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All You Need to Know about Florida’s Dinosaur World (Plant City, Nr Orlando)

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If you’ve done Disney, have dinosaur lovers in the family, and are looking for other attractions in Florida, then you should definitely visit Florida’s Dinosaur World. It’s a great pitstop between Orlando and Tampa for little ones to stretch their legs before continuing onwards.

Dinosaur World is a dinosaur-themed amusement park with huge life-sized dinosaur statues, dinosaur-related activities, and a dinosaur museum that allows you and your little ones to learn all about the fascinating prehistoric creatures. 

I’m going to cover everything you need to know about Dinosaur World, including all the attractions, tips, and facilities they offer at the park, so keep on reading!

DInosaur World is inbetween Orlando and Tampa.

Where is Florida’s Dinosaur World and How to Get There?

From the Walt Disney Parks, Dinosaur World is roughly a 45-minute drive in the Tampa direction. 

Getting there from central Orlando is relatively straightforward as the majority of the journey is spent heading west on the I-4 highway. Once you reach Branch Forbes Road, take exit 17 and follow Harvey Tew Road to Dinosaur World. 


Dinosaur World Florida

(813) 717-9865

5145 Harvey Tew Road

Plant City, FL 33565

Fun sign at Dinosaur World
Fun sign at Dinosaur World

Dinosaur World Facilities

Dinosaur World is a fantastic day out for dinosaur lovers, but it does lack in some facilities. 

In the park, you’ll find no food services, which to some is a huge downfall, but to others who don’t enjoy the overpriced theme park foods, this is a win-win. Dinosaur World instead allows you to bring your own picnic, which you can unpack and enjoy with the surrounding dinosaur statues. 

Alternatively, you can order pizza via a pizza delivery service which the park staff can help organise for you, and you can also purchase drinks in vending machines that are dotted throughout the grounds.

Something I particularly love about Dinosaur World are the smooth and wide pathways throughout the entire park. These paths make it incredibly easy to push strollers and wheelchairs to all the different dinosaur-themed attractions. And if you didn’t manage to bring your own wheelchair to the park, you can rent one for $5 plus tax.

Restrooms can also be found at the front entrance and in the centre section of the park. 

Florida’s Dinosaur World Attractions

200 Life-Sized Dinosaurs

Throughout the park, you’ll find over 200 life-sized dinosaur statues, from T-rex’s and spinosaurus’ to velociraptors and brachiosaurs. It’s not every day you can have a photo next to your favourite dinosaur, is it? 

 Bone Yard  at Dinosaur World
Bone Yard

Bone Yard

The Bone Yard features a 27-foot skeleton that is hidden under a giant sandpit. Your little ones can then put their paleontologist skills to the test and uncover it with the use of tools and brushes.

Dino Gen Excavation

Dino Gem Excavation

The Dino Gem Excavation is included with the additional Excavation Pass Ticket (which I’ll get into a little later). Kids can run their buckets through mining sluice to uncover minerals, gems, and arrowheads. They then get to take their findings home!

Fossil Dig at Dinosaur World Florida
Fossil Dig at Dinosaur World Florida

Fossil Dig

The Fossil Dig, which is a guided activity, lasts for 15 minutes and allows children to dig for fossils in a pit that includes shark teeth, stingray barbs, gastropods, and Mosasaur teeth. They can then select three of their favourite fossils to take home. 

Tickets for the Fossil Dig are an additional $3 plus tax per child. 

Prehistoric Museum

The Prehistoric Museum is a separate indoor area featuring prehistoric fossils like an Allosaurus foot claw and a range of trilobites. Like any museum, there are informational panels near every exhibit so children can learn all the facts, figures, and information. 

animatronics section in the Dinosaur World

There is also an animatronics section in the museum, which has motion-activated displays of a T-Rex, a Brachiosaurus, a Stegosaurus, a Pterodactyl, and a Triceratops. A smaller section of the museum showcases real-life fossils of dinosaurs in Orlando, Florida, with panels stating where they were found, who found them, and when. 

Dinosaur World Playground
Dinosaur World Playground

Skeletal Playground

Close to the entrance, there is also a Skeletal Playground with dinosaur-themed slides and climbing frames. 

Dinosaurs preying on a fallen dinosaur at Dinosaur World
Dinosaurs preying on a fallen dinosaur at Dinosaur World

Some potential scary scenes.

Following the life size dinotrails is easy, with smooth pathways, often shady and perfect for strollers too. There is one section with scenes of the carnivores attacking each other, but there is a warning and alternative route if you think it is a bit too gruesome for your little one.

Florida’s Dinosaur World Ticket Prices

The ticket prices for Dinosaur World are as follows:

  • Adults – $19.95 plus tax
  • Senior (60+) – $17.95 plus tax
  • Child (3 – 12) – $14.95 plus tax
  • Child (2 and under) – Free

On top of these tickets, there are also tickets that include general admission and a lucky strike bag at the Dino Gem Excavation:

  • Adult – $29.95 plus tax
  • Child (3 – 12) – $21.95 plus tax

These ticket prices are subject to change, so before heading down to Dinosaur Park Orlando, it’s best to check their official website for any updates. You can find their website here

What Age is Dinosaur World Suitable For?

Dinosaur World Orlando is suitable for children of all ages, especially those who love dinosaurs. In my opinion, the park is extremely accessible, and even the little ones of the family can enjoy all of the attractions due to there being no age requirements. Expect to spend a couple of hours there. More if you pack a lunch.

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