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When Is The Best Time to Visit Orlando?

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Orlando is a popular place to visit all year round, but if you are looking to time your visit to avoid crowds or perhaps avoid the hottest, wettest weather, then this guide explains the the best time to visit Orlando. A month by month breakdown, also lets you know what dates are likely to bring an additional influx of visitors to Orlando, so you can plan accordingly.

when is the best time to visit Orlando with kids?
When is your favorite time to visit Orlando with kids?

Orlando Peak, Shoulder and Low Seasons

  • Peak Season (March & April, June – August, mid-December – first week in January) Spring Break, Easter and school summer vacation break and school holidays in Europe and Christmas & New Year drive prices and crowds up.
  • Shoulder Season (February, mid-September through October) The shoulder season avoids the main school breaks, although it is half-term break in the UK around February and October. The weather is drier and cooler in February than in September and October.
  • Low Season (May, November – first week of December) Orlando’s low season is short but deals can be found for May and prior to Christmas breaks in December.

When Is The Best Time to Visit Orlando With Kids?

Let’s face it, crowds and queues with kids is not fun. To avoid peak season with crowds and the main rainy period, the best time to visit Orlando is from the middle of January to April, but take care to avoid when the Easter break falls for the USA and other countries, as well as Spring break. For specific scenarios see below.

Best Time For Visiting Theme Parks in Orlando With Kids

If your kids are not school age, the obvious best time for visiting Orlando’s theme parks is out of school holidays/breaks and avoiding weekends too. The main holidays to avoid a bustling Orlando are :

  • Spring Break for 1 week in late March or April (usually around Easter)
  • Summer
  • Christmas and New Year.
  • Whilst not quite as busy, the Winter Break (1 week in February or early March, sometimes coinciding with Presidents’ Day), can also drive crowds.

Immediately after kids are back at school is when you can expect to find fewer crowds, shorter lines and cheaper prices for hotels and airfares.

Best Time to Visit Orlando Weather Wise

Lots of people love to escape the cold winter months and visit Orlando. Who can blame them when the temperature is very pleasant then! The best months to visit Orlando are January to April, with some of the lowest rainfall and when highs can reach from 22 ºC to 29 ºc.

Best Time for Deals on Flights and Packages to Orlando

Deals can be found in January sales and from the second week of September – especially if departing once schools go back in Europe.

Orlando Weather by Month

  • Orlando Weather in January: Temperatures vary slightly through the year in Orlando, with January experiencing warm days of around 21°C in the afternoon, cooler nights with low temperatures of 9°C and a lower chance of rain. Pack some warmer clothes with long sleeves for cooler evenings. For theme parks, the January weather in Orlando is certainly more pleasant.
  • Orlando Weather in February: February in Orlando is again another very pleasant month which brings in visitors from around the northern hemisphere. The winter is much drier and cooler than summer, with plenty of sun and afternoon temperatures reaching 22°C. As with January, you’ll still some warmer clothes for the evenings or early mornings if a park day.
  • Orlando Weather in March: March is one of the driest months of the year and a warm high of 25°C. As with January and February, bring warmer clothes like a sweatshirt for the evenings as then it gets to around 12°C.
  • Orlando Weather in April: April brings an average high to Orlando of 28ºC in April, and also the beginnings of humidity. Rainfall is still low and evening are about 15ºC at night so a sweater or jumper might still be needed. The sun goes down around 8pm so pack plenty of suncream!
  • Orlando Weather in May: May is rainier but much less than the summer, and the humidity is beginning to ramp up. Afternoon temperatures average 31°C and low temperatures are around 18°C.. The sea temperature is warmer now, so trips to springs near Orlando may be more appealing. You may just need a sweater for A/C rather than outdoors.
  • Orlando Weather in June: June’s one of the wettest months but it usually rains in short and heavy downpours. You’ll still get lots of sun and heat at this time. Pack a poncho for the parks or pay extra once there. The average high increases to 32°C and the low is at 22°C.
  • Orlando Weather in July: In July the heat and humidity increases in Orlando as the wet season sets in. There are frequent showers which usually are short lived. A waterproof or poncho is a must to have with you. High temperatures increase to 33°C
  • Orlando Weather in August: August is hot, humid and often wet with higher chances of thunderstorms which are generally short lived.. Average temperature is 33°C and things stay nice and warm in the evenings too, which go down to 23ºC. Humidity’s very high while there’s 171mm of rain over 16 days.  For rainy day activities in Orlando see here!
  • Orlando Weather in September: September’s one of the wettest months of the year in Orlando, although rain often comes in short and heavy downpours with plenty of sunshine in-between. The daily average high decreases slightly in September to 32°C but it will still be hot and humid.
  • Orlando Weather in October: The average high’s 29ºC in October, making Orlando perfect for late summer sun. You can look forward to 11 hours of daylight with seven hours of sunshine each day. Things stay nice and pleasant in the evenings at 18ºC with less crowds. Downpours can still happen, so do pack a poncho and something for the evenings.
  • Orlando Weather in November: If you prefer the weather to be a bit cooler, November’s a great time to visit Orlando, as it’s also one of the driest months of the year. The average high in Orlando is 25ºC in November, so it’s still lovely and warm with reduced chance of rain. Things cool down to 14ºC at night so you should bring some warmer clothes for the evenings.
  • Orlando Weather in December: December is busier with holiday season, but weather wise December’s a great time to visit Orlando, as it’s one of the driest months of the year. The average high in Orlando is 23ºC in December, so it’s great for escaping the cold from the northern states, northern Europe and the UK. Things do get quite cool in the evenings though with temperatures dropping to 10ºC at night. The sea is still fairly warm at 24°C.


Orlando in January

  • New Year’s Day: Macy’s Holiday Parade runs from January 1 – January 6 at Universal Orlando Resort and the Citrus Bowl, takes place on New Year’s Day.
  • Walt Disney World Marathon and Half Marathon: Avoid the Disney Parks as thousands of participants attend this annual event through the Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios and Epcot.
  • Otronicon: A technology event hosted at the Orlando Science Center runs for 4 days mid January.

Orlando in February

Orlando in March

Orlando in April

  • Easter: A popular time for visitors on school holidays/Spring break

Orlando in May

Orlando in June

Orlando in July

  • Fourth of July celebrations

Orlando in August

  • Peak international travel season

Orlando in September

Orlando in October

Orlando in November

  • Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party: MVMCP at the Magic Kingdom is held on select nights from early November until just before Christmas. It includes treats, shows, fireworks, and appearances by Santa Claus, Mickey Mouse and other characters.

Orlando in December

  • Eola Wonderland Christmas Tree Show : A music and light show with a Christmas Tree in Lake Eola Park.
  • Christmas Day: Is a hugely busy day for the theme parks as is NYE. 
  • New Year’s Eve : Expect a busy day and night at the theme parks.

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When Is The Best Time to Visit Orlando?

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