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Is It Worth Visiting The World’s Largest McDonalds In Orlando?

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Considering a visit to the world’s largest McDonald’s in Orlando? You might be on the fence, especially with Orlando’s abundance of amazing eats, like the tasty Cuban dishes and local flavors that steal the spotlight.

But hang on a sec and think about the kiddos! For them, a stop at Mickey D’s is like a mini getaway. 

McDonalds Orlando

There’s just something about a Happy Meal and some playtime that’s quick, affordable, and always a win. Plus, this isn’t your average McDonald’s—it’s the BIGGEST one globally.

They’ve got special menu items and entertainment you won’t find anywhere else

A visit to the world’s largest McDonald’s will definitely make for a unique experience, so let me take you through all the reasons why you should add it to your Orlando adventure! This article has all the deets you need to know. 

Where is the world’s biggest McDonald’s?

Spanning an impressive 19,000 square feet, the World’s largest McDonald’s is conveniently located a mere 2 miles from Universal. Just hop in your car, cruise down to 6875 Sand Lake Rd, taking a right at the intersection of International Drive and Sand Lake Drive off Interstate 4, and you’ll have arrived at the Epic McD. 

What time does the world’s largest McDonald’s open?

You’ll be happy to know that this McDonald’s is open 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Whether you have the midnight munchies, are planning a spontaneous playdate, traveling with the family and in need of a quick bite for the kids, or find yourself hungry when everything else is closed, this McDonald’s has got you covered. 

Inside mcdonalds in Orlando

What does the inside of the world’s largest McDonald’s look like?

Epic McD lives up to its name as a spacious restaurant that surprisingly avoids big crowds, even during busy times! Renovated in 2016, it stands out with its massive three-floor layout.

Don’t forget to snap a quick selfie with the large Ronald McDonald neon figure at the entrance if you visit at night—it’s quite the sight!

On the ground floor, you’ll find six large-screen kiosks to order your food before grabbing a comfy seat. There’s something special here—an open kitchen dedicated to making brick oven pizzas!

And for dessert lovers, the dessert bar offers an extensive selection. Kids especially enjoy their mealtime near the captivating aquarium.

As you collect your order, head up to the second floor, where the real action happens. Along with eating spots, this level is filled with entertainment.

Mcdonalds play area in orlando

There’s a two-story PlayPlace for younger kids and an arcade with about 30 games for teens and adults, from classics like skee ball to newer favorites like Candy Crush. You can even trade in tickets, just like at a regular arcade!

While enjoying your meal, check out the touchscreen pads at each table for gaming fun. And don’t miss other cool features like the animatronic piano player with a moon head, artistic walls, vibrant murals, and intriguing sea creature models that make for great Instagram pics.

What does the McDonald’s menu look like?

At the world’s largest McDonald’s, the menu expands beyond the usual choices to offer around 50 exclusive dishes. This includes a selection of chef-inspired options like custom brick oven pizzas, gourmet sandwiches, Philly cheesesteaks, and a variety of paninis.

Additionally, their breakfast menu offers a range of dishes like create-your-own omelets, Belgian waffles, enchiladas, and French toast.

Mcdonalds Orlando cakes

The dessert selection boasts a variety of cakes, pies, and specialty sundaes, featuring items like layer cake, chocolate corruption cake, glazed apple fritter, and peanut butter explosion cake.

For those curious about something different, there’s a Secret Menu with items specific to the area that aren’t listed on the official menu. It adds a local twist to the offerings and might just surprise you!

McDonald's AI-Powered Digital Menu Boards, World Biggest Mcdonald's International Drive, Orlando Florida

How do you place your order at the Epic McD?

Ordering is designed to suit different preferences at Epic McD. The self-service kiosks offer a contact-free and efficient way to place your order, ideal for those seeking a quieter and more straightforward experience.

Parents with children can find the kiosks especially convenient when waiting for their little ones to decide on their meals.

Those who prefer a more personal touch or assistance, or simply prefer the traditional ordering method, can approach the food counter, engage with the friendly staff, and place your order in person.

What can you do at the Epic McD?

Kids can explore the PlayPlace, a towering play area with tubes, tunnels, and even a child-sized hamster wheel that is perfect for climbing, sliding, and letting their energy run wild. While your order is prepared, the two-story play zone keeps the little ones active, igniting their appetites and evoking nostalgic childhood memories for all.

The Arcade offers both the latest games for younger players and classic favorites among its selection of 100 games. With a rate of $10 for 30 minutes!

McDonalds at Idrive Orlando

How long does it take to get food at Epic McD?

McDonald’s classic fast food items like cheeseburgers and fries are served promptly after ordering, following the usual quick service. However, if you’re opting for something unique like their pasta or pizzas, expect a slightly longer wait.

Trust me, the pizzas, with their crispy crusts and delightful char, prove worth the extra time.

At the McCafe, indulge in various cakes from traditional cheesecake to the indulgent peanut butter explosion cake available at the dessert bar. Additionally, there’s a dedicated ice cream counter, perfect for cooling off on sunny days.

Does the world’s largest McDonald’s have a drive-thru?

Absolutely! The world’s largest McDonald’s proudly features a drive-thru option. McDonald’s is renowned for its convenient service, and here, they don’t compromise.

For those looking for a swift meal option, rest assured knowing that this McDonald’s offers a drive-thru with multiple lanes to ensure a smooth experience.

Is it worth it to visit the world’s largest McDonald’s?

Is the world’s largest McDonald’s worth a visit? The Epic McD may not be everyone’s top choice, yet it’s an unusual addition to your Orlando adventure.

If you’re seeking a break from the theme park frenzy or a quirky spot for a change of pace, this family-friendly destination could pleasantly surprise you.

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