it than to need it and not have it, after all.

Along with your clothing, it is crucial that you pack comfortable shoes that you can literally walk miles in. It isn’t uncommon to clock in over 20,000 steps a day while walking around the parks.

Trust me, you’ll be so thankful that you packed your most comfortable walking shoes—especially a few days into your trip. 

What should I pack for Disney in March?

Packing is one of my favourite parts of any type of holiday. And even more so with a Disney holiday as you get to pack your suitcase full of all your fun Disney-themed clothing items. Don’t forget these Disney Packing Essentials either!

For those holidaying at Walt Disney World in March, you’ll need T-shirts, shorts, dresses, a jacket, and long pants. You will also want to pack the following as I’ve found they’ve all come in handy during our Disney trips: 

  • Comfortable shoes
  • A sunhat
  • Sunglasses
  • Socks and underwear
  • Flip flops for days in the water parks or around the pool
  • Swimwear
  • A poncho or a raincoat
  • Towel
  • Blanket for tucking little ones into their strollers
  • Backpack

Tips for visiting Disney World in March

After visiting Walt Disney World as many times as I have, you begin to pick up handy Disney World tips and tricks along the way. With insights on how to save money and how to navigate the parks to Genie+ and dining reservations, these tips will help your holiday run as smoothly as possible. 

Genie+ and Individual Lightning Lane Queue Cheat Sheet
Genie+ and Individual Lightning Lane Queue Cheat Sheet

Pack Your Own Water and Snacks

During my first visit to Disney, I bought all my drinks and snacks in the parks. It’s a common misconception that you can’t take in your own water and snacks—something I fell for. But you can and you definitely should because you will end up saving a heap of money.

One bottle of water in the parks is around $3.50. And if an adult drinks the recommended 3 litres a day, you’re looking at roughly $17.50 on just water for one person—plus tax!

I’ve found that it’s best to take your own refillable water bottle and refill it at water bottle stations. Or you ask cast members at kiosks with drink foundations to fill it up for you. 

Alternatively, you can make a trip to Target or Walmart—which should be on your itinerary regardless of whether you need water—to pick up a pack of water for the same price as one bottle in Disney. Then, once the waters have run out, refill the bottles and reuse them until your holiday comes to an end. 

For a list of the best snacks to take to Disney, check out, The Best Snacks to Bring to Disney.

Take or Rent a Stroller

After the age of 3 or 4, kids don’t really need to use a stroller in their day-to-day life. But the same isn’t true at Disney.

The Disney parks are massive, and even adults struggle to walk around all day, especially in the Florida heat. So, for this reason, we always rent or take our own stroller to Disney. Not only does having a stroller mean your kids can take a break whenever they need. But it also doubles up as a caddy for all your belongings and merchandise—a god’s send when you go overboard in the Disney shops.

You can rent a double or a single hard shell plastic stroller from Disney. Singles cost $18 and doubles $36. Alternatively, you can take along your own stroller. However, it has to be smaller than 31” (79 cm) in width and 52” (132cm) in length.

I also wrote an in-depth article about the best strollers for Disney World if you’re looking to purchase one for your trip. 

Download the Disney World App

In recent years Disney came out with their own app, which has a ton of features that are useful for your time in the parks. From an interactive map and ride wait times to virtual queues and mobile food orders, the Disney app is there to make your life easier. And if you haven’t already, you should definitely download it. 

Spend a few minutes before your trip navigating the app to see all its features and learn how everything works. That way, when you’re in the parks, there’ll be no confusion. And you’ll have everything you need all in one place.

Make Use of Genie+ and Lightning Lanes

Genie+ and Lightning Lanes aren’t for everyone, especially if you aren’t bothered about going on the big rides. However, these features, which allow you to pay to cut the queue, can really shave an hour or so off of wait times for the park’s busiest attractions.

The price of Genie+ and Lightning Lanes changes every day depending on how busy the park is. So it will really come down to whether you think the price is worth it. For more information on Genie+ and Lightning Lanes, check out An Easy Guide to Using Disney Genie+.

Book Dining Reservations 60 Days in Advance

It’s crazy how fast dining reservations get reserved. And if you aren’t on the ball 60 days prior to your holiday, you could miss out on dining in in sit-down restaurants altogether.

There are some dining reservations—especially character dining—like Cinderella’s Royal Table that become fully booked in seconds. 

So, if you have a few popular restaurants on your must-do Disney World restaurant bucket list, be ready and waiting at 6:00 AM (EDT) 60 days before your holiday. It also helps to have a few members of your party book restaurants with you to up your chances of securing a table at a few of your chosen restaurants.


How busy is Orlando in March?

Orlando in March is extremely busy as most schools are off on spring break. The first week of March is somewhat quiet. However, from the second week of the month all the way to April, crowds will be some of their busiest.

What to wear to Disney in March?

Disney is a comfortable 26°C (78°F) during the daytime in March, which is warm enough for T-shirts, shorts, and summer dresses. Of an evening or early morning, however, you may need a jacket or long pants, so be sure to pack accordingly to avoid being cold when the sun goes down. 

Are Disney parks busy in March?

The first week in March isn’t overly busy in Disney. However, in the second week, once schools break up for spring break, the parks see larger crowds and higher ride wait times. 

Is Disney World worth it in March?

Yes, Disney World is worth it in March if you plan your holiday for the first week of the month. The first week of March is quiet in the parks. And with temperatures of 26°C (78°F), you’ll have nice warm weather that isn’t unmanageable.

The last three weeks of March, on the other hand, can get extremely busy at Disney as schools break up for spring break and families flock to Orlando. 

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