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Everything You Need to Know About Stroller Rental Companies in Orlando and at the Parks

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Theme parks are as synonymous with long walks and queue times as they are with excitement and thrills! While comfortable shoes and short breaks might be enough to get you through it, the same cannot be said for your little ones. This is where a stroller comes to your rescue!

One good thing about parks such as Walt Disney World Orlando Resort and Universal Studios Orlando is that they try to provide everything you need during your visit, including strollers and other baby care essentials.

stroller and two girls at a disney resort

With that being said, there are still a few downsides to renting a stroller at the parks. For one, they are not cheap. They are also made of hard plastic which is not the most comfortable for younger children. Furthermore, a stroller rented at a park has to stay at the park when you leave, which makes the walk back to your car or hotel a particularly challenging one! 

Lucky for us, Orlando is scattered with stroller rental companies that provide tourists with the most comfortable options at affordable prices. Look around enough and you’ll even find ones that provide free delivery and pick-up, and even offer cool add-ons like water coolers and canopies for rain and sun!

Here’s a detailed run-through of all that you might want to know about stroller services at Orlando’s theme parks and stroller rental companies in Orlando.

BOB stroller from Kingdom Strollers
We rented the BOB stroller from Kingdom Strollers

What Stroller Rental Companies in Orlando Can Deliver to Disney World?

Most stroller rental companies that are in the vicinity of theme parks like Disney World will hand-deliver your selected strollers directly to you at most Disney Resorts at no additional cost! While Disney strollers need to be returned at the end of your day at the park, stroller rental companies outside will let you keep them for as long as you need them.

Kingdom Strollers – we use these!

One of the most popular third-party company is Kingdom Strollers. Known for its fantastic customer service, well-stocked inventory, and value for money, Kingdom Strollers will deliver your strollers to your Orlando theme park resort, hotel or vacation home free of charge. The best part? All of its strollers fit Disney’s stroller guidelines (more on this below!), saving you the hassle of finding the perfect one. They provide both single and double strollers from the Baby Jogger and BOB brand.

Disney requires their resort guests to meet with Kingdom Strollers delivery driver for stroller or scooter rentals.  All deliveries and pick ups will need to made face to face with a representative of the company.

Kingdom Strollers will meet with you face to face at a designated time and place for your delivery and return pick up. It’s extremely important that during the reservation process you choose a time in which you will be able to meet with us for both delivery and the return pick up. You will receive delivery and return location information via email after your order is placed.

This does not apply to the following locations: Shades of Green, Disney Springs hotels and resorts, Wyndham Bonnet Creek, Wyndham Grand at Bonnet Creek, Hilton Bonnet Creek, Waldord Astoria Orlando, The Swan & Swan Reserve Resort at Walt Disney World, The Dolphin Resort at Walt Disney World, Four Seasons Resort Orlando at Walt Disney World.

For guests staying at any other hotel, resort or vacation home.

Your stroller will be delivered to the bell services desk of the resort or hotel you list in the delivery section of the order form. Once you have checked in, simply go to the bell services desk and claim it

Magic Strollers and Orlando Stroller Rentals

Two other businesses that are popular include Magic Strollers and Orlando Stroller Rentals.

Magic Strollers has an expansive delivery system with over 200 locations in the city and offers Baby Jogger strollers. for those with a car and wanting to save some $, they offer strollers for rent at a 25% discount from their warehouse shop located between the Orlando airport and Disney World at 7331 Presidents Drive, Orlando, FL 32809. 

Orlando Stroller Rentals boasts the largest inventory of single and double strollers in the country with brands including Britax, Baby Jogger and BOB.

These three companies are definitely the best options outside the parks that offer additional perks like free rain covers, complimentary cooler accessories for some rentals, and insurance too (at an additional charge of about $15).

Can I Rent a Stroller in Orlando Ahead of Time at Disney World?

Most third-party rental companies in the city require you to collect your stroller in person. This means that you will not be able to have it pre-delivered to your Disney World Resort before your visit. However, if you’re booking with Scooterbug, you’re in luck!

Scooterbug works with Disney’s Cast Members on-site to ensure both the seamless delivery and pick-up of your stroller, saving you a ton of time and effort. Just arrive at the premises, pick up your stroller, and get going!

Does a 7-Year-Old Need a Stroller at Disney?

Although Disney does impose certain restrictions on the size of strollers allowed, there is no limit on the age of the child using the stroller. So, whether or not your 7-year-old needs a stroller is entirely up to you and your kid. Keep in mind that you’ll be on your feet for most of the day when at Disney World, so it’s a good idea to have a stroller on standby, even if your child is one to enjoy walking on their own. 

You should expect to be walking a total of nearly 8 to 10 miles a day in the parks. Having a stroller on hand can help ensure you keep up with your schedule. Plus, at the end of an entire day of exploring, chances are you won’t have the energy to carry yourself and a tired little tot all the way back to your room!

Tip: Remember to stop for snacks and water breaks regularly. Long lines and walks in the sun can be especially exhausting for your little ones, so remember to keep them energized and hydrated.

How Strict is Disney With Stroller Size?

Until a few years ago, strollers of all sizes were allowed inside Disney World. However, the recently revised park policy now requires that strollers be smaller than 31” in width and 52” in length to be allowed entry into the parks. Wagons are not permitted unless permission granted for a medical exemption.

Other rules to keep in mind include strollers only being allowed on elevators and ramps, and not on escalators. Furthermore, children are required to be removed from their strollers when on board a parking lot tram or Disney shuttle bus due to safety reasons. They are allowed back in once you’re off the vehicle.

single and double strollers at Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure
Strollers at Universal

How Much Are Stroller Rentals at Universal Orlando?

Strollers, wheelchairs, and ECVs are available for rent at Universal Orlando Resort. You’ll find kiosks to rent strollers to the left of the entrances to both Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure. However, strollers are not available to rent at Volcano Bay.

Single strollers at Universal Studios Florida and Universal’s Islands of Adventure cost $15 for a day and double strollers are charged $25 a day. You will also be charged a deposit of $50, which will be refunded when you return your stroller.

strollers parked at Disney

Can I Bring My Own Stroller to Universal Studios?

Yes, visitors can bring their own strollers to both Universal Studios Orlando and Disney World.  Universal Studios makes things even easier too, by not placing any restrictions on stroller sizes or designs. You can bring in your own single or double stroller. Stroller wagons are allowed as well! (This is not the case for Disney apart from exempt medical conditions.)

Keep in mind that strollers are not allowed inside rides or shows, which means you will have to leave your stroller at a designated stroller parking area before entering. You will find stroller parking areas all throughout Universal Orlando, generally located outside rides or in staffed areas to ensure that your stroller and belongings are safe.

Tip: Remember to bring rain covers, in case of unexpected drizzles!

What Strollers Are Not Allowed at Disney?

All strollers that fall within the specified dimensions of 31” wide and 52” long are allowed within Disney World’s premises. Be it bassinet strollers or sit-and-stand strollers, as long as it complies by Disney’s standards, you’re good to go.

If your stroller does not meet the requirements at the time of entry to the parks, you will have to leave it with your car in the parking area. There are no other guidelines set by Disney World for strollers, other than length and width restrictions, so there’s not a lot to keep in mind when choosing one.

Tip: It’s best to bring a collapsible stroller so you can fold it up when on trams and on Disney buses. Make sure you practice how to quickly fold and unfold your stroller too, if it’s new or rented, to avoid any hold-ups or delays.

epcot disney stroller
A single stroller at Disney

Are Disney Strollers Free?

Apart from affordable third-party stroller options, you can also choose to rent strollers from Disney World itself. Single strollers currently start at $15 per day and double strollers are charged $31 per day.

Strollers cannot be used across parks, so you will have to return them to a rental location within the park before you leave. Just show your receipt to the rental location at the next park to be provided with a replacement stroller. In case you misplace your stroller, you can use the same receipt to avail yourself of a replacement stroller.

Those who are visiting Disney World for more than a day can rent a stroller for a lower cost! Disney provides its Length of Stay Rental feature for guests who need a stroller on for multiple days. Pay in advance for the number of days you require the stroller and you will get a Length of Stay Rental ticket. You can then use this ticket at rental locations all across the parks to receive strollers during your visit.

Length of Stay Rental charges $13 per day for single strollers and $27 per day for double strollers. Strollers rented at Disney Springs require a credit card deposit of $100 that is refundable on return.

Do I Have To Fold My Stroller on the Monorail?

You might be requested to fold your stroller to make room for other passengers if the monorail is crowded. However, apart from this one situation, you do not have to fold your child’s stroller when riding the monorail. In fact, many guests with babies opt for the monorail over the bus to save themselves the hassle of folding and unfolding their strollers. 

You can take a stroller on the Skyliner
You can take a stroller on the Skyliner

Do I Have to Fold My Stroller on The Skyliner?

No, you can wheel your stroller straight onto the Skyliner.

wagon legoland
Wagons are allowed at Universal and at Legoland, but not Disney

Can I Bring a Stroller Wagon to Disney?

Disney’s revised stroller policy prohibits the entry of larger strollers and stroller wagons into the park premises to reduce congestion. Due to this, only single and double strollers that fit the Disney-approved dimensions are now allowed.

Stroller Parking sign at Magic Kingdom
Stroller Parking sign at Magic Kingdom

How Does Disney’s Stroller Parking Work?

To help with the traffic in the parks, strollers are not allowed in any of the rides, shows or lines. Not to worry, Disney has designated Stroller Parking zones throughout the premises to help you with this.

Keep an eye out for signage and you’ll have no trouble locating Stroller Parking zones at almost every attraction, along with a lot of other strollers that are already there. Find a good spot to squeeze your stroller in and get on the ride worry-free.

You can rest easy knowing that there are Cast Members stationed at these Stroller Parking Zones to ensure nothing goes wrong when you leave your stroller and other belongings there.

Tip: Make your stroller look unique and distinguishable to recognize it quickly between all the other strollers. It can be something as cute as a balloon or as silly as brightly-colored stickers on the handles!

If Stroller Parking Zones don’t feel safe enough for you, you can opt for the Rider Switch option when going on rides. Rider Switch allows one member of the group to stay back with the baby and the stroller while the rest of the bunch goes on the ride.

When they’re done, you can switch places to enjoy the ride while they take care of the baby and the stroller. This way, one of you will always have an eye on the baby and the stroller, and you won’t have to wait in line twice!

A Disney World double stroller
A Disney World double stroller

What Kind of Stroller Is Best for Disney?

The best type of stroller for your Disney World vacation depends on what your little one is most comfortable in. Once you know your little one likes a stroller, ensure that it is within Disney’s policy guidelines and you’re golden!

Although renting one from Disney might seem like the most convenient choice, it may not be the most economic choice, or even the most comfortable. Third-party stroller rentals that work outside Disney are known for providing strollers for rent at lower costs than Disney, with the added benefit of not having to switch between parks or having to return them at the end of your day.

Aside from the cost, Disney strollers are made of hard plastic. They do not have any sort of cushioning for a comfortable seating experience, making them quite unsuitable for younger children. On top of that, double strollers do not come with any physical separation between the two seats, leaving you to deal with two sweaty, fussy kids in the Florida heat!

With all things considered, renting a stroller from a third-party rental like Scooterbug and having it delivered directly to your hotel is definitely the best option. This way you can use it at whichever park you visit without having to worry about it all the time, and just return it at the end of your visit!

Tips whilst using your strollers at Disney World and other theme parks.

  • Tie something bright or recognisable to it. There are THOUSANDS of strollers at Disney World and many look the same. Make yours stand out. 
  • Bring a sun shade and a rain cover – Florida is prone to quick downpours
  • Always use the designated parking pram spot, but don’t panic if it has moved. Sometimes Disney staff jig pushchairs around to make the area a bit neater. 
  • Never leave any valuables inside your stroller. Things have been taken..and sometimes even the stroller. Some families have sewn an Apple Tag inside for additional reassurance.
  • Securely put food away – the cheeky squirrels love an easy snack!

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