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Magic Kingdom Itinerary for Disney Princess Fans

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The Disney princesses are some of the most iconic characters throughout the entire franchise, so it’s no surprise that millions of little prince and princess wannabes walk through the magical gates of Disney each year.

If your little one is in the midst of their princess phase, then what better way to make their Disney trip even more enjoyable than giving them the ultimate Disney princess day with the ultimate Magic Kingdom Itinerary for Disney Princess Fans!

From the best princess themed areas, rides and meet and greets, we have it all covered!

Magic Kingdom Itinerary for Disney Princess Fans
Magic Kingdom Itinerary for Disney Princess Fans

It’s hard to create an exact timed itinerary of what you should do in a day at Disney, as wait times are unpredictable and forever changing. So, instead, I’ve created a guide to all the princess themed attractions in each section of the park and ordered it in a way that makes the most sense. 

So, grab your tiaras, put on your princess dress, and let’s get going on the ultimate Disney Princess day!

Disney Princess Elena of Avalor

Magic Kingdom Disney Princess Itinerary 

As I mentioned before, it’s hard to set an exact itinerary as times are unpredictable. Your kids may jump on a ride, absolutely love it and beg you to go on again. In my opinion, that is what’s great about Disney, and sometimes having a strict plan can make the day even more stressful.  It is entirely possible to go with the flow at Disney World if you manage expectations.

Here is a guide to the Magic Kingdom best princess themed areas, rides and meet and greets to make the most of your visit with Disney princess lovers in tow. 

First Stop, Main Street, USA

After walking through the Magic Kingdom gates, you’ll be greeted by Main Street, USA, which will eventually take you up to Cinderella’s castle. 

But, before you truly start your day, I highly recommend hiring a stroller if you haven’t brought your own. The strollers, which you can find at the front entrance, are around $15 for a single and $31 for a double. And trust me, they make all the difference, even if your kids have been out of strollers for years. 

You can find stroller parking all over the park, and if you don’t want to hear,” I’m tired, my legs hurt!” a few hours into your day, then save yourself the hassle and rent a stroller!

Now that you’ve got your stroller (or not, that choice is completely up to you), it’s time to head into the park. 

Gift Shops

Some like to do gift shops first, throughout the day, or as they’re leaving, and it really comes down to personal preference. I personally like to do a bit of all three. If it is your first Disney trip and you really want to spoil your little princess or prince, then the gift shops are a great place to start.

They have a selection of souvenirs including princess items, from dresses and tiaras to plush toys and even Disney princess themed Mickey ears. If you want the items for photos, the largest store, Emporium, offers all this apparel, plush toys, pins, candy and more. It is right there on your left as you walk in.

Princess Spotting

There are no set times to some of these, which is hard to plan for, but it is a nice surprise if you’re in the right place at the right time. Throughout the day, Disney princesses make their way down Main Street on elegant floats or can be seen from the second floor of the train station. So before you even reach the castle, you may have had your first princess encounter!

Also look on the Disney World App for the show times in front of the castle. They offer a great way of seeing many Disney princesses at once!

Alternatively, on your right is Princess Fairytale Hall where you can meet Tiana and Cinderella, plus a visiting princess (Rapunzel and Elena). There are two lines that enter into the building, with signs showing you which line is for which princess.

If you’re after a specific princess, then choose the line accordingly. To meet all four princesses, you’ll need to enter in one line, exit the attraction, and head back in the other line. 

photo of the Castle at Magic Kingdom - with zero crowds!
This is an amazing spot to take a photo of the Castle at Magic Kingdom – with zero crowds!

Take a Photo at Cinderella’s Castle

Did you really go to Disney if you didn’t have at least 100 pictures in front of Cinderella’s castle? 

At Disney, there are professional photographers at stations throughout the parks. And conveniently, one of them is in a prime location right in front of the castle. You can purchase an additional package called Memory Maker, which allows you to have your photos taken by these professionals. At the end of the day, you can then download the HD photos onto your computer or smartphone. 

Memory Maker can be a bit pricey, but if you love professional family photos, then it is worth the investment! 

If you don’t want to splash the extra cash (totally understandable!), then your smartphone camera will do just fine. With so many friendly passersby, you can always get the entire family in photos by simply asking someone to take it for you. If a Cast Member is free, they will usually happily take one for you too!

Breakfast Time

By now, your kiddos are probably hungry, and there are two options in the Main Street, USA and nearby areas for a fantastic Disney breakfast.

Main Street Bakery

Main Street Bakery is Magic Kingdom’s dedicated Starbucks and serves up sandwiches and pastries with the most incredible view of the castle.

cinderella sword, wand and wishing star from breakfast at Cinderella's Royal Table, Magic Kingdom
The wand, sword and wishing star given to guests of Cinderella’s Royal Table

Cinderella’s Royal Table

Of course, the ultimate princess breakfast is in the castle itself. The castle opens for breakfast at 8:15 am, and each guest gets a complimentary wand or sword, depending on their preference plus a wishing star. They’ll even get to meet and have their photos taken with Cinderella in the restaurant’s lobby! You do need to book this in advance. Reservations open up 60 days before your visit and a full deposit is taken.

Toilet Break

You’ll more than likely be doing a few toilet breaks throughout your day at the park, and the closest toilets to Main Street are the Casey’s Corner Restrooms. As you reach the end of the shops on Main Street, turn left, and the toilets are just around the corner. Baby changing is also available in the restrooms and in the Baby Care Center.

Magic Kingdom’s Alice in Wonderland themed baby care centre is next to these toilets, which has useful facilities to tend to the mini prince and princesses of the family. Facilities include baby feeding equipment, highchairs, changing areas and movies in the cool air conditioning.

Head Up to Fantasyland

To get to Fantasyland, you want to head up past the castle to the top of the park. This area has the most princess-themed attractions, so it seems only fitting to put it next on the list.

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train is one of the most popular rides throughout Magic Kingdom, and with popularity comes, more often than not, a substantial wait time.

Currently, the only option for this ride is standby or pay additionally for an Individual Lightning Lane. You cannot use Genie+ for this ride.

Average wait time: 75 minutes

Peter Pan’s Flight
Peter Pan’s Flight

Peter Pan’s Flight

Peter Pan’s Flight is a great little indoor ride that takes you on your own (pretend) flying ship to Neverland. Granted, Peter Pan isn’t exactly a princess ride, but everyone loves Tinkerbell!

Average wait time: 30 minutes

Mickey’s PhilharMagic
Mickey’s PhilharMagic opening.

Mickey’s PhilharMagic

Mickey’s PhilharMagic is a 12 minute 3D theatre spectacular starring the famous Donald Duck, Belle, Ariel, Jasmine and other Disney characters!

The theatre is a great escape from the heat and a perfect sit down break halfway through your morning, especially if you just spent over an hour waiting for the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train.

Average wait time: 12 minutes

Carousel at Walt Disney World
Prince Charming regal Carousel

Prince Charming Regal Carousel

There is no trip to an amusement park without riding on a carousel. At the Prince Charming Regal Carousel princess fans can hop on their own noble steed and enjoy the views of Fantasyland. 

Average wait time: 5 minutes

Look for this sign inside Sir Mickey's
Look for this sign inside Sir Mickey’s

Sir Mickey’s for a Free Photo shoot

Visit Sir Mickey’s for a FREE photo shoot. Head to the back of the store and look for the sign. Official photographers are there, but you can use the props and take your own photos too!

The backdrop at Sir Mickey's
The backdrop at Sir Mickey’s
Some of the props at Sir Mickey's - there are lots of princes and princesses!
Some of the props at Sir Mickey’s – there are lots of princes and princesses!
Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique sign at Magic Kingdom
Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique!

Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique

For the ultimate makeover head to Bibbidi Bobbidi for a range of packages for your prince or princess. You can save costs by bringing your own outfit or choose from their great selection!

Under the Sea – Journey of the Little Mermaid

All Ariel fans will love the Under the Sea – Journey of the Little Mermaid ride, and it is a must on your ultimate Disney princess day. Your personal shell-shaped seat takes you around the ride to see Ariel, Flounder, Ursula, and Prince Eric. I hope you’ve got your singing voice ready as the ride includes some classic Little Mermaid songs.

Average wait time: 30 minutes

Disney Princess Ariel in her grotto
Ariel’s Grotto

Ariel’s Grotto

Ariel’s Grotto may be open at the time of your visit, but it’s best to check shortly before you head to the park. If she has made a return, then your little one can have their photo taken with the Little Mermaid in her shimmering ocean retreat. If not, spot her in one of the parade cavalcades.

Average wait time: 15 minutes

Enchanted Tales with Belle, Disney World
Enchanted Tales with Belle

Enchanted Tales with Belle

Enchanted Tales with Belle is a wonderful attraction in which the audience get to participate in. Join Belle and Luminere in re-telling the story of her and the Beast.

Mad Tea Party

And just like the carousel, you can’t visit an amusement park without a spin on some teacups. This Alice and Wonderland themed ride has a short wait time and is perfect for kids of all ages!

Average wait time: 8 minutes

Disney Princess Tiana at Fairytale Hall
Meet Tiana at Princess Fairytale Hall

Meet Tiana or Cinderella at the Princess Fairytale Hall

The Princess Fairytale Hall is one of the best places in Magic Kingdom to meet a princess. In fact, you can even meet four!

There are two lines that enter into the building, with signs showing you which line is for which princess. If you’re after a specific princess, then choose the line accordingly. To meet all four princesses, you’ll need to enter in one line, exit the attraction, and head back in the other line. 

Princesses at the Princess Fairytale Hall:

  • Cinderella
  • Tiana
  • Rapunzel
  • Elena of Avalor

Average wait time: 10 minutes

Toilet Break

You can find a few toilets in Fantasyland, some being at the very back near Gaston’s Tavern, others near the Pinnochio Village Haus, and the final set close by to It’s a Small World. 

Magic Kingdom Itinerary for Disney Princess fans: Lunch Time

There are few lunch options in Fantasyland, with one that pays tribute to Beauty and the Beast. There are also other options that aren’t princess-themed or inspired, but it will really come down to the types of foods your little one likes to eat.

Quick Service Restaurants

  • Pinnochio Village Haus – Pizzas and flatbreads
  • The Frair’s Nook – Burgers, hotdogs, and macaroni cheese
  • Prince Eric’s Village Market – Turkey legs
Be Our Guest
Be Our Guest

Be Our Guest

Be Our Guest is the ultimate princess-themed lunch at the foot of the Beast’s castle in Fantasyland. You’ll dine in one of the three royal rooms, each themed and imagineered to reflect Beauty and the Beast. 

Your little ones will truly feel like a princess dining on a french inspired three-course menu in the spectacular rooms of the Beast’s castle.

Top tip: Be sure to order the dessert trio on the kids’ menu, they get a white chocolate ‘Chip’ cup and two other yummy desserts!

Magic Kingdom Itinerary for Disney Princess Fans: Back to Attractions or Back to the Hotel

Now that lunch has given you some much-needed energy; it’s time to either head off to do some more attractions or head back to the hotel for some much needed R&R. 

Back to the Hotel

Heading back to the hotel is a great idea for families with small children in tow. At the midpoint of the day, when the sun is at its hottest, we’ve found it’s nice to head back to the hotel (if you’re staying in a Disney hotel) to put the little ones down for a nap. 

Alternatively, you could go for a swim in the pool or just hang out at the resort until the heat has gone down and you can head back to the park.

It’s a Small World

If you’re choosing to soldier on, then no trip to Disney, and I mean NO trip to Disney, is complete without a ride on It’s a Small World. Yes, the music may be annoying, and yes, it may be stuck in your head for hours after, but you have to go on the iconic It’s a Small World. At least once. On every single trip. 

Average wait time: 10 minutes

Rapunzel’s Tower is in the background
Rapunzel’s Tower is in the background

Rapunzel’s Tower

Rapunzel’s Tower is another great photo opp close to It’s a Small World. The area at the foot of the tower is a spitting image of the village in the movie Tangled and has the well-known “floating lights” lanterns, Flynn Rider wanted posters, and Pascal figures for your little ones to discover. 

Walk Over to Adventureland

Liberty Square and Frontierland are great areas of the park. However, they don’t have any princess themed rides or attractions. What they do have, though, is Splash Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain, which are two of the bigger, more popular rides in Disney. 

If you don’t want to go on either of these rides and want to continue with your princess themed day, then keep on walking through to Adventureland. 

Tiana’s Bayou Adventure and Big Thunder Mountain

If you have time, or if you just need a short break from princesses, then head on to Tiana’s Bayou Adventure (Opening in 2024) or Big Thunder Mountain. 

Just like the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, both of these rides have substantial wait times, so if you can, make use of Genie + or Lightning Lanes.

Average wait time Bayou Adventure TBC (Splash mountain used to average 55 minutes)

Average wait time Big Thunder Mountain: 50 minutes

Aladdin Magic Carpets at Disney World
The Magic Carpets of Aladdin

The Magic Carpets of Aladdin

Your little princesses can live out their Jasmine dreams by riding on a flying carpet on The Magic Carpets of Aladdin ride. The ride is great for children of all ages as it’s one of those standard theme park rides that elevates you up and down while turning round in a circle. 

Country Bear Jamboree

The Country Bear Jamboree is a great air-conditioned break from the Florida sun, and your feet will appreciate you sitting down after the number of steps you would have already put in. 

Average wait time: 10 minutes

Jungle Cruise

Jungle Cruise has always been a favourite of mine, and if you have time or Disney Genie+, then it’s a great ride option in Adventureland.

Average wait time: 50 minutes

Magic Kingdom Itinerary for Disney Princess Fans: Don’t miss the Festival of Fantasy Parade!

The Festival of Fantasy Parade begins in Frontierland and makes its way through Liberty Square and down Main Street. You can watch the parade from any of these three lands, but it’s best to get there a little bit early to get a good spot.

There are two parades throughout the day, the first being at 12 pm and the second at 3 pm. Many of your favourite Disney princesses will be smiling and waving on large decorative floats, and it’s something you won’t want to miss!

Toilet Break

There are two restrooms in Adventureland, the first being near the Pirates of the Caribbean ride and the second just after the Magic Carpets of Aladdin. 

Dinner Time

By now, you should be nearing dinner time, and there are a few princess inspired and non-princess themed restaurants in the area for you to choose from. 

Casey’s Corner for hot dogs!
Casey’s Corner for hot dogs!

Casey’s Corner

Casey’s Corner is a quick-service restaurant on the end of Main Street with fantastic views of the castle. Now, it isn’t princess themed. Actually, it’s quite the opposite, but with the castle in front of you, it’s hard to not feel like a princess. 

Casey’s Corner primarily serves hot dogs, so if your little ones aren’t a fan, then try some of the next restaurants on the list. 

The Plaza Restaurant

The Plaza Restaurant isn’t exactly a princess themed restaurant, but the interior design will definitely make you feel like royalty. Some tables even have views of the castle through the large front-facing windows. 

The Plaza Restaurant serves up burgers, sandwiches, and incredible milkshakes so you’re guaranteed to find something your kids will love. 

Be Our Guest

Be Our Guest

If you didn’t head to Be Our Guest for lunch, then you could make your way back over to Fantasyland for dinner! The experience is the same at both times of the day, and you’ll be seated in one of the elegant dining halls to enjoy your Beauty and the Beast themed dinner. 

Best Breakfast in Magic Kingdom for Families
Cinderella’S Royal Table offers up a royal feast!

Cinderella’s Royal Table

Cinderella’s Royal Table come breakfast, lunchtime, or dinner is the most magical meal you can have at Magic Kingdom, and what better way to start wrapping up your princess day than pretending to be one with a meal in the castle. 

Magic Kingdom Itinerary for Disney Princess Fans: End Your Day With the Disney Enchantment Fireworks

If your little princesses and princes have soldiered through, then the Magic Kingdom fireworks are the best and only way to finish a day in the park. The show usually starts at 9pm (sometimes 9.20pm) and trust me, Main Street and the roundabout section in front of the castle get extremely busy, so if you want a good spot, get there early!

Other good spots are the grass hub at the front of the castle or at the Dessert party located on the Tomorrow Land Terrace.

Get Some Last Minute Snacks and Head Home

The firework show lasts around 15 minutes, and predictably, once the show is over, everyone heads to the exit. If you don’t want to be squished within the crowd, head into one of the shops on Main Street to pick up some last-minute snacks, gifts, and souvenirs. 

Your Disney Princess Day is Complete

Disney Genie and Disney Genie+

I also wanted to mention Disney Genie in case you’re unfamiliar with the service. 

Disney Genie is a fantastic Disney Park app that has a range of features that can really benefit your day. Out of all the parks, it’s perhaps MOST useful at Magic Kingdom, due to the larger amount of rides and attractions. Some of these features include:

  • Live updates of wait times at rides throughout the park
  • Options to book into restaurants or join their walk-up waitlist
  • Shows you where you can meet the characters and at what time of the day they’re busiest
  • Allows you to create an itinerary with the attractions, characters, and dining experiences you want to do that day (be sure to add everything I mention so you have this itinerary on the go!)
  • Pre-order food for a quick and efficient pick-up

All of those features are on the free version of the app, and if you choose to upgrade to Disney Genie + from $15 per person, per day, then you also get the ability to reserve times on some of the park’s busiest attractions. For example, if you book Space Mountain for 1 pm, you can head over to the ride at your chosen time and walk on via the Lightning Lane. 

There is also an option for you to select and pay for two-line skips a day via the Individual Lightning Lanes. Some of the most highly demanded attractions are included in this feature, and it’s a great option for those rides that are an absolute must on your trip. 

Regardless of whether you upgrade to Disney Genie + or simply go at your own pace around the parks, you’re guaranteed an incredible day at Disney no matter what. 

Genie+ and Individual Lightning Lane Queue Cheat Sheet
Genie+ and Individual Lightning Lane Queue Cheat Sheet

So, there you have it! The ultimate Disney princess day in Magic Kingdom. Of course, you don’t have to follow this guide step-by-step, and there are many more rides throughout the park that you could incorporate into your day if you so wish. 

I hope this Disney princess itinerary has helped you plan the perfect Disney princess day for your little ones!

For more Disney World princess Itineraries, see Epcot Itinerary for Disney Princess fans.

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