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Hidden Mickeys at Walt Disney World Theme Parks

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If you’ve ever visited a Walt Disney World theme park, chances are you have seen a Hidden Mickey. Hidden Mickeys are Mickey Mouse shaped objects hidden through the park areas and resorts by Disney Imagineers. You will see a circle as Mickey’s face and then two mouse ears either side at various attractions.

Part of Disney history and trivia, these ‘hidden secrets’ or ‘Easter Eggs’ started as a way for the Disney Imagineering team to incorporate hidden references of Mickey Mouse into all the parks outside of Magic Kingdom.

However, now it is a fun game or scavenger hunt for guests and Disney enthusiasts at all the Disney theme parks. Our family love to spot these hidden treasures!

There are supposedly over 1,000 Hidden Mickey’s around the Disney parks! The Magic Kingdom park alone has more than 200 confirmed hidden Mickeys. We don’t have a complete list but here are a few Hidden Mickey spots to start your search, sorted by each Disney park:

Hidden Mickey’s at Walt Disney World
Hidden Mickey’s at Walt Disney World Theme Parks

Hidden Mickeys at the Magic Kingdom Attractions

Hidden Mickeys in Fantasy Land

  • Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

Inside the mine when you see Grumpy there is a Hidden Mickey behind his head with three gems. 

  •  Pinocchio Village Haus

There is a painting in Pinocchio Village Haus of Pinocchio and Cinderella with a wand. To the bottom left of this painting, there is a very small Hidden Mickey.

  • It’s a Small World

This ride has a bunch of secret Hidden Mickeys! To spot these hidden treasures look in the Africa area of the ride, there is a vine that has Mickey shaped leaves. You can see these hidden gems behind the giraffes. 

Hidden Mickey Secrets in Tomorrowland

  • Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin

Enjoy a Toy Story Mickey scavenger hunt! The Buzz Lightyear ride has one of the most Hidden Mickeys symbols on it. There is one of a few hidden surprises in a mural on the wall when you walk in. Look at the different planets, it’s a little hard to spot at first. This planet will appear a few more times through the ride in various rooms. Fun fact, this planet is called Pollost Prime.

  • Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor

There is a poster outside of the ride with a picture of a moon on it. There is a Hidden Mickey there. There is one below a triangle shaped roof where you enter, before you get into the Laugh Floor. 

  • Carousel of Progress

In the final scene of this ride, there are a few Hidden Mickeys around the room.

There is a Mickey shaped nutcracker, a green Mickey on the wrapping paper for the presents under the tree, and a Mickey Mouse plush under the tree. With the recent update, they may have added some new Hidden Mickeys that haven’t been found yet! Let us know about any hidden treasures you find in the comments below!

Hidden Mickeys Scavenger Hunt in Liberty Square

The trio of plates forming the Hidden Mickey are hidden by the barriers here, but are on the left hand side before the ghost at the head of the table.
The trio of plates forming the Hidden Mickey are hidden by the barriers here, but are on the left hand side before the ghost at the head of the table.
  • Haunted Mansion secrets

In the ballroom scene with the dancing ghosts, you can see a Hidden Mickey on the table. There is a plate setting that is in the shape of a Mickey, just on the left of the table. In the attic scene there is a hat rack holding hats that are a Hidden Mickey as well. 

  • Liberty Tree Tavern

Spot the Disney magic on a painting on the wall of fruit. If you look at the blueberries, there is a Hidden Mickey image painted in.

  • Columbia Harbor House

There is a map on the wall with three circles (face and mouse ears) that make up a Hidden Mickey. 

Hidden Mickeys Easter Eggs in Frontier Land

  • Big Thunder Mountain

There are gears on the ground as you re-enter the station that are in the shape of a Hidden Mickey.

  • Tom Sawyer Island

Outside of the Blacksmith’s shop there is a bunch of gear hanging on the wall. Within that gear, you can spot a Hidden Mickey.

Entering Adventureland at Magic Kingdom
Entering Adventureland at Magic Kingdom

Hidden Mickeys in Adventure Land

  • Pirates of the Caribbean

The hidden Mickey secrets are locks on the jail cells shaped like Mickey Mouse. There is one of the two hidden symbols on the cell with the two pirates and on the last scene with Jack Sparrow and the treasure. 

 side of the airplane there is a Hidden Mickey on Jungle Cruise
  • Jungle Cruise

On the side of the airplane there is a Hidden Mickey image. The photo doesn’t show it due to the plants but this is where it is – the nuts and bolts make the Mickey shape.

  • Sir Mickey’s Store

There is a big Hidden Mickey on the knight’s helmet in the store. 

Hidden Mickeys in EPCOT Attractions

Epcot is full of the fun Mickey hidden symbols for your scavenger hunt. Read on to find a list of the magical hidden Mickey secrets and what rides have them!

  • Living with the Land

There are so many Hidden Mickeys on this informative ride! In the section with the fish in the tanks, there is a hose on the ground shaped like Mickey. Another Hidden Mickey on this ride can be seen where they are growing the lettuce in the greenhouse. There is a Hidden Mickey on the table along with the EPCOT logo.

  • Water World at World Nature Epcot
Hidden Mickey at Epcot
Hidden Mickey at Epcot

Look through the huge aquarium and spot a Mickey shape in stones.

  • Frozen Ever After

After walking through the trading post after the magical Frozen ride, you will see a Hidden Mickey in a rope on a pole. 

  • Japan Pavilion

In the koi pond, you will spot a very tiny Hidden Mickey image. This one is on one of the drains in the pond.

  • Journey to Imagination with Figment

In the final scene of the ride, there is a very small Hidden Mickey in the clouds. This one is very hard to see.

  • American Adventure

Located in the America pavilion of the Epcot park. In the lobby, guests will see a bunch of art work on the walls. In one of these paintings you can see a woman holding an umbrella with a hat on her head. In the flowers you can see a Hidden Mickey painted in.

Hidden Mickeys in Animal Kingdom Rides & Attractions

You won’t find Hidden Mickey mouse ears images marked on any of the theme park maps. Do ask cast members if there any hidden details near you as they are very happy to share where these easter eggs are to enhance the Disney magic!

  • Kilimanjaro Safari

Right behind the flamingos spot one of these hidden gems on the island. 

Hidden Mickey on the Tree of Life at ANnmal Kingdom Disney World
The Tree of Life has a Hidden Mickey by the Hippo
  • The Tree of Life Secrets

If you see the hippo, there is a Hidden Mickey above his eye – look carefully and you will see the Hidden Mickey upside down.

upside down Hidden Mickey on the Tree of Life at Animal Kingdom Disney World
Can you spot the upside down Hidden Mickey?
  • The Boneyard hidden symbols

Spot a Hidden Mickey at the Wooly Mammoth dig site. The Hidden Mickey is made of a fan and two hard hats.

  • Wildlife Express Train 

In the station, there is a Hidden Mickey up on the ceiling where the beams are.

Hidden Mickey Surprises in Pandora

  • Avatar Flight of Passage

This ride has one of the most in-depth queues with lots of hidden surprises. There are spots for Hidden Mickeys everywhere! You can spot one in the standby queue in the lab area. There is a desk with some plastic bottles with black tops. Some of these black tops come together to form a Hidden Mickey.

  • Entrance to Pandora

When you are walking into the incredible area of Pandora, there is a very small Hidden Mickey engraved in one of the stones. 

It’s easier to spot on the left than the right in this photo.
  • Na’vi River Journey

There is an animatronic of a Shaman that sings you a song at the end. If you look at her shawl, there is a Hidden Mickey in it on both sides. It’s a tough one to spot, so you need to wait until you’re fairly close and her arms are up. The holes in her shawl make the Hidden Mickey.

Hidden Mickeys in Hollywood Studios

There are plenty of hidden symbols by Imagineering at many of the Hollywoods Studios attractions. These hidden references are not only on rides but in restaurants too! Enjoy your Mickey scavenger hunt here with this list!

hidden mickey at mickeys runaway train, Hollywood Studios disney theme park
Spot the hidden Mickey on Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Train at Hollywood Studios Disney World
  • Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Train

When you are in the initial room, waiting for the pre-show, look at the red screen on the right and spot the Hidden Mickey on a tree.

  • Tower of Terror secrets

While guests are on the Tower of Terror, there is a point in the ride where you are about to be dropped in the elevator shaft. Right before you drop, there is a light that is shaped as a Hidden Mickey. 

  • Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster Easter Eggs

When guests are in the recording studio before they get onto the actual ride there are a bunch of coiled wires on the ground that make up a Hidden Mickey.

  • Star Tours

As you are walking through the detailed queue line with various characters and droids, you can spot R2D2 rolling around. He is wearing Mickey ears. If you spot him, that’s a Hidden Mickey!

  • Sci- Fi Dine In Theater

If you look in the night sky, just above the fence you will see a secret Hidden Mickey disguised as a tree.

Mickey Hidden Details in Galaxy’s Edge

  • Ride of the Resistance

Imagineering have Hidden Mickeys on newer rides at the Disney Parks too. While on the ride, guests will come face-to-face with one of the Star Wars characters, Kylo Ren. Look around at the control panels around him, there is a Hidden Mickey on one of them.

Hidden Mickey on Smugglers Run at Hollywood Studios
Hidden Mickey on Smugglers Run at Hollywood Studios
  • Millennium Falcon Smuggler’s Run Ride

There is a Hidden Mickey as you are about to enter the cockpit on one of the walls by a screen on the right hand side. 

Hidden Mickeys in Toy Story Land

  • Alien Swirling Saucers

There is a mural dedicated to Buzz Lightyear and Space Rangers. In this mural, guests can find a Hidden Mickey in the buttons.

  • Slinky Dog Dash

There is a mural on the wall as you board the ride that looks like it was drawn out of crayons. Look very closely at the top right corner where the Green Army Men are and there is a Hidden Mickey in the clouds.

  • Toy Story Midway Mania

When you are entering the ride there is a picture on the wall featuring the Toy Story characters Slinky Dog, Mr. Potato Head, and Bullseye. These three photos are in circles and the three circles make up a Hidden Mickey.

Huge Mickey Hidden References

There are some Hidden Mickey Easter Eggs that you can’t see from just being in the Disney theme parks. Some you need a bigger arial view to reveal the Disney magic and secrets.

  • Expedition Everest

When you look at the entire ride from an arial view you can see that the whole track is actually a giant Hidden Mickey – how is that for one of the largest hidden surprises?

  • Solar Panels

Disney has a field of solar panels to help power the Disney parks. These solar panels create a giant Hidden Mickey when looked at from up above. You can see these solar panels if you drive into EPCOT.

  • Hollywood Studios

The main courtyard area of Hollywood Studios actually makes a Hidden Mickey when looked at from above. It even has Mickey’s face!

Fellow Disney enthusiasts, have you found any Mickey’s around the Disney theme parks or at your Disney Resort? We hope our Hidden Mickey list has helped get you started. Let us know in the comments below.

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