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The Escape Game Orlando – All You Need To Know

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My kids are at that fun age where activities like escape rooms are hugely entertaining. So, with that in mind, during our last trip to Orlando, we decided to take a detour from the theme parks and head to the Escape Game Orlando.

Now, I will admit, we aren’t seasoned escape room players by all means. But we’ve done a few in various locations, and the Escape Game Orlando was by far one of our favourites. 

The Escape Game Orlando - All You Need To Know

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With seven escape room puzzles to choose from—all of which range in difficulty—you can see if you have what it takes to solve the mystery and ultimately escape the room. 

So, if you’re in Orlando with slightly older children and are looking for something immersive, fun, and different from the city’s typical attractions, then you must check out the Escape Game Orlando. And this full in-depth Escape Game Orlando review will give you all the reasons why!

The Escape Game Orlando Location and Facilities

Like many other great attractions in Orlando (check out Things To Do On International Drive With Kids for more information), you can find the Escape Game Orlando on International Drive. 

As you drive down IDrive, you’ll come across a few different escape room companies. But the Escape Game Orlando was one of the top recommended companies with the best reviews, and we can totally understand why. 

I also want to mention that along with the seven thrilling mystery puzzles, Escape Game Orlando has toilets that players can visit at any time. So don’t worry if you or your little ones are bursting to go mid-game, you are able to leave the room and return once your business is done!

Escape Game Room Full Address: 8145 International Drive, Suite 511, Orlando, Florida, 32819

The Escape Game Orlando Themes and Difficulty Levels

What’s great about the Escape Game Orlando is there are actually seven different puzzles to choose from. So even if you have an absolute blast completing one, you can book onto another and have an entirely different experience. 


The first game players can choose from is Playground. And of all the seven games, this one is the least difficult. 

Escape Game has rated Playground as a 6/10 difficulty. So even though it is slightly easier than the other games, it will still provide a challenging experience—especially if you have little ones in tow!

During the Playground escape game, you and your team will complete a series of assignments in a classroom-themed room. And these assignments are like ones you’ve never encountered before. 

As Playground is a fun, engaging, and lighthearted take on an escape room, it’s a great choice for first-timers or families with kids. So, get your thinking cap on and knuckle down before the time runs out!

Gold Rush

Gold Rush is the second easiest escape room at Escape Game Orlando. And it’s the game we chose to do with our 8 and 11-year-olds. 

Coming in at a 7/10 on the difficulty level, Gold Rush tells the tale of Clyde Hamilton, your recently deceased relative who left you a substantial amount of gold as an inheritance.

The catch? Well, you have to find the inheritance, of course! 

With 60 minutes on the clock, players have to search Clyde’s cabin and find the stash before news of the fortune gets out. And with various clues and hints to figure out, everyone can get involved with the interactive game and play their part in solving the mystery. 

We personally found that the puzzles throughout Gold Rush started off easy. But as the game progressed, they became more challenging and harder to solve. 

The easier puzzles meant that our girls got fully involved in the experience and could work out the clues on their own. While the more difficult puzzles towards the end of the game still gave me and my husband something to think about.

All in all, it was an enjoyable game with some thrilling twists and turns. And we’ll definitely be back to play one of the other rooms Escape Game Orlando has on offer. 

Escape Game escape room Gold Rush
Inside the Escape Game escape room Gold Rush
Figuring out how to escape the Escape Game escape room Gold Rush

The Depths

Another of Escape Game Orlando’s 7/10 rooms takes you underwater to explore an abandoned laboratory. 

Throughout this suspenseful game, you’ll uncover the research of Dr Humphreys, a researcher who has recently gone missing, while also working as a team to navigate the submarine and discover what’s hidden in the depths of the ocean. 

The Heist

Moving up a point on the difficulty level is The Heist. And during this game, you’ll be tasked with the mission to pull off the ultimate museum heist. 

With your fellow players, you’ll attempt to slip through the museum galleries undetected, break into the office of the museum curator, Vincent Hahn, and recover a missing Monet painting before the time runs out. 

The Heist is the second escape room that Escape Game Orlando opened. And still, to this day it remains as one of their most popular!

Special Ops: Mysterious Market

For families with kids who would love to be a special ops agent, then Special Ops: Mysterious Market is the game for you. 

After a routine search of a spice market, you find an unexpected discovery. And are now left to combat an international crisis that threatens the state of the world.

If you aren’t able to harness your tactical skills and get to the bottom of the crisis, then a global catastrophe will occur. So, really, there is no pressure! 

Mission: Mars

Ever wanted to travel to space? Well, with Mission: Mars, you can head up to the red planet and get a taste of life as an astronaut.

The journey, however, won’t be smooth sailing as a crash landing resulted in serious damage to your spaceship. 

With 60 minutes on the clock, you’ll need to repair your spaceship and relaunch it back to Earth. And to make matters worse, a deadly solar flare is imminent.

So, getting that ship back up and running is imperative to your survival. 

Prison Break

The final of the seven Escape Game Orlando games is by far the most challenging. So I only recommend it to experienced escape roomers. 

Locked away and separated into two different cells, players will need to work as a team to escape the 1950s-style prison. 

As the most suspenseful, immersive, and thrilling game at Escape Game Orlando, you’ll need to pay close attention to all the included clues and hints, or you’ll never step foot outside those prison walls again. 

The Escape Game Orlando Gameplay Experience

No matter which of the escape rooms you pick, you’re guaranteed to be taken on an exciting adventure with so many unique puzzles to solve and figure out. The atmosphere and themes of each of the games really immerse you in the experience.

For 60 whole minutes, you completely forget that there is a world outside of the rooms. 

If you’ve never done an escape room before, I highly recommend them as not only are they a great source of entertainment, but they ultimately encourage your group or family to work as a team.

A great activity if you have teenagers who typically hate spending time with Mum and Dad! 

Escape Game Orlando Pricing

The ticket price for any of Escape Game Orlando rooms is $41.99 per person. And that’s regardless of age. Children under four, however, can enter the games for free. 

Tips for a Successful Escape

Each game is different, so it’s hard to give specific tips and tricks. But here are some general tips that you can use while tackling an escape room.

  • Work together as a team. The adventures require a whole range of skill sets. So, each team member will play an important role in ensuring the team’s success.  Kid’s brains often work better than adults!
  • Be observant. A lot of people overlook the small details while playing escape games. But these small details can help you crack the case. eg look eye level and down low!
  • Ask for clues if you need them. During your game, you can ask for three hints if you get stuck at any time. And these hints could be just what you need to move onto the next puzzle or area.

Other Useful Information About The Escape Game Orlando

Escape Game Orlando recommends their games for children 13 and up. However, we took our girls, who were 8 and 11, and they had an enjoyable time.

I personally didn’t think the content of the games was out of their grasp. So, if your child is of a similar age, they will be more than fine tackling the escape rooms with you.

For children under the age of 14, a paying adult must be present and must participate in the game. 

To book one of Escape Game Orlando’s games rooms, head to their website, pick the game that interests you, and decide on a suitable time slot. Games run from 9 am all the way to 1 am. So you can even play well into the night if you so wish!  

Opening Hours: 9 am to 1 am

Website: Escape Game Orlando

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