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Everything You Need to Know About Visiting Legoland Florida

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Florida isn’t all just Mickey Mouse, Disney Princesses and Harry Potter; it’s also home to the largest Legoland in the world. Legoland Florida sits on 150 acres and is an incredible day out for Lego lovers and kids!

In this article, I’m going to debunk everything there is to know about Legoland Florida, from the rides and hotels nearby to insider tips and discount tickets. 

So, if you’re heading to Florida and are thinking about making the trip down to Winter Haven and immersing yourself in Lego, keep on reading!

Everything You Need to Know About Visiting Legoland Florida

Legoland sits on the old Cypress Gardens site, with the stunning botanical gardens still in situ. It is a purpose built theme park designed for kids aged 12 and under, with rides ranging from gentle to adventurous. There are no upside down or super speedy rollercoasters like in other theme parks – it is however, a great theme park for those with younger family members. Dotted around are lots of other activities too, like a rock climbing and tunnel wall, splash pads and numerous photo ops with giant Lego characters. Many of the popular rides have puzzles and boredom buster activities whilst you wait – making the time pass by quicker on busier days.

Attached to the park is Legoland Florida Water Park (an additional ticket is needed, more information below) which is a great way to end the day or cool off in the middle of a hot day. Next door, just a few steps away is the brand new Peppa Pig Theme Park.

Legoland Florida Park Hours

When visiting Legoland Florida, it’s best to head online to their official website and input the dates you plan on visiting as the Legoland Florida park hours change weekly. Opening time remains the same at 10 am, but the park’s closing time varies from 5 pm – 7 pm. 

Normal park hours are 10 am – 5 pm, but as I mentioned before, this varies. 

Legoland Florida Tips

If it’s your first time visiting Legoland Florida, then here are some insider tips for Legoland Florida to help make your days at the park even more enjoyable!

  • Download the Legoland app – The app shows you everything from ride wait times and height restrictions to a map that’ll help you navigate the park. There is so much to see
  • Avoid wait times by heading to the farthest rides – Many people will start off with the rides closest as at the time that makes the most sense. However, if you head all the way to the back of the park and work your way backwards, you’ll hopefully beat the queues and manage to ride on all the rides you want that day. 
  • Look out for things to do besides the rides, like rock climbing!
  • Bring your own food and drink – It’s no secret that amusement park food and drink is overpriced, but thankfully Legoland lets you bring your own! I recommended packing a cooler with snacks, sandwiches, drinks, and anything else you could possibly need and heading over to Cypress Gardens to sit in the shade and enjoy a quiet and budget-friendly lunch. 
  • Bring a spare pair of clothes – As there is a splash area in Legoland, it’s best to pack an extra pair of clothes or a swimsuit as trust me, your little ones will want to be a part of all the fun!
  • Bring a Lego figure to trade! with the Legoland staff aka Model citizens!
  • Be prepared for LOTS of the Lego sets at the Big Shop – they have an amazing selection! Arrange for parcels to be sent to the entrance to pick up on your way out.
  • You can hire stroller if needed – single or double.
legoland strollers
Legoland Stroller are available to rent

How to Get to Legoland Florida from Disney, Universal, and International Drive

Legoland, Florida, is roughly a 45-minute drive away from Disney, Universal, and International Drive. As many people begin their holidays in these areas, I thought I should highlight how to get to Winter Haven and Legoland, Florida. 

From Orlando to Legoland, Florida:

  • Take I-4 WEST to exit 55 (US Hwy 27 South)
  • Turn right off U.S. Highway 27 at State Road 540/Cypress Gardens Boulevard. 
  • The Legoland Park is four miles on the left.

Parking at Legoland Florida

If you’re taking your own car to Legoland, Florida, I highly recommend purchasing a parking voucher before arriving at the park as you can save more money. Ride-shares can be around $45 one way from Orlando to Legoland.

Guests have the choice of Regular or Preferred Parking, with the Preferred Parking being closer to the Legoland gates. Online there is roughly a $17 difference between the two with cars at $25 and Preferred parking $40, but you can find out more about parking prices and purchasing a voucher here.

The parking for Legoland opens 30 minutes prior to the park’s scheduled opening time, so it’s best to get there early for one of the better spots. 

wall climbing

Rides and Attractions in Legoland Florida

Legoland Florida is broken down into 14 fun-coloured themed areas, and each area has its own set of rides, shows, and attractions. These areas are: Duplo Valley, Beginning, Heartlake City, Fun Town, The Lego Movie World, Miniland USA, Lego Ninjago World, Lego Kingdoms, Land of Adventure, Lego City, Imagination Zone, Cypress Gardens, Lego Technic and Legoland Water Park, I thought it was important to break the best rides at Legoland Florida, including their height requirements, so you’ll know exactly what your little ones can go on. 

Duplo Valley

Prepaid Schoolhouse

Duplo Valley was made for the tiny ones of the family, and in the Prepaid Schoolhouse, you’ll find a variety of soft play equipment, a touchscreen area so they can practice numbers and letters, and a stage for entertainment. 

Inside the schoolhouse is also a baby care centre with changing rooms, nursing stations, and a microwave. An incredible addition is the “quiet room” where guests on the autism spectrum can take a break from the overstimulation of the park with noise-cancelling headphones, weighted blankets, and Lego building tables.

Splash and Play

Make sure you pack their swimsuits, as once they get a look at the splash and play area, they won’t want to leave. The soft squishy deck and larger than life farm animals are accompanied by water spouts and interactive water elements that are the ideal cool-down area when the sun is at its hottest. 

Tot Spot

Specifically designed for guests under the age of two, this Tot Spot has small slides, a colourful playhouse and a secured play area so even the babies can enjoy their day out at Legoland.


Your kids can ride around the cornfields and help the farmers plough their crops all while searching for missing farm animals in the Duplo tractors. 

Height Requirements: 

  • Handheld infants are not permitted
  • Guests 42” and above can ride unaccompanied
  • Guests under 42” need a responsible chaperone over the age of 14


The train is the final instalment to Duplo Valley, and guests can jump in their own carriage to explore the Lego countryside themed scenery, passing through fishing holes, campgrounds, and farms. 

Height Requirements: 

  • Handheld infants are not permitted
  • Guests 34” and above can ride unaccompanied
  • Guests under 34” need a responsible chaperone over the age of 14

Fun Town

Build-Your-Art Gallery by Lego Dots

At the Build-Your-Art Gallery, kids of all ages can create beautiful bold coloured Lego Dots tiles that, once completed, will be displayed on the Lego Dots gallery wall. 

carousel at Legoland Florida
The Grand Carousel

The Grand Carousel

Fun Town is also home to The Grand Carousel, and guests of all sizes can choose to ride on a horse or in a carriage. 

Height Requirements: 

  • No minimum height requirement
  • Guests 48” and above can ride unaccompanied
  • Guests under 48” need a responsible chaperone over the age of 14
Heartlake City

Heartlake City

Heartlake Stepping Tones Fountain

Kids can create their own music at the Heartlake Stepping Tones Fountain which has interactive stepping stone icons surrounding the heart-shaped water feature. Each icon is a different musical instrument so they can work together with their friends to compose a masterpiece. 

Mia’s Riding Adventure

Mia’s Riding Adventure is a typical disc coaster with a Lego twist. Guests can pick their own Lego horse and saddle up as it spins up and down the track. 

Height Requirements: 

  • Minimum height requirement of 48”
  • Guests must be able to transfer to the vehicle by themselves

Imagination Zone

Imagination Zone

The Imagination Zone is an area where kids can build their own Lego models with the thousands upon thousands of Lego bricks available. The space is kitted out with floor-to-ceiling graphics, colourful furnishings, and my personal favourite, air-conditioning. 

Kid Power Towers

Kids can put their muscles to the test at the Kid Power Towers. Guests have to work in pairs to hoist themselves up the tower to witness the beautiful view of Lake Eloise. Once they make it to the top, they’ll then “free-fall” down to the bottom (don’t worry, it isn’t a fast drop!)

Height Requirements:

  • Minimum height requirement of 38”
  • Guests must be able to transfer to the vehicle themselves
  • Guests below 48” need a responsible chaperone over the age of 14

Land of Adventure

Beetle Bounce

Beetle Bounce launches guests 15-feet up on a monumental obelisk that is topped with a jewelled Lego scarab beetle.

Height Requirements:

  • Minimum height requirement of 36”
  • Guests must be able to transfer to the ride by themselves


A great starter coaster for the thrill-seekers of the family is the wooden Coastersaurus that curves and dips through a prehistoric jungle. The ride soars past animated life-sized Lego brick dinosaurs, and it’s definitely a must-do when visiting Legoland. 

Height Requirements:

  • Minimum height requirement of 42”
  • Guests must be able to transfer to the ride by themselves

Lost Kingdom Adventure

The Lost Kingdom Adventure is an indoor ride where guests hop on a desert-off roader and take aim using laser guns at Lego mummies and skeletons to find hidden treasure. You can even turn it into a competition to see who can score the most points.

Height Requirements:

  • Minimum height requirement of 30”
  • Guests between 30” to 48” need a responsible chaperone over the age of 14
  • Guests must be able to transfer to the ride by themselves

Pharaoh’s Revenge

An excellent space to blow off some steam and cool down is the Pharaoh’s Revenge indoor climbing area, where kids can crawl through tunnels, slide down slides, and swing around on ropes.

Safari Trek at Legoland Safari
Safari Trek

Safari Trek

During the Safari Trek, kids can drive around the safari in a zebra-patterned truck looking out for their favourite animals that of course are built out of Lego!

Height Requirements:

  • Minimum height requirement of 34”
  • Guests below 48” need a responsible chaperone over the age of 14
  • Guests must be able to transfer to the ride by themselves

Lego City

Boating school at legoland
Boating school is great for little ones to take control!

Boating School 

Children can captain their own boats and practice their navigation skills on the calm waters in Lego City.

Height Requirements:

  • Minimum height requirement of 34”
  • Guests below 48” need a responsible chaperone over the age of 14
  • Guests must be able to transfer to the ride by themselves
Flying school

Flying School

Take to the skies in the Legoland Flying School. The dangling rollercoaster soars through the clouds of Lego City, and as there are no extremely big drops or loops, it is the perfect coaster for kids over 44”.

Height Requirements:

  • Minimum height requirement of 44”
  • Guests below 52” need a responsible chaperone over the height of 52”
Driving school is a lot of fun.

Ford Driving School

Children can pass their driving test at the Lego City Ford Driving School. This ride is open to the imagination with kids pretending to be policemen, taxi drivers, firewomen, or any other driver that they choose! Best bit, you can purchase a driving license for them afterwards! It’s a popular ride and can often be a bit stop and start if roads get congested!

Purchase a driver’s license after!

Height Requirements:

  • Ages 6 – 13
  • Guests must be able to transfer to the vehicle themselves

Ford Jr. Driving School

Even the youngest drivers can be like their older siblings and pass their test on the miniature oval Ford Jr. Driving course.

Height Requirements:

  • Ages 3 – 5 
  • Guests must be able to transfer to the vehicle themselves
Rescue Academy at Legoland Florida
Rescue Academy

Rescue Academy

Help is needed over at the Rescue Academy. Young firefighters and policemen/women can race to put out the fire with water guns stationed out the back of their fire truck or police vehicle. 

Height Requirements: 

  • Minimum height requirement of 34”
  • Guests below 48” need a chaperone over the age of 14
  • Guests must be able to transfer to the vehicle themselves
Tot Spot
Tot Spot

Tot Spot

Toddlers can cool down in the indoor airconditioned aeroplane themed play area, which truly makes you feel like you’re in a airport plane hanger. 

Lego Kingdoms

The Dragon

The Dragon is an indoor/outdoor dragon-themed coaster that zooms through the enchanted Legoland Florida Resort castle and out into the sky. Similarly to the Flying School in Lego City, The Dragon doesn’t have any big drops, so it is suitable for young thrill-seeking children who are over 40” tall. 

Height Requirements: 

  • Minimum height requirement of 40”
  • Guests between 40” and 48” need a chaperone over the age of 14
  • Guests must be able to transfer to the ride themselves

The Forestman’s Hideout

The Forestman’s Hideout is an outdoor play area made from wood where kids can run, climb, slide, and just be kids.

Merlin’s Challenge

Small riders will love climbing aboard the wooden train that is powered by Merlin’s magic. As you whirl around the magical wizard, the train will slowly move up and down on the tracks. 

Height Requirements: 

  • Minimum height requirement of 36”
  • Guests below 48” need a chaperone over the age of 14

Royal Joust

The fairytale Royal Joust puts riders on their own horse while they ride through the medieval forest, jousting with other kings and enchanted creatures along the way. 

Height Requirements: 

  • Minimum height requirement of 36”
  • Minimum age 4 years old
  • Maximum age 12 years old
  • Guests must be able to transfer to the ride themselves

Lego Ninjago World

Lego Ninjago The Ride

Kids can become ninjas on the Lego Ninjago ride. While riding, they can blast fireballs and lightning at sinister villains and a powerful foe. Feel the heat and wind as you blast the button. Not everyone has what it takes to be a ninja, so get the kids to add up their scores to see who is the chosen one. 

Height Requirements: 

  • Children under 6 years old or under 48” need a chaperone over the age of 14

Lego Technic

wave racers
Wave Racers

Aquazone Wave Racers

The Aquazone Wave Racers is a fun ride that also makes a fantastic cool-down spot. Kids can race around in their own wave racer, dodging water blasters and other riders in the process.

Wave Racers at Legoland
Wave Racers at Legoland

Height Requirements: 

  • Minimum height requirement of 40”
  • Guests below 52” need a chaperone over the age of 14
  • Guests must be able to transfer to the ride themselves and stand in the pod
Tot Spot
Technic Tot Spot

Technic Tot Spot

As their siblings tackle the big rides, the babies can hang out in the shaded play area in the Technic Tot Spot. 


The more you pedal, the higher you go. How high the Technicycle goes is completely controlled by you. Kids can pedal as fast as they can to ride high in the sky, or they can relax and remain closer to the ground.

Height Requirements: 

  • Minimum height requirement of 36”
  • Guests between 36” and 48” need a chaperone over the age of 14
The Great Lego Race
Great Lego Race

The Great Lego Race

The Great Lego Race is one of the more thrilling rides at Legoland, and kids over 42” can buckle into the car-themed coaster and experience the big drop as well as some twists and turns. No upside down bits though!

Height Requirements: 

  • Minimum height requirement of 42” but must ride with a chaperone
  • Guests over 48” can ride unaccompanied 
  • Guests must be able to transfer to the ride with assistance from a member of their party

The Beginning

Rebuild the World

Kids can let their imagination run free in Planet Legoland, where they can build, unbuild, and then rebuild anything they want!

The Lego Movie World

Battle of Bricksburg

On the Battle of Bricksburg ride, you WILL get wet, so pack a spare change of clothes for this one. You’re challenged to defend Bricksburg by spraying evil alien invaders with water cannons. But watch out; guests on the sidelines will also be helping or spraying you too. 

Height Requirements: 

  • Guests who can sit upright unassisted can ride
  • Children under the age of 6 must ride with a chaperone over the age of 16

The Lego Movie Masters of Flight

Emmet’s Triple Decker Flying Couch is a theatre attraction that takes you on an action-packed adventure and makes you feel like you’re actually flying alongside popular Lego Movie characters. 

Height Requirements: 

  • Guests under the age of 3 or 40” are not allowed to ride
  • Guests between 40” and 52” or ages 3 to 8 must have a chaperone over the age of 14
  • Guests over 52” or above the age of 8 can ride unaccompanied

Unikitty’s Disco Drop

Guests can join Unikitty in her rainbow portal as she drops, dips, and swoops through Cloud Cuckoo Land before bouncing and spinning her way back down to Earth. 

Height Requirements: 

  • Guests under the age of 3 or 40” are not allowed to ride
  • Guests between 40” and 48” or ages 3 to 6 must have a chaperone over the age of 14
  • Guests over 48” or above the age of 6 can ride unaccompanied.
Miniland USA at Legoland Florida
Miniland USA at Legoland Florida

Miniland USA

Mainland USA is Legoland’s most iconic area where guests can stroll around, taking in all the incredible Lego sculptures from the Kennedy Space Center to New York City, Washington D.C. and Las Vegas.  Interact with a car race by turning a wheel and seeing if your racer comes first or just look at all the detail of these iconic cities and buildings.

Shows at Legoland Florida

The fun doesn’t stop at just rides. Legoland Florida also has 4D shows and a stunt show for guests to enjoy when visiting the park. 

Legoland pirate show
Brickbeard’s Waterport Show

Brickbeard’s Waterport Show

Kids love stunt shows, and they won’t be disappointed with the Brickbeard’s Watersport Show in the Pirate’s Cove. Guests can watch as pirates perform tricks on wakeboards, skis, flyboards, and so much more!

The show comes equipped with high speeds, music, and gravity-defying stunts, making it a great resting and entertainment spot that the whole family will enjoy. There is a clearly marked splash zone in which the characters delights in making sure you get drenched!

4D Theatre Shows

If the sun has reached its highest, I highly recommend heading into one of the 4D theatre shows in Legoland’s largest 4D theatre.

They currently play four shows at different points of the day: Lego City 4D, The Lego Movie 4D, Lego NINJAGO, and Lego Mythica. 

Meet and Greets

Look out for various meet and greet characters at select spots around the theme park!

Dining at Legoland Florida

Legoland Florida has lots of quick service restaurants and kiosks. Not all kiosks are open unless the park is really busy. The only sit down service restaurant is Fun Town Pizza & Pasta Buffet. Alternatively, bring a picnic!

legoland water park
Legoland Water Park Florida

Legoland Water Park

Did you know that Legoland Florida also has a water park? It makes an excellent addition to your visit to Legoland or as a separate activity completely on its own! 

The water park is jam-packed with water slides, a wave pool, and a lazy river equipped with floating supersized Lego bricks.

Wave pool at Legoland Water park
Wave pool at Legoland Water park

This is part of a combo ticket as an add on. You cannot just purchase a water park ticket. Again, like the main park, this is targeting children ager 12 and under with gentle rides for tots to tweens.

Legoland water park

Rides include:

  • Build a boat
  • Build a raft river
  • DUPLO Splash Safari
  • Joaker Soaker
  • LEGO Wave Pool
  • Splash Out
  • Twin Chasers
Legoland Cabanas at the Water Park

Cabanas and lockers are available to rent and swim diapers/nappies are sold in the shop near the entrance to the waterpark.

Legoland shop at the water park is great if you have forgotten something.
Legoland shop at the water park is great if you have forgotten something.
Lazy river at Legoland Water Park

Attractions Near Legoland Florida

Peppa Pig Theme Park Sign

Peppa Pig Theme Park

On February 24th 2022 Legoland opened up a Peppa Pig Theme Park adjacent to the beloved Legoland Park. If you have kids, then I’m adamant you know Peppa and her little brother George.

The Peppa Pig Theme Park is full of Peppa inspired rides, with outdoor play areas, splash pads, and a maze in Granny Pig’s garden. You can also take a break from the heat and watch Peppa Pig episodes in the indoor cinema. Read our full guide to Peppa Pig Theme Park in Florida here!

Other Things to Do Near Legoland Florida

  • Take a boat tour with the Living Water Boat Cruises and experience not only the wildlife in the Chain of Lakes but also witness the Legoland fireworks and the ski show from a different perspective.
  • Rent a paddle board from Paddleboard Winter Haven and spend the afternoon paddling and exploring the Chain of Lakes.
  • You can also rent a kayak from Off the Chain Kayak Company if paddle boarding isn’t your thing! 
  • Visit Bok Tower Gardens and head over to the 2.5-acre children’s garden Hammock Hollow. Kids can play in water features, dig their way through sand circles, and play on spider-themed play areas.
  • Roughly a 45-minute drive from Legoland is the Safari Wilderness park. You’ll head on a custom safari vehicle and head out into the 260 acres of wetland to experienced exotic animals from Africa and Asia. 
  • Elite Cable Park gives guests the opportunity to practice wakeboarding, kneeboarding, and waterskiing in Auburndale. All gear is provided, and you can also request coaching. 

Restaurants Near Legoland Florida

Although Legoland has food options available in the park, it’s also helpful to know some alternative options in the area. Here are some of the most recommended restaurants with meal options suitable for children: 

Closest Hotels to the Peppa Pig Theme Park in Florida

Hotels by Legoland Florida

Legoland Florida Resort

Legoland has its own resort just steps away from the park that consists of three themed hotels: The Legoland Beach Retreat Villas, The Legoland Pirate Island Hotel, and The Legoland Florida Resort. 

All are extremely kid friendly with different price points and amenities so it’s best to check out their website to find which hotel would suit you and your family best. 

Other Accomodation Options

  • Courtyard by Marriott Winter Haven
  • Hampton Inn Winter Haven
  • Holiday Inn Express Lake Wales North

Campgrounds Near Legoland Florida

If you’re heading to Winter Haven in an RV there are a few recommended campgrounds relatively close to Legoland: 

Legoland Florida Discount Tickets

Legoland one day tickets start from $84.99 IF you purchase far enough in advance. Otherwise the same ticket is from $127+ direct from Legoland. As with many tourist attractions, purchasing your Legoland tickets online is cheaper than if you were to purchase them at the parks at the gate. There are also many ticket companies that offer discount tickets; one notable mention is the GoOrlando GoCity Card.

The GoOrlando card comes in an All-Inclusive or an Explorer Pass giving you 2, 3 or 5 days of discounted tickets to some of Orlando’s top attractions. Legoland Park Florida is included in the ticket and if you enjoy combining activities, you can end up saving a ton of money. 

The three-day pass, for example, is $199. But, during these three days, you can jam-pack as many of the included attractions into your day and only pay the initial $199. It’s a pretty good deal if you’re busy bodies on holiday! For more information you can head over to the GoCity Website and see what other local attractions it includes.

Alternatively, you can even save money on the Legoland Florida Website. General admission at the gate is $109.99, and online, you’ll save $15, only having to pay $94.99 for guests over the age of 2. 

Is Legoland Florida Worth It?

Compared to other theme parks this is good value although still an expensive day out. If you purchase a GoCity Card, or something similar, then yes, you can bring the price down. There is no doubt that Lego fans will enjoy the immersive areas, building Lego models, and riding the Lego-inspired rides. Rides have less queues and you can easily get around most rides on an off peak day.

Although Legoland Florida has a few bigger rides, there aren’t many that older children and adults will find enjoyable. It is specifically catered for 12 and under and it does that brilliantly. Other theme parks, such as Disney World and Universal Studios, are more catered for the entire family, so the decision of whether Legoland Florida is worth it ultimately comes down to you and your family preferences. 

Can you do Legoland in a day? 

Yes, absolutely, if you choose a week day not in the holidays – although you might prefer a two day ticket or combo ticket to also include the waterpark and Peppa Pig Theme Park if you have preschoolers.

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