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The Paradox Museum Miami: A Fun and Educational Outing for All Ages

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Presstrip| During our most recent trip to Miami, we were invited to visit the Paradox Museum in the Wynwood area. The photos speak for themselves, so much fun was had by all.

The Miami Paradox Museum in Wynwood isn’t like a traditional museum. But instead, it’s an illusion museum. So I’m sure you can imagine just how much fun my kids—and us adults—had exploring all the exhibits. 

Two girls look at a man's head sticking out of a table at Paradox museum Miami
Nothing like eating Daddy!

If you’re looking for a different, entertaining, and air-conditioned attraction in Miami, then I highly recommend visiting Paradox. 

Lights changing direction illusion. Miami Paradox Museum
Lights changing direction illusion.

About the Paradox Museum

The Paradox Museum in Wynwood, Miami, opened fairly recently in December of 2022. And aims to create engaging, fun, and educational experiences to produce thrilling moments of discovery. 

Family at Paradox museum Miami
  1. Through optical illusions, upside-down rooms, and fun interactive activities, the Paradox Museum essentially leaves you with the question, “How is that even real?”. There are over 70 exhibits in the Paradox Wynwood Museum, and each is more mind-tricking than the rest. 
Paradox museum Miami sign

2. With amazing, attentive staff, plenty of photo opportunities, and enough exhibits to keep you busy for an hour or two, the Paradox Museum is by far one of the best things to do for families in Miami—especially when it’s raining or hot!

3. It’s fun for all ages, from kids to adults.

4. You can take lots of amazing photos to bewilder friends and family.

Girl hanging from weight at Paradox museum Miami

5. It’s a great place to learn about optical illusions and the science behind them.

6. It’s a great way to spend a rainy day or a hot day.

7. It’s located in the Wynwood Arts District, so you can also explore the other art galleries and shops in the area.

Illusion drink at Paradox Museum Miami, Florida
Drinks for one or six?

8. It’s open from 10am to 10pm daily, so you can visit whenever it’s convenient for you.

9. It’s a great place to have some fun and let your imagination run wild.

10. Combo tickets for other attractions are available.

Balloon paradox museum Miami
Up, up and away

Paradox Museum Tickets

Ticket prices for the Paradox Museum differ depending on the day you visit. However, below are the museum’s current prices before tax: 

During weekdays, adult tickets are $26, and child (4 to 11 years old) tickets are $23. You can also purchase a family ticket which brings the price down to $22 per person, equaling out to $88 in total for a family of 4.

Illusion mirrors at Paradox museum Miami

On weekends, however, prices are slightly higher. Adult tickets are $27, child tickets are $24, and a family ticket would be $96 or $24 per person.

Tickets are a few dollars cheaper online, when booking in advance. 

Girl on sofa with legs sticking out Paradox museum Miami
Eaten by the sofa/couch?

Wynwood Buggie sand Paradox Museum Combo Tickets

Wynwood Buggies—a company that operates tours of Wynwood’s graffiti walls—has combination tickets with Paradox.. A standard Wynwood Buggie Tour for an adult on a weekday is $45 before tax.

A combo ticket, with the buggie tour and the Paradox Museum ticket for $56, making the museum only $11 per adult.

We absolutely loved the Wynwood Buggie Tour and found it so interesting to learn all about the area’s vibrant street art and the artists who put it there. The art is one of Wynwood’s top attractions.

Wynwood Buggy Tour golf cart

Driving around on a golf buggy with a knowledgeable guide was a fun way to see it all. My kids will also agree that taking a golf buggy was way better than walking—but you can do a walking tour with them if you’d prefer.  

Parking Options

Although the Paradox Museum in Wynwood doesn’t have its own parking area, there is plenty of paid parking on the street just a short walk from the museum. 

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