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The Ultimate Moana Questions, Answers, and Trivia

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Moana is one of those Disney movies that truly transports you into a different world. And if you’re not lucky enough to live on a tropical island somewhere, it’s nice to escape and pretend for the duration of the movie. 

Whether you’ve only seen Moana once, or if it is on repeat in your house, would you call yourself a superfan? I’ve put together 50 Moana questions and answers so you can truly test out how well you know the movie and all the amazing characters within. So, grab a score sheet and battle it out with your family to see who can be crowned the Moana Q&A champion. 

50 Moana Questions and Answers

Q: What is the name of the Demi-God in Moana?

A: Maui

Q: Was Maui born human?

A: Yes

Q: What is the name of Moana’s village?

A: Motunui

Q: What part of the world is Moana’s village located in?

A: Polynesia

Q: What nickname does Maui give Heihei?

A: Drumstick

Q: What is the name of Moana’s pet pig?

A: Pua

Q: Whose heart did Maui steal?

A: Te Fiti’s

Q: What crops does Moana’s village grow?

A: Coconut palms

Q: What does Moana want Maui to teach her?

A: Wayfinding

Q: When Moana is a toddler, what animal does she save?

A: A sea turtle

Q: When did Maui receive his first tattoo?

A: When his mortal parents abandoned him

Q: How old is Moana in the movie?

A: 16 years old

Q: Who forbade voyaging ?

A: The ancient chiefs

Q: When Maui is fighting with Te Ka, what does he lose?

A: His fishhook

Q: Maui’s necklace is made from what?

A: Teeth

Q: When Maui is shape-shifting, which Frozen character does he turn into?

A: Sven the Reindeer

Q: Te Ka throws what as a weapon?

A: Fireballs

Q: How long was Maui stuck for?

A: 1,000 years

Q: When Moana is in the cave, and she bangs the drum, what does she see?

A: Her ancestors 

Q: What drove the fish away and turned the coconuts black in Moana’s village?

A: The darkness

Q: When Moana sets off to find Maui, who secretly hides on her boat?

A: Heihei, the chicken

Q: Who voices Pua, the pig?

A: Real pigs

Q: Who or what chooses Moana to return the heart to Te Fiti?

A: The Ocean

Q: What does Moana’s grandmother call herself?

A: The village crazy lady

Q: Who made Maui’s fish hook?

A: Polynesian Gods

Q: When Moana becomes chief, what is she supposed to place on the mountain?

A: A stone

Q: Who shows Moana the secret cave filled with boats?

A: Her grandma, Tala

Q: What kind of tattoo does Grandma Tala have?

A: A manta ray

Q: Maui is the Demi-God of what?

A: The wind and sea

Q: When Moana first interacts with the ocean as a toddler, it moves out of the way for her to collect what?

A: Shells

Q: What colour is Moana’s shell necklace?

A: Blue

Q: Finish the lyrics. “What can I say except, _____ _______ “

A: You’re welcome

Q: Who plays Maui the Demi-God?

A: Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

Q: Where does Grandma Tala tell Moana that she can find Maui?

A: At the bottom of Maui’s fishhook constellation

Q: When Maui jumps into the realm of the monsters, what does he shout? 

A: Cheehoo

Q: The Kakamora, the savage tribe of pirates, wear what as armor?

A: Coconuts

Q: Moana’s dad is scared for her to go beyond the reef. Why?

A: Because his best friend drowned out at sea

Q: What is the name of the 50-foot villainous crab?

A: Tamatoa

Q: Who swallows the heart of Te Fiti?

A: Heihei

Q: What can Maui’s tattoos do?

A: Move around

Q: Moana’s grandmother likes to dance with what?

A: The water

Q: Which Disney character makes a cameo appearance at the end of Maui’s song “You’re Welcome”?

A: Flounder from The Little Mermaid

Q: What kind of crab is Tamatoa?

A: A coconut crab

Q: How long did it take Tamatoa to eat his grandmother?

A: A week

Q: What year was Moana released?

A: 2016

Q: What power does Te Fiti’s heart have?

A: It can create life and raise islands

Q: How does Maui distract Te Ka from throwing a fireball at Moana?

A: She performs the Haka

Q: Finish the sentence “I am Moana from Motinui, you will ___”

A: You will board my boat, sail across the sea, and restore the heart of Te Fiti

Q: What symbol is on the sail of Moana’s boat?

A: A swirl

Q: What does Moana actually end up placing on the stones of the Chiefs?

A: A shell


Moana Trivia

  • Moana’s father, Chief Tui, has the same tattoos on his abdomen as Dwayne Johnson’s grandfather.
  • The majority of the movie was computer animated, except for Maui’s tattoos which were hand-drawn.
  • On Tamatoa, the giant villainous crab’s shell, we can see Genie’s lamp from Aladdin
  • Moana is the very first Disney movie with a largely Polynesian cast. 
  • Maui was originally meant to be the main focus character with the movie based around legends of him, however, after the crew traveled to Polynesia, they became fascinated with the culture and created Moana. 
  • Moana means “ocean” and “blue” in both Hawaiian and Maori languages.
  • Auli’i Cravalho, the actress who played Moana, didn’t actually meet Dwayne Johnson until they finished recording their voice work. 
  • When Maui is singing the song “You’re Welcome,” he picks up a coconut, rolls it down his arm, and flips it up his elbow to give to Moana. Aladdin does the same thing with an apple and Jasmine in the movie Aladdin
  • Alan Tudyk, who plays Heihei and Vela in Moana, also plays in four other consecutive Disney animated features before the release of Moana. The first was Wreck-It Ralph in 2012, followed by Frozen (2013), Big Hero 6 (2014), and Zootopia (2016).
  • Disney animators copied the scene from Frozen when Anna wakes up in her bedroom and had Moana sit up on the sand at Maui’s Island in the exact same way. 
  • Zootopia came out eight months before Moana, and it was the first time that Disney has released two animated feature films in the same year since 2002 when they released Lilo and Stitch and Treasure Planet.
  • There are two hidden Mickeys in Moana, the first are three rocks in Tamatoa’s lair, which make up Mickey’s face, and in Moana’s mother’s necklace when she is telling Moana the story of her father. 
  • Moana’s grandmother explains to her that for 1,000 years, boats have stopped coming back to Motinui after Te Fiti stole the heart. This actually depicts a historical event in Polynesia known as “The Long Pause.” No one is sure why the pause actually happened, however. 
  • Moana was number one in the US box office for three consecutive weeks.
  • Moana is the first Disney Princess to have her name in the title since Mulan in 1998. 

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