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Did You Know About The Wizard of Oz Museum near Orlando? (Cocoa Beach)

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Are you planning an Orlando vacation with the family and looking for something new to do (apart from the trusty old theme parks, I mean.)?

Well did you know there is a dedicated Wizard of Oz Museum in Cocoa Beach set up by an uber fan?

This museum is a treasure trove for Oz fans, where you’ll get to explore a vast collection of memorabilia, step into 360 degree interactive exhibits, and immerse yourselves in the technicolor magic of the classic tale. 

We visited after exploring Cocoa beach and before our drive back to Orlando.

Did You Know About The Wizard of Oz Museum near Orlando (Cocoa Beach)

Location and Overview

Nestled at 7099 N. Atlantic Ave in Cape Canaveral, The Wizard of Oz Museum is a quick drive from Orlando’s top attractions, stunning beaches, and the Kennedy Space Center. It opened its doors officially in February 2022, welcoming visitors daily from 9 am to 5 pm. Founded by Fred and Palina Trust, avid collectors boasting over 35 years of Oz memorabilia, the museum showcases a mesmerizing array of treasures, from original movie props to rare memorabilia.

We spent about 45 minutes there: our favourite part was the interactive and immersive room which re-enacts scenes from the Wizard of Oz books with a 360 degree view from floor and around all four walls and has a bonus part of some immersive Space and Van Gogh immersive exhibits too.

Our thoughts: The immersive room is the best bit. It is interesting to see some of the exhibits, but you would need to be a super fan to really spend more than a few moments glancing over them.

We found it great for toddler and younger kids due to them loving the interactive displays of walking the ‘moving’ yellow brick road, watching the planets and stars and the Van Gogh pieces, plus the kids play room with toys and showing the Wizard of Oz films is a great touch.

Kids can also partake in a scavenger hunt. For older kids, holding their attention is harder, so you may want to skip this attraction if you have kids over 8 years old.

Wizard of Oz Museum, Wizard of Oz

Ticket Price

Standard ticket prices at The Wizard of Oz Museum are $29.99 for adults (13 and up) and $14.99 for children (3-12). I feel it is especially worth it if parents love the Wizard of Oz and have kids under 3.

You can get your skip-the-queue tickets here

What is in store for you at The Wizard of Oz Museum?

This 4,500-square-foot museum is a magical blend of art, literature, and pure Oz obsession. The eye-catching green exterior hints at the Emerald City within, housing over 2,000 captivating artifacts that will transport you back to your childhood.

Just like Dorothy, follow the yellow brick road (keep an eye out for those poppies!) to the museum’s entrance.  Plan on spending 45 minutes exploring the museum’s treasures, including original movie props if you are a big fan.

We spent about 10-15 minutes and found that ample to take some photos of the props and see the main exhibits. (My husband and I are not super fans but our eldest has played Toto in a school play of the Wizard of Oz and we have seen the films as kids and I have read the books.)

There’s also even a museum gift shop to stock up on souvenirs if you so wish.

Kid-friendly Activities at The Wizard of Oz Museum

In the dedicated kid’s room, little ones can explore a collection of Oz toys, dolls, and puppets.

The museum also offers a fun animal scavenger hunt, sending junior explorers on a quest to find hidden creatures tucked away throughout the exhibits.

Or, they can cozy up in the Munchkin room and watch the classic movie, fully immersing themselves in the magic of Oz.  

Playroom, Wizard of Oz Museum
Kids’ Playroom, Wizard of Oz Museum

The Wizard of Oz Immersive 360 Experience

The Wizard of Oz Immersive Experience is a 2100-square-foot theater room that breathes life into the magic of Oz using cutting-edge technologies. Instead of simply watching movie scenes, you’ll be surrounded by custom-designed content sourced directly from the original books, projected on all four walls and the floor.

 wizard of oz museum yellow brick road

Get ready to experience it all, from the iconic Tornado scene to the vibrant Munchkin Land, witnessing moments straight out of the pages. Watch the Tin Man propose to the munchkin girl and see moving mice rescue a lion from the poppy field.

You’ll also embark on a Journey through the Witches’ Castle and the dark forest, skip along the moving yellow brick road, and party inside the Emerald City alongside all your favorite characters from Oz. The whole Oz experience lasts around 13 minutes.

As an added treat, you’ll soar through the Universe with captivating images from the James Webb telescope. And don’t forget the bonus: a 12-minute Immersive Van Gogh exhibit for an artistic journey you won’t soon forget. This is super popular in various locations around the world at the moment and we thought a great additional bonus to have.

Starry night Van Gogh, Wizard of Oz

Wizard of Oz Collectibles

The curated collection of over 2,000 artifacts at the Wizard of Oz Museum is guaranteed to make superfans weak in the knees. Most of these incredible pieces come with a certificate of authenticity, so you can be sure you’re witnessing genuine movie props and rare memorabilia. Whether you have a soft spot for Dorothy’s ruby slippers or the Wicked Witch’s broomstick, this museum has something for every fan.

If you are a Wizard of Oz super fan, then the information below will be useful for you to know exactly what you can expect.

From Baum to Oz

Step back in time and discover the life of Frank L. Baum, the beloved author who brought Oz to life. The museum proudly displays the first known pre-publication copy of “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz,” published in May 1900. This is where the magic all began!  Explore Baum’s imagination beyond Oz with original first editions of all 14 Oz books alongside over 90 other titles he penned, including classics like “The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus” and “Queen Zixi of Ix.”

Dolls for Every Fan

Meet your favorite Oz characters in doll form! The museum boasts an enchanting collection featuring classic portrayals of Dorothy and the Scarecrow to iconic figures like the Winkie Guard and the Wicked Witch. You’ll find vintage-inspired designs alongside quirky interpretations. From renowned brands like Mattel’s Barbie, Precious Moments, and Madame Alexander, there’s something to charm every visitor. 


The figurine collection captures the essence of Oz in a delightful miniature world. Crafted from various materials like resin, plastic, wood, and even porcelain, these figurines are a collector’s dream. Look out for hand-painted LENOX ivory figurines with a touch of 24-karat gold, intricate Jim Shore designs, and a captivating 3D metal art featuring Dorothy and her companions. You’ll also see busts of key characters, adding a touch of grandeur to the collection.


The Wizard of Oz Museum isn’t just about appreciating artifacts; it’s also about rekindling childhood wonder with its extensive toy collection. Find cuddly plushies that bring your favorite characters to life, whimsical bobbleheads that make you smile, and classic Jack-in-the-Boxes that spark memories of playtime. Visitors of all ages will find something to delight them in this playful display.

Keep an eye out for some of the museum’s unique highlights:

  • A one-of-a-kind Tin Man toy that will transport you back to your favorite childhood playthings.
  • A talking View-Master, ready to take you on a nostalgic trip down memory lane with scenes from the movie.
  • An enchanting Oz-themed music box that will fill the air with melodies and transport you straight to the Emerald City.


At the Wizard of Oz Museum, you’ll discover over 30 original puppets from 1950s Chicago performances, crafted by the famed puppeteer Bill Eubank. These charming creations, admired by institutions like the Smithsonian, are a true testament to the magic of puppetry.

The collection doesn’t stop there. You’ll also find hand puppets from Proctor and Gamble (1964) and Mattel (1967), alongside various string puppets, each adding its own special touch to the display.


The Wizard of Oz Museum understands the enchanting powers of a map, which is why it showcases a collection of maps that bring the Land of Oz to life. Explore vibrantly colored depictions of the entire land and detailed illustrations of its various regions.  These maps offer a glimpse into the fantastical landscapes dreamed up by L. Frank Baum. Imagine yourself navigating the Dark Forest and venturing beyond – all through the power of cartography!


The Wizard of Oz Museum boasts a dazzling collection of Oz-themed ornaments. Find treasures from renowned companies like Hallmark, Radko, and Bradford Exchange, featuring everything from the iconic melting witch and the Emerald City to charming figurines capturing the spirit of Dorothy and her loyal companions. 

Dorothy Dress, Wizard of Oz The museum's pièce de résistance is undoubtedly Dorothy's Dress #7, an official dress from the MGM movie.
The museum’s pièce de résistance is undoubtedly Dorothy’s Dress #7, an official dress from the MGM movie.

1939 Movie Memorabilia 

It’s time to explore the museum’s crown jewel: the captivating array of memorabilia from the 1939 movie “The Wizard of Oz.” This collection offers a glimpse behind the silver screen and brings the beloved film to life. Movie buffs will appreciate the multiple signed posters and will love examining the spear used by the Winkie Guard, a real piece of movie history.

Intrigued by the creative process?  The museum even displays an August 1938 copy of the movie script, offering a peek at the early stages of the film’s development. And of course, no Oz collection would be complete without a nod to Judy Garland, the iconic Dorothy. Marvel at her monogrammed fox-raccoon jacket, a tangible piece of movie magic.

The museum’s pièce de résistance is undoubtedly Dorothy’s Dress #7, an official dress from the MGM movie. This stunning garment embodies the magic of the silver screen and allows you to connect with the film on a whole new level.

Certificate of Authenticity The Great Movie Ride Ruby Slippers Props, Wizard of Oz

Speaking of magic, don’t forget the iconic Ruby Slippers!  Fun fact: while the book describes the slippers as silver, MGM famously changed them to ruby to take advantage of the technicolor filming process.

The Great Movie Ride Ruby Slippers Props, Wizard of Oz

Oz Music

The Wizard of Oz Museum is a multi-sensory experience! It also holds an extensive selection of Oz music across different media, including sheet music and records of popular and niche songs.  So, immerse yourself in the world of Oz through its soundtrack!  Look out for highlights like a copy of “The Wiz” on vinyl, featuring songs from the all-African American adaptation of the classic tale.

Halloween Costumes and Masks

The Wizard of Oz Museum offers a fascinating journey through Oz-themed costumes and masks. Take a trip to the past with children’s Halloween costumes from the 1950s, including a wickedly fun get-up for the Wicked Witch and a pair of Cowardly Lion costumes made from classic cloth and vinyl materials. Original packaging from 1989 provides an authentic touch to the costumes worn by the main characters.

Beyond Halloween, the museum showcases a variety of masks depicting beloved characters from the books and movies.  Explore a range of materials, from plastic Halloween masks to unique creations made from paper, rubber, and even porcelain.


Get your game face on with the Wizard of Oz Museum‘s collection of Oz-themed games spanning different eras. Step back in time with highlights like “The Wonderful Game of Oz” from 1921, featuring a colorful map of the Land of Oz, and the 1939 “Game of The Wizard of Oz,” inspired by the MGM film.  The collection continues with games from the 1950s and early 1960s, showcasing the enduring popularity of Oz.

For a more recent twist, check out the board game based on the Sci-Fi Channel’s series “Tin Man,” starring Zooey Deschanel as Dorothy. The museum also features collector cards and card games, offering a complete Oz gaming experience!

Life-size Characters

After marveling at the museum’s collection, don’t miss your chance to become part of the story! Snap a selfie with the life-size characters, including Dorothy, the Tin Man, the Scarecrow, and more. A heads up: the massive Wicked Witch of the West and her terrifying flying monkeys might spook the littles here so be sure to prepare them beforehand!

The museum also has a charming setup for puppet theater with stick puppets and a detailed backdrop, perfect for capturing playful and memorable photos.

Wicked Witch, Wizard of Oz


The Wizard of Oz Museum goes beyond the expected with its collection of quirky Oz items. Find everything from Wizard of Oz soaps to miniature figurines of prominent characters reimagined as bears, cats, and fairies! For a touch of cinematic history, the museum proudly displays collectible Wizard of Oz plates from the 1970s alongside glassware, cups, and mugs from the 1939 movie.

And for true Oz enthusiasts, the early display cases feature photographs from the 1902 Wizard of Oz play, offering a glimpse into the very beginnings of Oz’s theatrical life.

Our Final Thoughts

Our visit to The Wizard of Oz Museum was a great pit stop whilst at Cocoa Beach and it’s clear the owner is passionate about all of his collections!

The highlight is the immersive room and the much appreciated little touches to help keep all kids engaged with the Kids’ room with toys and showing the movies, plus the scavenger hunt. But you do need to be a super fan to truly appreciate every single exhibit.

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