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List of all Disney Princesses Names and Fun Facts!

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Answering a Disney trivia quiz? Or looking for name inspiration? This complete list of all the Disney Princess Names will help you out! Not only are the 12 current official Disney Princesses included but all the main lead female characters aka unofficial princesses, fun facts , Disney pet names and where to find the Disney Princesses at Disney World. You’ll find pictures and names of the main Disney princesses too. No Disney villains to be found within this list!

Starting with the official Disney Princesses: Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora, Belle, Ariel, Jasmine, Pocahontas, Mulan Tiana, Merida, and Moana. (Tinkerbelle was on the list, but removed when the Disney Fairies franchise began in 2005 and Esmerelda from The Hunchback of Notre Dame was also removed at a similar time.)

Anna and Elsa became Queens and with Frozen becoming such a huge hit, they had their own franchise so never made it to the official list.

So how many Disney princesses are there? The answers vary, depending on who you speak to and your definition of a Disney Princess, but hopefully this guide will help you decide!

Current Official List of Disney Princesses

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Who is your favorite princess from Disney? Current order of Disney princesses are as follows with details of where to find them at WDW or if you want to follow a Disney Princess Itinerary when visiting Magic Kingdom WDW! The cool facts may help you answer a Disney quiz too:

Disney Princess Snow White
Snow White

Snow White (1937)

Animal/non-human companion: Seven Dwarfs

The original Disney Princess, known for her love of animals, kind heart and optimism! Her story is based on the German fairy tale by The Brothers Grimm: Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs.

Her evil stepmother, the Evil Queen is insanely jealous of her step daughter’s beauty and wants her killed so she can be the fairest in the land.

The Evil Queen sends a woodchopper to bring back Snow White’s heart, but upon meeting Snow White, he cannot do the dreadful deed and instead tells her to run and hide and never return to the castle.  

Snow White, then discovers the home of the 7 Dwarfs and lives with them happily keeping house, whilst they dig in the mines.

However, the Evil Queen, discovers Snow White is still alive and uses her magical power to disguise herself as old lady selling apples. She laces with with poison and gives one to Snow White, who takes a bite and collapses.

The Dwarfs grieve for their beloved Snow White and place her in a glass coffin, not realizing she is under a spell and not dead but instead in a deep sleep.

A handsome Prince hears of the princess and visits her. Immediately he falls in love and kisses her. Snow White wakes up and falls in love with him.

Fun Facts About Snow White:

  • It was the first full length Disney film so there are no hidden clues or “Easter eggs as they known” which can be found in later movies.
  • Snow White was just 14 years old in the movie, making her the youngest Disney princess.
  • The original Snow White was drawn by the same artists behind Betty Boop and had pouty red lips and long eyelashes. However, Walt Disney decided that he wanted Snow White to have a more innocent and wholesome look.
  • Snow White is the only Disney princess who doesn’t speak to her prince.

Where to Find Snow White in Walt Disney World:

Pre covid Snow White could be found when dining at Cinderella’s Table in the castle. She can also be found at the Town Hall in Main Street in Magic Kingdom or at Epcot in Germany near her Wishing Well.

Also look out for Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs at the Festival of Fantasy Parade. At Princess Storybook Dining in Norway at Akershus Royal Banquet Hall in Epcot, look out for Ariel, Cinderella, Belle and Princess Aurora too.

Disney Princess Cinderella

Cinderella (1950)

Animal/non-human companion: Jaq and Gus

The story of Cinderella is one of the most popular fairy tales in history with versions recorded by the Brothers Grimm, Charles Perrault and the oral tradition as far back as China around 850. It has been translated into more than 150 languages and adapted into live action films, animated films, plays and operas.

Cinderella is a fairy tale about a girl who lives with her cruel stepmother and two stepsisters. The story tells the adventures of a woman who is forced to work as a servant in her own home, until she meets a prince and eventually marries him.

In the story, Cinderella has been mistreated by her stepmother and stepsisters for years. One day, she is invited ,along with all the other unmarried ladies to the ball because the Prince’s father wants to find his son a wife.

Cinderella is excited about the ball but has no dress or shoes suitable for such an event. With the help of her fairy godmother, she acquires both a beautiful gown and glass slippers that make her look like a princess.

However, her fairy godmother warns her that by the last stroke of midnight, all of the magic wil end: her carriage will return to a pumpkin, a dress to tatters, her horses to mice.

Cinderella attends the ball and dances with the Prince who instantly falls in love with her. At midnight, when the ball ends, she leaves with one of her slippers as she in such a hurry.

The Prince scours the land demanding every maiden try the glass slipper on. Finally, Cinderella is freed form her locked room and is able to try on the glass slipper – which of course fits perfectly. The Prince and her marry and everyone lives happily every after.

Fun Facts about Cinderella

Cinderella actually loses her shoe three times in the animated movie. The first time she loses her shoe on the staircase whilst was serving breakfast to her stepmother and stepsisters.

The second time famously as she rushing back home at midnight from the ball. The third was on her wedding day. There are hidden Mickey clues in this movie too: There are Mickey shaped bubbles when Cinderella is scrubbing the floors and a Mickey on her carriage!

Where to Find Cinderella in Walt Disney World:

Meet Cinderella in the castle at Magic Kingdom for dining at Cinderella’s Royal Table. She is also at the Princess Fairytale Hall in Magic Kingdom with another princess.

At Princess Storybook Dining in Norway at Akershus Royal Banquet Hall in Epcot, look out for Snow White, Ariel, Belle and Princess Aurora too.

Disney Princess Aurora Sleeping Beauty
Aurora at Epcot

Aurora/Briar Rose – Sleeping Beauty (1959)

Animal/non-human companion: Flora, Fauna, and Merrywether

The sleeping beauty, Aurora, is the protagonist in Disney’s 1959 film “Sleeping Beauty”. She is a princess who is cursed to prick her finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel and die on her 16th birthday. The curse can only be broken by love’s first kiss.

Disney’s Sleeping Beauty was released in 1959 and was the last animated feature that Walt Disney himself oversaw from start to finish. It is the 11th animated feature in the Walt Disney Animated Classics series. The film is based on Charles Perrault’s classic fairy tale, “Sleeping Beauty”.

The story begins with an evil fairy named Maleficent cursing a baby princess, Aurora, to die when she pricks her finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel on her 16th birthday.

Three good fairies – Flora, Fauna and Merryweather – are able to protect Aurora from Maleficent’s curse by putting her into an enchanted sleep instead. The three good fairies take turns watching over the sleeping princess until she turns 16 years old.

On her birthday the good fairies argue over the color of Aurora’s dress with magic turning it from pink to blue, attracting the attention of Maleficent!

At the castle, Aurora is lured to the spinning wheel and pricks her finger and falls instantly into a deep sleep.

The three good fairies are responsible for protecting Aurora from Maleficent’s initial death curse by putting her and the castle into an enchanted sleep.

To prevent Phillip from rescuing Aurora, Maleficent kidnaps and imprisons him but the fairies rescue him. He defeats Malfeicent in her dragon form, kisses Aurora which breaks the spell.

Fun Facts about Aurora and the film:

Prince Phillip was named after HRH The Duke of Edinburgh. Like looking for Hidden Mickey’s? Look at the biscuits when the fairies are having tea.

Where to Find Sleeping Beauty in Walt Disney World:

See Aurora at Epcot near France overlooking the water or at Cinderella’s Royal Table.

Meet Ariel at her Grotto in Magic Kingdom. At Princess Storybook Dining at Norway in Akershus Royal Banquet Hall in Epcot, look out for Snow White, Cinderella, Belle and Ariel too.

Disney Princess Ariel

Ariel – The Little Mermaid (1989)

Animal/non-human companion: Flounder

Ariel is the youngest daughter of King Triton, ruler of the underwater city of Atlantica. She is a 16 year old mermaid who wants to be human and is fascinated by human objects.

She rescues Prince Eric from drowning and falls in love. Desperate to be human, Ariel trades her voice to the sea witch Ursula in exchange for legs so she can marry Eric.

However, Ursula tricks her. She has until sundown to make Price Eric fall in love with her and kiss her to break the spell, or Ariel’s lost soul will belong to Ursula. With a little help from her animals friends, Ariel is free and marries Prince Eric.

Fun Facts about Ariel

The King and the Grand Duke from Cinderella appear in the background at Prince Eric and Ariel’s wedding.

Where to Find Ariel in Walt Disney World:

Meet Ariel at her Grotto in Magic Kingdom. At Princess Storybook Dining in Norway at Akershus Royal Banquet Hall in Epcot, look out for Snow White, Cinderella, Belle and Princess Aurora too.

Disney Princess Belle in Yellow dress
Belle at Enchanted Tales

Belle – Beauty and the Beast (1991)

Animal/non-human companion: Lumiere and Cogsworth

Beauty and the Beast was a French fairytale written by French novelist Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve in 1740.

Belle is the protagonist of Disney’s 1991 animated feature film, Beauty and the Beast. She is voiced by American actress and singer Paige O’Hara in the original animated film and American actress Emma Watson in the live-action remake.

Belle is an intelligent, self-sufficient young woman who prefers reading books to being romanced by vain men.

A young prince and his servants fall under an enchanted spell after he refuses sanctuary to an old woman due to her looks.

In punishment, she turns the prince into a Beast and his servants into household items. She also enchants a rose and states if does not find someone who loves him and who he loves in return by his 21st birthday, he will remain a Beast for ever.

One by the one the petals fall as his 21st birthday looms. After keeping Belle’s father prisoner, for being an unwitting trespasser, Belle comes searching for her father.

The Beast frees her father when she agrees to stay with him in the castle. Belle and the Beast do not get on at first, although the servants try to make them fall in love.

Belle discovers the hidden rose in the West Wing, but the Beast grows angry so Belle runs away. She is chased by a pack of wolves but the Beast rescues her.

She returns with him to the castle and nurses his wounds. Slowly they seem to fall in love. Belle worries about her father so the Beast gives her a magic mirror to gaze on him. When she discovers Gaston has locked him up in a asylum, the Beast allows her to return and free him.

However, Gaston instead traps Belle and her father, until little Chip the teacup comes to the rescue. As an angry mob descend to the castle, believing Gaston’s lies, the Beast has no choice but to defend himself.

Gaston stabs the Beast but in doing so falls to his death. As the beast lies dying, Belle weeps and declare her love, and just as the last petal begins to fall, he turns back into a Prince and they of course live happily ever after.

Fun Facts about Belle and the film

  • Belle is the 5th official Disney Princess and was the first princess with brown hair. Snow White, Aurora, Cinderella and Ariel all had black, blonde or red har.
  • The film offers a special hidden ‘Easter Egg’ feature during the death scene of Gaston. As he falls from the castle, small skulls flash through his eyes super quickly. According to the film makers, this is meant to indicate that he does die from the fall.
  • She is one of the few Disney Princesses to be in her 20’s! Most are teenagers!

Where to Find Belle in Walt Disney World:

See Belle at Epcot in the France pavilion in the shade by the waters edge in her blue and white dress and in her yellow ballgown at Enchanted Tales with Belle in Fantasyland.

She is also occasionally at Cinderella’s Royal Table. At Princess Storybook Dining in Norway at Akershus Royal Banquet Hall in Epcot, look out for Snow White, Cinderella, Ariel and Princess Aurora too.

Disney Princess Jasmine

Jasmine – Aladdin (1992)

Animal/non-human companion: Rajah

Aladdin is an animated movie by Disney that tells the story of Aladdin, living on the streets of Agrabah with his pet monkey Abu.

He meets Jafar, the evil advisor to the King who wants him to retrieve a lamp from a secret cave. He warns Aladdin no to touch anything inside the cave but Abu grabs a jewel which triggers the caves destruction.

Jafar pretends to help Aladdin escape but asks for him to hand the lamp over. Aladdin does and Jafar leaves him to die.

Luckily the magic carpet and the genie help him escape. The genie offers him three wishes and as Aladdin want to impress Jasmine he ask to become rich.

Jasmine is not impressed with him as a prince, but Aladdin is determined to impress her. As Aladdin and the genie start to become friends, Aladdin realises he lust hlep save the kingdom from Jafar, and in doing so wins Jasmine’s heart. He gifts his third wish to the genie, and sets him free.

Fun Facts about Aladdin

When Maui sings “You’re Welcome” in Moana you’ll see Flounder in the school of fish from the Little Mermaid. Also in Tamatoa’s the crabs treasure collection, you’ll see Aladdin’s lamp.

Also look out at all the toy animals the Sultan has: one is the Beast! Lastly, when the Genie brings out a royal menu for Aladdin, he gets pinched by Sebastian the crab from The Little Mermaid.

Where to Find Jasmine in Walt Disney World:

See Princess Jasmine in Morocco, World Showcase Epcot

Ponchontas (1995)

Animal/non-human companion: Meeko

Pocahontas is an American animated film produced by Walt Disney Feature Animation and released on June 23, 1995. The movie is loosely based on the legend of Pocahontas and John Smith.

The film starts with a scene showing a ship coming to Jamestown, Virginia.

The captain of the ship tells the people that they have arrived in Virginia to claim a new land for their king and queen. John Smith arrives at Jamestown with other settlers to find the land already inhabited by Native Americans.

He is captured by one tribe but rescued by another who takes him to their village where he meets Pocahontas, daughter of Chief Powhatan.

Pocahontas is not interested in her father’s goal of getting rid of all settlers from his territory and she falls in love with John but they soon realise there is increasing conflict between the tribe and colonists. John and Pocahontas meet with Grandmother Willow and discuss how to bring peace between them – but their plan fails and battle lines are drawn as tensions rise.

John is injured and has to return to England. He asks Pocohontas to go with him, but she decides to stay with her tribe and maintain the truce.

Fun Facts about the Pochontas film:

The 1995 release date was also the 400th anniversary of the real Pocahontas’ birth. There are many historical inaccuracies in Disney’s version of Pocahontas.

In reality she married Kocoum first and then John and lived in England.

Where to Find Pochontas in Walt Disney World:

Meet Pocahontas at Discovery Island Trails in Animal Kingdom

Mulan (1998)

Animal/non-human companion: Mushu

Mulan is a 1998 Disney animated film based on the Chinese legend of Hua Mulan. The protagonist, Hua Mulan, is a young girl who disguises herself as a man in order to fight in the war against the Huns when her aging father was unable to go.

The spirits of the ancestors awake and discuss what to do in regards to Mulan. Mushu, a dragon is sent after Mulan to wake up the Great Stone Dragon to bring her back safely.

Mushu accidently breaks the statue and decides to protect Mulan himself! Meanwhile, Mulan struggles with hiding her true identity but is determined to become a great warrior.

After she helps her fellow warriors, her secret is discovered and she is banished in disgrace, but she still wants to help. Ultimately, she saves the city and is praised by the Emperor for her bravery.

Fun Facts about the Mulan film:

Mulan is not actually a princess and she was the first Disney princess to be raised by both parents.

Where to Find Mulan in Walt Disney World:

Meet Mulan in China at Epcot

Disney Princess Tiana

Tiana – Princess and the Frog (2009)

Animal/non-human companion: Ray

Tiana is a princess who is determined to open her own restaurant after being inspired by her father’s love for cooking.

The story of Tiana’s journey to opening her restaurant is about taking risks, dreaming big and having faith in yourself. Tiana is the first African-American Disney Princess.

She meets a prince, Naveen, who is turned into a frog by an evil voodoo witch doctor and they both must work together to get back their human forms and save their family members.

Naveen can only change back if he is kissed by a princess and Tiana isn’t. After defeating the Shadow Man, the pair resign themselves to staying as frogs but are happy to be together and decide to get married.

They kiss and the spell is broken as now Tiana has married a prince and become a princess. Her restaurant is a huge success!

Fun Facts about Tiana

She is the only princess with a proper job. In the song ‘Dig a Little Deeper’ Mama Odie throws the Genie lamp from Aladdin. The Magic carpet can also be spotted. Another “Easter Egg” is King Triton, Ariel’s Father. he can be spotted in the Mardi Gras parade.

Where to Find Tiana in Walt Disney World:

She is sometimes at the Princess Fairytale Hall in Magic Kingdom with Cinderella.

Disney Princess Rapunzel Tangled

Rapunzel – Tangled (2010)

Animal/non-human companion: Pascal

Rapunzel, a classic Disney princess, is the protagonist of the story. She is a 18-year-old girl who has been locked in a tower for eighteen years by an evil witch, Mother Gothel.

Mother Gothel kidnapped her as a baby because she wants to use her hair to stay young and live forever. Rapunzel’s long hair has magical healing powers that can heal any injury or illness.

The only company Rapunzel has is her pet chameleon Pascal.

Rapunzel’s life changes when she meets Flynn Rider who despite being a thief wants to turn his life around.

Rapunzel persuades him to come with her to the Festival of Lights at the kingdom and she in return will give him the stolen tiara she has hidden from him. Instead Rapunzel discovers who she really is, a princess and her and Flynn get married and live happily every after.

Fun Facts about Rapunzel and the Tangled film:

There are hidden clues or “Easter Eggs” in this movie too. Look at Rapunzel’s staircase in her tower; there is an apple for Snow White, a rose for Belle, a shell representing Ariel and an actual spinning wheel behind her for Aurora. 

Where to Find Rapunzel in Walt Disney World:

Meet and Greet at Princess Fairytale Hall – she may be with Tiana.

Merida from Brave (2012)

Animal/non-human companion: Angus

Merida is a princess in Disney’s “Brave”. She is the daughter of King Fergus and Queen Elinor. She has long, curly red hair and blue eyes. Merida was born to be a great archer, and she is also skilled with knives, swords, and other weapons.

In the film, Merida has a strained relationship with her mother. Merida’s mother wants her to have a traditional marriage with one of three lords from other clans so that they can unite their kingdoms together.

However, Merida does not want this and wants to choose her own fate instead. She is feisty and headstrong and wishes she could be free.

Whilst making a wish, the spell turns Merida’s mother into a bear. Merida attempts to fix the mistake and also helps fix her mothers and her relationship.

Fun Facts about Merida:

Check out the witches hut. Here you will find Pixar A113 appearing in Roman numerals as ACXIII above the door. The Pizza Planet truck appears as a wooden toy on a worktable behind a candle, and Sulley from Monsters Inc.

Where to Find Merida in Walt Disney World:

Merida can be seen on the parades and occasionally greeting guests at Liberty Square at the Enchanted Glades Gazebo.


Moana (2016)

Animal/non-human companion: Pua

Moana is It is the 56th animated feature in the Walt Disney Animated Classics series. It tells the story of Moana, the only daughter of a chief in a long line of navigators, who sets off on an adventure to find demigod Maui and save her people from famine.

Along the way, she teams up with her hero, Maui. After she meets Maui, Moana has to set out on an epic journey across the ocean with him and her pet pig Pua and together they sail across the Pacific Ocean to an island where Moana fulfills her destiny as “the one who makes things right”.

Fun Facts about Moana

When Maui sings “You’re Welcome” in Moana you’ll see Flounder in the school of fish from the Little Mermaid. Also in Tamatoa’s the crabs treasure collection, you’ll see Aladdin’s lamp. For more fun facts on Moana see here.

Where to Find Moana in Walt Disney World:

Meet Moana at Animal Kingdom by Character Landing at 09:30 and 2.30pm.

More Disney Princesses at Disney World

Disney Princess Elena of Avalor

Elena of Avalor

Animal/non-human companion: Jaquin 

Elena is a Princess of Avalor on the Disney animated television series.

Where to Find Elena in Walt Disney World:

She is sometimes at the Princess Fairytale Hall in Magic Kingdom with Cinderella.

Disney Princess Elsa


The princess turned Queen of Arendelle with magical snow and ice powers. She is now Protector of the Enchanted Forest. Elsa, and Anna are not on the official Disney princess names list because they have their own franchise -with the Frozen movies being such a huge hit.

Fun Facts about the Frozen film:

When the gates open for Elsa’s coronation day, Rapunzel with short brown hair can be spotted walking into the castle.

Where to Find Elsa in Walt Disney World:

Meet Anna and Elsa at Royal Sommerhus at Epcot

Disney Princess Anna


The kind hearted princess, now Queen of Arendelle.

Where to Find Anna in Walt Disney World:

Meet Anna and Elsa at Royal Sommerhus at Epcot

Mirabel – Encanto (2021)

Ok, Mirabel isn’t technically a princess and doesn’t have an animal sidekick but she is a princess in every other way. Encanto is a 2021 American computer-animated musical fantasy film produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios and distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures.

The 60th film produced by the studio! Encanto tells the story of the Madrigals, a Colombian family who live in a magical house called the Casita. Each member of the Madrigal family has a unique magical gift, except for Mirabel. When the Casita starts to crack, Mirabel is the only one who can save it.

Mirabel is a kind, caring, and optimistic young woman. She is also very resourceful and determined. Even though she doesn’t have a magical gift, she is still an important member of the Madrigal family. Mirabel loves her family very much, and she is willing to do anything to save the Casita.

In the film, Mirabel goes on a journey of self-discovery. She learns that she doesn’t need a magical gift to be special. She also learns that the most important thing is family.

Where to Find Mirabel in Walt Disney World: Meet Mirabel at Fairytale Garden at Magic Kingdom(where Merida used to be).

Even more Disney Princess Names: 

  • Jane Porter – Tarzan
  • Kida – Atlantis
  • Anastasia
  • Raya
  • Esmerelda – Hunchback of Notre Dame
  • Sofia The First
  • Princess Eilonwy – The Black Cauldron
  • Princess Leia – Star Wars
  • Maid Marion – Robin Hood
  • Giselle – Enchanted
  • Alice – Alice in Wonderland
  • Vanellope von Schweetz – Wreck it Ralph
  • Megara – Hercules
  • Wendy Darling – Peter Pan

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