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A Complete Guide to the Cabanas at Volcano Bay

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An Introduction to Volcano Bay’s Cabana Rentals for Guests Who Aren’t Sure If They’re Worth It

What are Volcano Bay Cabanas?

The Volcano Bay Cabanas are cabanas located at this Orlando waterpark that a guest can rent. They are available for rent in the form of a full day, although sometimes, if a guest has left early you may be able to purchase and use until closing time. You do not need to be a Universal hotel guest to rent them.

The Cabanas at Volcano Bay are a great way to enjoy the waterpark without constantly getting up to queue for rides or grab food and drinks.

There are 51 cabanas dotted around prime locations in the waterpark. Ten are tower block units with two upstairs units and two downstairs units: there is an elevator to reach the top of some if needed. The majority are stand alone buildings which are Single Cabana Units but two are larger Family Cabana Units.

Double Cabanas at Volcano Bay
Double Cabanas at Volcano Bay

Here are four reasons why you should get your own private cabana at Volcano Bay:

1) Away from the crowds –

You can spend your time with family and friends in peace without dealing with long lines for food and drink.

2) Fully equipped –

The single unit cabanas, come fully equipped with a chaise lounge, a table for food and drink, six towels, a fridge with 12 water bottles, a welcome basket with fruit and pastry items and a locker. A flag is on the side for you to raise if you would like your server to come. Last orders are an hour before the park closes.

3) Save time

There is a private Tapu Tapu kiosk which you can tap to reserve a time for a ride where you join a virtual queue (each rider must tap their watch individually), view the food and drinks menu plus view the park map.

4) If you have young children, it’s a great place to let them nap or relax in the shade.

cabana at Volcano Bay
Facilities at the cabanas include, towels, a fruit and pastry basket and water

What facilities do the Volcano Bay Cabanas have?

Single Cabana Units are suitable for up to six people – Inside there are two lounger chairs, a small table, a round dining table with four chairs and a chaise lounge.

For larger groups of up to 15 people, there are two Family Cabanas. Inside there are two chaise lounges, three lounger chairs, a round dining table with four chairs.

All cabanas come fully equipped with:

  • towels
  • a fridge with water bottles (12 in the Single and 30 in the Family)
  • a welcome basket with fruit and pastry items
  • a locker.
  • waste bin
  • an attendant calling flag is on the side for you to raise if you would like your server to come. Last orders are an hour before the park closes.
  • curtains for privacy
  • A Tapu Tapu Kiosk.
  • a fan

How to Reserve a Volcano Bay Cabana

The cabanas are available for reservation by calling 1-877-801-9720

How Much Does a Cabana Cost at Volcano Bay?

This varies depending on the season but start from $199.99 plus tax- per day for a Single unit and higher for the upper level units which range from $299 plus tax. Meanwhile Family Cabanas start at $599.99 per day and up!

Krakatau volcano at Universal's Volcano Bay Waterpark
Krakatau volcano at Universal’s Volcano Bay Waterpark

Tips for Selecting the Best Location for Your Cabana at Volcano Bay

The location of the cabana is important to consider. You’ll want a location that is close enough to the water slides or your preferred area, but far enough so that you don’t have a long walk back. Also if you use a wheelchair, you can request an accessible cabana in advance. Otherwise you can only request a specific cabana on entry to the park.

The accessible cabanas have ramps to enter instead of stairs. They are easily reachable by a concrete walkway. Other cabanas will involve steps and walking on sand to access them.

Best Cabanas if you have Young Children: Cabanas 11, 12 are good options if your kids will be in the kids play area the majority of the time.

The Family Cabanas are 1 and 3 and close to the volcano. Cabana 2 is a Single Unit.

Best Cabanas for Views: Cabanas 4- 8 look towards the wave pool. Number 6 is a double cabana with 2 upstairs and 2 downstairs labelled A,B,C or D. People rate the upper cabanas here because of the views!

Best Cabanas for Shade: Single Cabana Units 9 & 10 are at the back of the wave pool and back on to rocks, offering extra shade protection.

Which Cabanas have Elevators? Cabana 13 and 14.

Other information: Cabanas 17 – 23 are on the far left of the volcano and set back from the path with chairs out front.- these are all in a good location, with 17, 18 & 19 close to the Ohno and Ohyah slides. Despite these cabanas backing onto the freeway, the sound is masked by the sounds of the park.

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