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30 Free Things To Do At Disney Springs

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At the Walt Disney World Resort and need a break from the rides? Or maybe it’s the end of the day and you’ve still got some energy left after exploring some of the many things to do in Orlando and the parks. Head to Disney’s outdoor shopping, dining and entertainment complex at the Walt Disney World Resort by Lake Buena Vista for some family friendly fun and free stuff! My family love the Disney buzz here and we think you will too.

Is Disney Springs free? Yes, it’s free to enter and self parking is free. There are plenty of free things to do at Disney Springs: From live performances, bands, shows, events, splash pads, galleries, a dino dig, free items to collect, discounts and more.

As a family, we visit Disney Springs two or three times per visit and are never bored. Best of all, you don’t need to spend a fortune to be entertained here!

(For more free things at Disney see here.)

What started out as a shopping village in 1975 has since transformed into a family-friendly outdoor entertainment spot with four distinct areas that each have a neighborhood feel. These areas are the Marketplace, The Landing, Town Center, and West Side and you will find some free attractions. Side note: Disney Springs is different to Disney’s BoardWalk! I had to Google all of this when we went for the very first time.

Free Things To Do At Disney Springs
Free Things To Do At Disney Springs

If you’re visiting Disney Springs on your vacation, don’t bother paying for the following items and add them to your freebie list!



T-Rex Cafe where the play zone is absolutely free. The free Paleo Zone at DIsney Springs, Orlando
Trex dino dig. (Image: Carrie Bradley/Visiting Orlando With Kids)

1. Free Playzone at T-Rex Cafe 

One of the lesser known free Disney Springs attractions, as people assume you must have a meal booked. If your kids tire you out and you need a break from your Disney vacation, head to T-Rex Cafe in the Marketplace, where the play zone is absolutely free. The free Paleo Zone is a sandbox where little ones get to explore the history of planet earth while looking for fossils of dinosaur bones. My youngest always makes time for a quick play. We found small spades and brushes to use for free to uncover the ‘bones.”

The digital mupis (digital information point) are another feature in the cafe placed exclusively for educational purposes. The T-Rex Cafe is a great Disney Springs restaurant for families with this shaded zone and a fun themed menu for children.

One of the Disney Springs splash pads
One of the Disney Springs splash pads (Image: Carrie Bradley/Visiting Orlando With Kids)

2. Make a Free Splash 

Smash out some cool moves at the Disney Springs Splash Pad! This free outdoor play area is great for some cooling down on a sunny day. My kids love the fountains and sprinklers. As they are so many spots with splash pads around Orlando, I always pack a towel and a change of clothes when we head out now.

This fun thing to do in Disney Springs is situated at two locations – one splash pad is near Earl of Sandwich and the other behind the Christmas store.

3. Munch on Some Chocolate Samples 

Free Disney Springs chocolate? Walk by the famous Ghirardelli Soda Fountain and Chocolate Shop to score a couple free samples of chocolate. What you want to look for is a greeter carrying a basket filled with an assortment of chocolate squares.

Milk Chocolate & Caramels Squares, Peppermint Bark Squares, and Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Squares are just a few of them. No guarantees the chocolate won’t just lure you into the shop – so maybe drop by when you and the kids are pretty full on food already!

Free Things to do at Disney Springs, Lego fun
Lego fun at Disney Springs Credit Liz Tracy Photography /

4. Sculpt Structures at Lego Store

Participate in fun lego building activities in the Lego Store located at the Marketplace. You don’t have to spend a dime at the hands-on play area. Another fun free thing to do while there is to get pictures of your kids with their massive 8 feet tall lego sculpture displays.

World of Disney at Disney Springs Credit Liz Tracy Photography /
World of Disney at Disney Springs Credit Liz Tracy Photography /

5. Window Shop at the World of Disney shop 

Yes, it would most likely cost you to buy something at the largest Disney store in the world, but who says you have to! Before you enter watch out for the giant Stitch ‘spitting’ water on guests as they enter!

Browsing the selection at the World of Disney shop will undoubtedly keep you and the kids occupied for quite a while, making it worthy of its free status. The store has accessories, home decor, toys, souvenirs, and really anything else Disney related that you can imagine.

Waterside stage, Disney Springs, Orlando
Waterside stage. (Image: Carrie Bradley/Visiting Orlando With Kids)

6. Witness some Performing Arts 

Located right across from the Marketplace area is the AdventHealth Waterside stage. Here, you’ll be able to catch performances and shows by Disney Performing Arts dance troupes by day and concerts and ive tunes by night. Children especially enjoy the children’s dance parties. 

(Image: Carrie Bradley/Visiting Orlando With Kids)

7. Grab a free pin or badge from Guest Services

They have all sorts of pins for birthdays and other special occasions. Don’t forget to pick up your free park maps too!

Sunshine Highline Stage, Disney Springs Orlando
Sunshine Highline Stage (Image: Carrie Bradley/Visiting Orlando With Kids)

8. Catch Some Free Live Music Shows 

There is no shortage of spots to stop with your family for some bands and a free music show at Disney Springs. Visit the scenic Waterview Park Stage (next to the Amphicars and BoatHouse restaurant) for a performance as the sun sets and some tunes; the Sunshine Highline Stage for some unique, international music; or if you’re more into bluesy sounds, stop by the House of Blues’ Front Porch for a musical treat. 

Stop by DisneyStyle for a photo sitting in a stationary tea cup!
(Image: Carrie Bradley/Visiting Orlando With Kids)

9. Photo op alert 

Stop by DisneyStyle for a photo sitting in a stationary tea cup!

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10. Celebrate Christmas 

At Disney Springs, Christmas is celebrated throughout the year at the Christmas store and at Chistmas the festivities spill out. If you are happen to visit over this time, listen to Christmas carols and enjoy the spirit of Christmas with your family.

You will see gigantic Christmas trees with eye-catching themes like the Mickey and Minnie tree, the Chocolate tree, Disney’s Robin Hood Christmas Tree and the Toy Story Christmas Tree. The Disney Springs Christmas Tree Stroll is usually presented by AdventHealth. Kids get the chance to meet Santa in his cozy cottage.

For a Christmas fix all year round, head to the Days of Christmas store.

11. Another photo Opportunity 

Head to the Orlando Harley-Davidson shop for an envy-inducing photo. Although bikes aren’t ridden or sold here, the central attraction of this apparel store is the stationary motorcycle. Hop on the Harley and capture that rockstar shot for your new cover picture on social media.

12. Get Yourself Some Soaps and Scrubs 

Visit Basin to experience a blast of aromas, collect some free samples, and leave smelling oh-so-good yourself. They have a variety of custom soaps, bath bombs, candles, natural body scrubs, body butter, and the sugar soufflé. Speaking from my experience, they smell divine!

Volcano at Lava Lounge Cafe in Rainforest Cafe Disney Springs
Watch the volcano erupt at Disney Springs! (Image: Carrie Bradley/Visiting Orlando With Kids)

13. Watch the Free Volcano Show 

Popularly known as the Marketplace’s showstopper, the erupting volcano at the Rainforest Cafe restaurant is free to watch. This bright display of fire and smoke spews once every 30 minutes. I would recommend making your stop at night to watch the 2 minute display of wonder in all its bright glory. We stood pretty close and could feel the heat. 

Art of Disney at Disney Springs
Art of Disney (Image: Carrie Bradley/Visiting Orlando With Kids)

14. Browsing the Art of Disney 

Immerse yourself in the lovely art, paintings, and statues at the Art of Disney gallery and then go shopping in the Marketplace. Watch artists paint live and take painting to another level. Visit during peak sunny hours to spend time in the air conditioned gallery, while admiring the lines and strokes. 

15. Free WiFi at Disney Springs

Free Wifi is always a huge bonus irrespective of the place. All locations at Disney Springs offer free Wifi connectivity, so whether you need it to check up on emails or entertain your kids during downtime, you won’t have to spend on your personal internet at all! 

Goofy's Glaciers at Disney Springs, Orlando
(Image: Carrie Bradley/Visiting Orlando With Kids)

16. Goofy’s Glacier Chocolates

At Goofy’s Glaciers Candy Co, you can politely ask for a sample freebie drink. The store is full of goodies for both kids and adults.  They include candies, alcoholic frozen glaciers, and tart slushies available in raspberry, strawberry, and mango flavors, and more. Watching the staff make candies is a bonus free activity for both you and the kids at this magical candy shop.  

17. Witness a Princess Parade

Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique organises a Princess Parade at Disney Springs. The parade kicks off at 3 PM everyday, weather permitting. (Temporarily unavailable.) Feel the grandeur of the princesses by joining Cinderella, Tiana, Snow White, and the Fairy Godmothers. Learn all about the fictional stories of the Kingdom and have a ball! Tinkerbelle can be spotted at certain times of the year too!

18. Ice Water for Free

Beat the heat by grabbing a glass of ice water available for free almost everywhere at Disney Springs. You can quench your thirst at all the restaurants on sunny days. Of course you’ll have to pay for bottled water, but as long as you take advantage of the free, cold water, you won’t need them!  

Rainforest Cafe
Rainforest Cafe (Image: Carrie Bradley/Visiting Orlando With Kids)

19. Interactive Time At The Rainforest Cafe

Hop on into the Rainforest Cafe to enjoy a jungle trip. This jungle themed restaurant not only offers delightful food, but has an ecosystem of its own in their thickly vegetated area. It truly is one of the best family restaurants at Disney Springs. Get a chance to meet their shiny fishes and rare birds. 

20. Listen to the Birds Chatter

The Rainforest Cafe also offers visitors a chance to talk to their real tropical birds for free (assuming the birds are willing)! You can often catch the birds talking with the staff. If you happen to miss it, fret not for there’s also a simulation available at the entrance.

21. Watch Glass Cutting and Blowing

The Crystal Arts by Arribas Brothers at Disney Springs offers on-lookers an entertaining demonstration of how they cut and etch glass all day long. You will find lots of collectible glass items and can also get your name engraved on glass here. You will be “blown” away watching these artisans do their magic!

Is this a Hidden Mickey at Disney Springs?
Is this a Hidden Mickey at Disney Springs? (Image: Carrie Bradley/Visiting Orlando With Kids)

22. Go on a Mickey Quest 

Disney Springs has Hidden Mickeys in abundance for kids to hunt down! Although there are no rewards for this, it is still a great pastime activity. 

23. A Brew-tiful Stop

Scout to Starbucks Coffeehouse in the Westside area to spot striking moss art which can be seen through the roof. They also have dramatic interiors with a fireplace and a touch sensitive video wall to experience.  You can also grab breakfast here at Disney Springs if you happen to arrive early.

Free necklace at Disney Springs from Diamonds International
Swarovski crystal necklace free at Disney Springs! (Image: Carrie Bradley/Visiting Orlando With Kids)

24. Claim Your Free Necklace at Luxury Of Time by Diamonds International 

All you need is your code in the Disney Springs Map for your kid to get a hold of their very own free necklace. No purchase necessary! If the map doesn’t have a code, just pop in ask like we did! Photo above is of our Swarovski crystal necklace. UPDATE: This has currently been stopped and we do not know when if if it will return but will update if it does!

25. Free Entry 

There’s absolutely no entry fee to get into Disney Springs. This is especially awesome because not that many things are free to enter at Disney World! In fact, you don’t even need a park ticket to get into this place. That means anyone craving a little Disney magic can walk right in without worrying about burning a hole through their pocket! 

26. Free Parking

Disney Springs offers free parking at four locations, namely the “Orange,” “Grapefruit,” “Lemon,” and “Lime” garages. If you’ve ever been to Disney World you know that free parking is definitely something to gush about. Note that if you’re driving in for a special event at Disney Springs, it’s wise to arrive an hour before start time to ensure you snag a spot. 

27. Bus Rides for Free

Even if you haven’t booked a stay at the Disney Resorts, you can always visit them for dinner or just to hangout. Disney transportation has you covered – Free bus rides to any and all of them! Just hop on the bus at Town Center and go from resort to resort. Disney’s uses are available every 20 minutes from 10:30 AM to 11:30 PM on different colour coded routes – Blue, Yellow, Green and Red Routes.

Free Things to do at Disney Springs, Orlando/ Disney Springs lake and shops
Disney Springs lake and shops

28. Free Boat Rides 

Kids and adults alike find traveling using Disney’s water transport enjoyable, making the boats one of the most popular free things to do at Disney Springs. Sassagoula Steamboat Company will take you to the Disney Resorts.

One boat will take you to the Saratoga Springs Resort and the other to the Old key west resort. There are two other places to get free boat rides as well, namely Westside and the Marketplace.

29. Free Birthday Sprinkles Cup Cake Snack

Sprinkles Perks: If you sign up for the Sprinkles Perks, you’ll be eligible to get a free cupcake for your birthday—valid at the Disney Springs location. You can also sign up for the Sprinkles Birthday Club and get a free cupcake on your birthday month.

30. Free Birthday Brownie Snack

Earl of Sandwich Birthday Brownie: If you sign up for Earl of Sandwich’s loyalty program, you can receive a free brownie on your birthday!

Here are some almost-free things to do at Disney Springs:

Whilst these are not free activities at Disney Springs, they are great if you are watching your budget.

The mini train express ride at DIsney Springs, Orlando
The mini train express ride (Image: Carrie Bradley/Visiting Orlando With Kids)
  • What makes a ride more thrilling? An affordable, child-friendly Train Express ride that’s located in the Marketplace! The prices are as low as $3 per ride and $5 for two. 
  • Enjoy budget friendly shopping at Uniqlo. You will find cheap Disney merchandise which includes shirts for as low as $6. 
  • If your budget is limited and you want to grab a cheap lunch meal, drop by Earl of Sandwich and sign up for their Earl of Sandwich Loyalty Club. Your lunch will be discounted. 
 carousel at the Marketplace, Disney Springs Orlando
(Image: Carrie Bradley/Visiting Orlando With Kids)
  • Go Horsin’ Around- This is a unique and colourful carousel at the Marketplace featuring 16 handicraft horses. Rides are available for all ages from 1 PM to 10 PM for a minimal fee of $3. 
Sprinkles cup cake ATM Disney Springs, Orlando
Sprinkles cup cake ATM Disney Springs, Orlando (Image: Carrie Bradley/Visiting Orlando With Kids)
  • It’s Cupcake O’clock- Halt for a cupcake break at the Sprinkles Bakery for moist and creamy options. Be it red velvet or salted caramel, they have cupcakes for as cheap as $4.95. Their ATM machine dispenses cupcakes like magic. For offers join Sprinkles perks program and download their app.

The Marketplace is the oldest portion of Disney Springs Florida. The area is Disney themed with structures of Disney characters all around. It has cool restaurants like the T-rex Cafe and Rainforest Cafe, and is most famous for its magical toy stores. The Lego store, Once Upon a Toy, and the World of Disney are all worth a visit. World of Disney is a particularly huge attraction on account of being the largest Disney store in the world. Stop to take photos!

The Landing is where all the fancy restaurants are. Visit Pizza Pronte for the best pizza you’ll ever have. Maria and Enzos is another great place for Italian cuisine. Groove to the tunes at night and join the crowd to dance to the DJ’s music from Thursdays through Sundays. 

The Town Center is where you go to shop till you drop. Here you’ll find well-known brands, Disney-centric boutiques, and some of the best food shops for quick eats. Drop by the Coca Cola store, Planet Hollywood’s food court, Chicken Guy, and Polite Pig for a taste. 

West Side is the hub of entertainment and nightlife at Disney Springs. Daily performers, entertainment and live music can be found on the Park Stage of this area. 

You can even stay in hotels within walking distance to Disney Springs and enjoy the transport for resort hopping!


Q: Can I see the fireworks from Disney Springs?

A: You may be able to glimpse them from some spots, but none are good viewing spots. Try the Ticket and Transport Center for an excellent free view of the Disney Magic Kingdom fireworks.

Well that concludes my list of free things to do at Disney Springs! Did you find some new free activities to do at Disney Springs for your next visit?  Do consider these other free things to do in Orlando with kids too!

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